Turn your controller into a paintbrush in CoolPaintrVR, coming to PlayStation VR on 9th May

Play around or get creative with a robust feature toolset using a PS Move or Dualshock 4

CoolPaintrVR, which allows you to unleash your imagination and paint in a 3D space thanks to PS PVR, will release on 9th May.

How the painting application works

Use your PS Move controller like a brush, selecting from a variety of tools to express your creativity: brushes, tubes, geometric primitive shapes and particle emitters. Additionally – thanks to Wildbit Studios’ own RTSE technology – you can create a 3D model from a hand-drawn shape. It will have its own skeleton that you can manipulate, bone by bone, to help capture your desired stance.

CoolPaintrVR CoolPaintrVRCoolPaintrVR


CoolPaintrVR is not a game, but it’s so fun to use

We have already seen VR applications of this type succeeding in other platforms, but finally this new type of entertainment arrives on PS VR.


We’ve designed a simple and user friendly interface that any level of artist can play around with. But for those looking for more advanced techniques, don’t worry: we also offer advanced features. Symmetry plane, load reference images, alternate colours randomly with each stroke …you can even export your creation to a USB device so you can load it into third party 3D programs!

Unparalleled accuracy when painting in 3D

Another of the features that makes CoolPaintrVR stand out from other VR experiences is its amazing performance. For us it’s essential to achieve the best user experience, and for that goal we’ve made the most of the hardware, and are proud to have reached a sustained frame per second rate of… 120 fps!

And that frame rate stays constant, even under most intense conditions. That means an unparalleled accuracy with your controller (ultra important to paint perfectly in a 3D space), and throughout our multiple hands-on previews we’ve had no reports of VR sickness.


We have achieved this by developing our own graphic engine – no third party software or middleware. Our engine deals directly with the PS4 SDK.

We think it’s very important to point out that, although CoolPaintrVR will be a full application out of the box, we want to build on its feature set in the future, based on user feedback.

You can share your creations via our website

Lastly, such a powerful creation tool needs a platform that fosters a community and allows users to share their creations. For that reason, we’re also working on a website (still work in progress) that will include tutorials and samples, along with a forum to talk with other painters and share your creations! The website will be fully operational when CoolPaintrVR releases on PS4.

Dualshock 4 and local language support

CoolPaintrVR will be available in exclusive for PS4 and, because of its nature, requires use of PS VR. We strongly recommend using a PS Move controller, although DualShock 4 will be supported too. The game will be also localised across Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

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What price please & will it be available for preorder?


Absolutely HATE when sony releases press releases like these with no price listed…. so stupid


You should look on your own blog then. This is Europe, too many different currencies to list.


Except they always used to list £ &€ on every post until a year or so ago when they’d couldn’t be pooped any more.

turbogeek421 27 April, 2018 @ 13:14

Looks like 90 minutes of good fun for me.

DrskaBitanga 27 April, 2018 @ 17:59

Like any VR game :-)

Any videos of it in action?


This has the potential to be a great outlet for creativity. one could get totally immersed inside the painting. only problem is I’m neither a Picasso nor Perov :/

Price confirmed by the devs on Facebook €19.99 & $19.99 ??

MiseryPrincess 27 April, 2018 @ 17:13

The one thing you probably reeeeally need is paint opacity. Or at least an obvious control for it. Which would allow for more styles (like watercolor/inks/etc)

Also maybe add options for the color picker. H/S/L (hue/saturation/lightness) would be nice (I always find that the most useful), though some people like other styles. Or a color mixer thingy (that blends between 2/3/4 colors and allows you to pick a color at any point).

Tilt brush on vive is amazing so it’s good PSVR can get in on similar action.


What file formats can it export to? eg, .FBX

If so, i’d like to be able to import it to 3DS Max.

Also, will it have a 4K image export? I’d hate to draw something and have a screenshot limited to the VR’s low res output.

I can finally stop using Harmonix Music VR’s limited painting section!

No news about H1Z1 coming as a free 2 play on may 22nd?

Guess its N.A only?





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