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Uncharted: Legs of Drake? I dunno

And herein lies the problem when all your games have been digital downloads for the past 5 years!

Then again, 91% is pretty respectable. Thankfully some are pre-PS3 pre-download era.


Lol yet not one of the games on that quiz was a game over years 5 old sooooooo………………………..

I think somebody is forgetting their age. The PS4 has even been revealed within “the past 5 years” at this stage.

GamerGuy_1985_ 29 April, 2018 @ 00:08

Red Dead, Bioshock, Uncharted 2, The Getaway, Ico, CoD 3 all over 5 years old. Probably more but ive not played a lot of these so dont really know for certain but they ^ defo are.


What? Every single one of those games was over five years old. Are you high?

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Nice quiz, almost aced it but I messed up on Wipeout clicking the wrong one accidentally.

MiseryPrincess 28 April, 2018 @ 21:52

The only one I struggled on was Call of Duty…


Got 98% not so bad


Got 71%

You’ve got the power! 80%


Woohoo 100%

I’m with Playstaton since day one sooo…

You got 100% on The PlayStation Blog Quiz: how well do you know your classic PlayStation box art?



Brilliant. Another completely unmonetisable skill to add to the list.

I’ve got 93% on this quiz!!!!

Too easy. Should do obscure rare titles. That would really test a player’s knowledge.

It’s a pretty easy quiz for big Playstation fans, though the big thing about the quiz that makes it a bit too easy is that it shows either too much of most of the various games main characters or other recognisable imagery…

While i got 100% and know what the three “red herrings” are too, some of the ones that were actually hard were the Jak one, which i could only recognise Jak’s ear in and the Katamari one, which was the only one other than the God of war one, i really had to guess :) .

Edit – Actually the Bioshock image is pretty obscure too, and was basically a guess :) .

hyperrabbit2 29 April, 2018 @ 18:28


100% – Nice, though it’s a pity the quiz stopped us at 15 and didn’t go on for all 18 squares…

As i know the “red herrings” are Medal of Honour: Frontline, Shadow of the Colossus and 2008’s Prince of Persia Re-reboot :) .

drwhofan2490 29 April, 2018 @ 20:48

98%. Suck it!


I got 78%, but my memory has always been a bit useless.





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