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Tiago_Ruivo 05 May, 2018 @ 19:32

Missed Seth, don’t know who farley, monsoon and gregorio is :/

Got 76% prey slaughtered

Don’t know how I still remembered Bob from DMC

MiseryPrincess 07 May, 2018 @ 15:47

Farley Havelock is from Dishonored, Monsoon is from Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Gregorio (Siegfried Wilhelm III) is from Gitaroo Man.


 1-Vicar Amelia

  2-Lady Maria of The Astral Clocktower

3-Gehrman, The First Hunter

4-Ludwig, The Accursed / The Holy Blade

 5-Ebrietas, Daughter of The Cosmos

6-Father Gascoigne

 7-Martyr Logarius

 8-Cleric Beast

9-Orphan of Kos

10-Mergo’s Wet Nurse

36% through pure guessing… I wish they included some bosses from games I actually played.


Same, I only got 27%


Woohoo 82


100% baby, so happy to see metal gear rising and gitaroo man there!

tazzydevil229taz 06 May, 2018 @ 20:33

I got onehundred percent


Why can’t I answer all the questions? The last 2 always disappear and shows me the percentage..

MiseryPrincess 07 May, 2018 @ 15:38

The last two are there to throw you off. If they weren’t then the final question would only have one answer!!

i have no idea who are those

hyperrabbit2 07 May, 2018 @ 15:40

Only 64%.


42%. But since the answer is 42 I am awesome.

LOCK_N_LOAD233 09 May, 2018 @ 10:27

Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, Vicar Amelia, Blood-Starved Beast, The Witch of Hemwick, Darkbeast Paarl, Shadow of Yharnam, Rom the Vacuous Spider, The One Reborn, Micolash – Host of the Nightmare, Mergo’s Wet Nurse, Martyr Logarius, Amygdala, Celestial Emissary, Ebrietas – Daughter of the Cosmos, Gehrman – the First Hunter, Moon Presence, Yharnam – Pthumerian Queen

BoH3MiaNRhAPSdY 09 May, 2018 @ 11:15

woohoo 91% Gregorio was the only one I got wrong

Only got 60% because I only know Jinpachi from Tekken, the Uncharted series bosses Lazarivic and Ramon, one of the bosses from Resident Evil 4 and The End from Metal Gear Solid 3.


You forgot Thanos!!

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