18 blockbuster PlayStation VR moments you need to experience

Read our rundown of the PS VR experiences that left our mouths gaping, then share your own

Of all the possibilities opened up by PlayStation VR, the deep immersion in the gameplay experience it enables has arguably proven the most exciting.

Where once an unbridgeable gap existed between the player parked on their sofa and the action playing out on-screen a few feet in front of them, PS VR now picks you up and throws you right into the mix, with explosions ringing in your ears, zombies nipping at your heels and dragons swooping over head.

If you’re the kind of gamer that lives for thundering pyrotechnics, outrageous set-pieces and those ‘what just happened?’ moments, PS VR represent a thrilling leap forward for the medium.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked our favourite mind-blowing blockbuster moments from PS VR’s first 18 months on the shelves. Read on, then let us know your own in the comments below.

1. Superhot VR

The experience:
Being the ultimate time-bending badass.

The moment:
Taking out a room full of bad-guys with nothing but a beer bottle.

The details:
Superhot VR is a unique first-person shooter where time only moves when you do. Tear through a room full of henchmen dodging bullets, snatching weapons from the air and deflecting gunfire with a goddamned throwing knife. We promise, you’ll feel like you’re in the Matrix.

2. PlayStation VR Worlds

The experience:
From East London gangster to deep-sea diver – all in one game.

The moment:
Surviving a shark attack 300 feet below the ocean surface.

The details:
PlayStation VR Worlds is a specially-designed combination of five completely different experiences that explore the possibilities of virtual reality. Dive into the darkest depths of the ocean, dodge between trucks in a game of downhill luge or live it up as a tough-talking East London gangster.

  • PlayStation VR Worlds is available bundled with the PS VR headset

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The experience:
Explore The Elder Scroll’s critically-acclaimed Skyrim region like never before.

The moment:
The first time a fire-breathing dragon dive bombs towards you.

The details:
A virtual-reality recreation of Bethesda’s iconic open-world RPG, Skyrim VR translates the entire original game to PlayStation VR, allowing you to roam the vast plains, mountains climes and hidden dungeons of Tamriel as though you were standing right there.


The experience:
Pull on DOOM-guy’s helmet and show the hell-spawn your BFG.

The moment:
Going nose-to-nose with a Cachodemon as you empty a mini-gun into its guts.

The details:
Built on id Software’s 2016 reimagining of the DOOM franchise, DOOM VFR returns to the Mars UAC facility and invites you blast you way through Hell’s despicable hordes in full virtual reality. It’s got PlayStation Move support, Aim Controller support and buckets of delicious giblets.

5. Resident Evil VII

The experience:
Survive a blood-curdling nightmare trapped inside a madhouse.

The moment:
Having a chainsaw brawl in a blood-soaked basement.

The details:
A bold reinvention of the long-running survival horror series, Resident Evil VII transports you to rural Louisiana as you search for your missing wife, Mia. Playable entirely on PlayStation VR, this latest chapter pits you in a struggle for survival against the deranged Baker family and the blood-curdling secrets lurking in their family home.

6. Gran Turismo Sport

The experience:
Building a career in the heart-stopping world of high-performance motorsport.

The moment:
Eyeballing your opponent as you tear down the final straight.

The details:
The latest evolution of PlayStation’s legendary Gran Turismo franchise has been tuned with 20 years of industry-leading experience to place you at the centre of the driving experience like never before – and that means, that for the first time, you can experience Gran Turismo in virtual reality.

7. Moss

The experience:
Buddy-up with an unlikely and adorable heroine Quill to do battle against evil.

The moment:
Hovering like a giant over Quill’s tiny village.

The details:
Moss is a gorgeously-designed puzzle-platform adventure that takes all the usual trappings of the genre and reimagines them with you – a giant celestial spirit – in mind. This means you can reach into the world, like some great disembodied deity, and interact with enemies and environments to aid diminutive hero Quill as she goes about her adventure.

8. Farpoint

The experience:
Blast your way through a treacherous alien planet and find a way home.

The moment:
Taking down a spider-alien the size of a semi-detached.

The details:
A sci-fi FPS with a sprinkling of survival horror and a whole butt-tonne of killer alien arachnids, Farpoint brings the explosive set pieces, stunning environments and over the top action of big-budget shooters into the VR space. Freely explore, build up your arsenal and find some way to stay alive – simple, right?

9. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The experience:
Enter one man’s mind on a blood-curdling journey into madness.

The moment:
The pig factory – dear god, the pig factory.

The details:
A spin-off of sorts from Supermassive Games’ narrative horror adventure Until Dawn, Rush of Blood takes on you a haunted house ride straight from hell as you tour a surreal and gruesome manifestation of one man’s mental derangement… oh, and you’ve only pair of handguns to protect yourself. Best of luck!

10. WipEout Omega Collection

The experience:
High-speed, futuristic, anti-gravity combat racing.

The moment:
Speeding down a vertical drop as you trade bullets with the opposition.

The details:
One of PlayStation’s most beloved and long-running franchises, WipEout has been earmarked by fans for a virtual reality make-over ever since its first inception back in 1996. Last year, developers at Clever Beans actually did it with a complete VR patch the makes the entire game playable on PS VR – it’s time to live the dream.

11. Statik

The experience:
Puzzle your way out of a surreal – yet, unsettling comical – sci-fi nightmare.

The moment:
When you look up from that first puzzle, glance around the room and finally get it.

The details:
A sort of human guinea pig simulator, Statik is perhaps one of the most intelligent and downright entertaining uses of PS VR to date. With your hands strapped into a simple puzzle box, all seems perfectly sedate until you try to unlock yourself – it’s only then do you realise how fiendish and thoroughly satisfying the game’s design really is.

12. Batman: Arkham VR

The experience:
Being the Batman – what more do you want?

The moment:
Pulling on the iconic black cowl.

The details:
Come on, let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of being Batman at least once in their life? Suiting-up in that infamous outfit, fiddling around with some of those nifty gadgets, taking down a supervillain or two? Well, Batarangs at the ready, boys and girls, because now’s your chance; Batman: Arkham VR is your chance to be the Batman.

13. Star Trek Bridge Crew

The experience:
Captain your own Federation star ship and boldly go where no-one has gone before.

The moment:
When you utter those magical words ‘prepare for warp’.

The details:
Yes, if nothing else, virtual reality has brought us closer to living out our nerdiest fantasies than we ever imagined possible. Star Trek Bridge Crew goes a step further, allowing you and up to three friends to form your very own Star Fleet crew and set off on a mission to discover a new home world for the Vulcan race – who needs a holodeck, anyway?

14. RIGS: Mechanised Combat League

The experience:
A team-based, combat-driven twist on basketball – with giant mechs.

The moment:
Slam-dunking your entire body though a giant steel ring in the sky.

The details:
Take control of a high-performance combat mech and compete in the future’s most intense sporting league: MCL. With online multiplayer support, dart about the arena vaulting hundreds of feet into the air, blowing away your opponents and slam-dunking yourself through the scoring ring to secure glorious victories.

15. Driveclub VR

The experience:
Tour the world’s most stunning locales and cityscapes in the most beautiful rides ever built.

The moment:
Taking a corner sideways and watching world glide by in a cloud of tyre smoke.

The details:
An adaption of 2015’s socially-connected racer of the same name, Driveclub VR brings with it the huge line-up of sports, performance and hyper cars that made the original such a blistering driving experience, along with extra city tracks added post-launch and a swathe of online multiplayer modes. It’s pure driving passion.

16. Stranger Things: The VR Experience

The experience:
Step inside the hit sci-fi TV show stranger things.

The moment:
Watching the lights flicker on an off in the Byers’ family living room.

The details:
Explore the creepy corners of the Byers family home as though you were standing inside the TV screen. Wander through halls, explore the boys’ bedrooms or watch for messages from the string of fairy lights Joyce has hung on the living room wall. Try it now – it’s free to download!

17. Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: VR Mission

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: VR Mission

The experience:
Pilot your very own X-wing fighter in a special one-off Star Wars mission.

The moment:
Grinning like an idiot as you jump into hyperspace.

The details:
A completely free expansion for anyone who owns Star Wars Battlefront, this special Rogue One-themed VR mission puts you into the shoes of an rookie X-wing pilot and launches you into a deep-space dogfight with Imperial TIE Fighters. It’s everything you inner child ever dreamed of!

18. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

The experience:
See the world through the eyes of your friendly, neighbourhood Spider-man.

The moment:
Web-slinging your way across the city.

The details:
Pull on the high-tech Spidey-suit developed by Tony Stark himself and find out what it feels like to be Spider-Man. Swing from hanging cranes, toss debris around with your web-shooters and even come face to face with home-grown supervillain Vulture. You’re not afraid of heights are you?

And there you have it – did we miss any? Let us know your favourite holy-crap-that-was-awesome moments in the comments below.

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19 . Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS:

MiseryPrincess 19 May, 2018 @ 01:01

I suppose as most VR “experiences” are 2 hours long, that game being around 6 hours long is no longer an issue.


it will be a lot longer considering the breaks you’ll have to take due to vr sickness

Most of these should be experienced on vive.


GT Sport: “Building a career in the heart-stopping world of high-performance motorsport.”

Really? A racing career mode in vr? Training? Full offline races? Full online races?

I think I must have missed an update!?!?

Stranger things VR experience isnt even on the NL store.

Gran Turismo isnt in vr, it has some tacked on timetrials.

Rigs support is cancelled since the developer got laid off.

Spiderman homecoming is just a tutorial that teaches u some moves, and when u are ready to test em out it’s over :|, so weird lol.

But yea some good tips in that list, wipeout, until dawn, superhot are awesome.

interstella5555 18 May, 2018 @ 23:47

This list is just crap, it makes me think whoever compiled this hasn’t actually used a psvr.

Spoderman homecoming isnt even a demo but some how made it onto this list? BRO DO YOU EVEN PLAY??

VictorAnalogy 19 May, 2018 @ 10:39

Shocking omissions of I Expect You To Die and Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes.

Captain_Nick 19 May, 2018 @ 10:42

Stranger Things is cool and all ”if” I could actually find it in the store.


I’ve heard of people creating accounts in different regions so they can download some demos and titles that aren’t available in their store…

Stranger things and Spider-man Homecoming are incredibly strange picks with so many other great titles out there like “I Expect You To Die”, “Ultrawings”, “Dino Frontier”, “Windlands” and even “Playroom VR” offering more content than both of them combined.


Yeah, Spiderman was by far the most useless and boring VR I have tried out.


Rec room wasn’t even on the list…


Guys you have to bring Beat Saber to PSVR! One of the best experiences I had in VR so far. But I believe you know it and you are saving it for E3


It’s already confirmed for PSVR. It’s just come out of Early Access for PC so it will be with us soon enough once the PC beta testers…ahem… are done so we can get the real experience.

As soon as you need to stop experiencing £300 for PSVR, I might get to experience these moments.


Oh stop whining. It’s the best entry model there is. Oculus and Vive are well over £400, not to mention the PS4 is already prepared for it unlike PCs.

MiseryPrincess 21 May, 2018 @ 12:12 Edited

Other things being even more overpriced doesn’t make something not overpriced…

If this thing has any hope of crawling out of it’s niche and not being a repeat of the 90s (and PCs already abandoned headsets), it needs a much bigger userbase than it has now. Being more reasonably priced for it’s value and having more reasonably priced games can only help.

DjNeedleBeard 20 May, 2018 @ 13:10

Doom still needs lefthanded options

DeViAnTShAdY 20 May, 2018 @ 15:00

All these games and experiences are amazing, but my fav PSVR game is FFXV Monsters of the deep ❤️ But What I’d love to see in psvr is a Harry Potter Game, attend classes, make potions, duelling, quidditch. I know I’m a huge nerd when I come to Harry Potter, but I would gladly pay top price for this kind of game/experience. 🙏

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