Rec Room for PS VR gets free “Rec Royale” mode on 7th June

Huh... can't say we saw this one coming

Hello everyone! This is Shawn from Against Gravity, makers of Rec Room. We launched Rec Room in public beta on PS VR in November and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to play and provide us with feedback.

Rec Room is a virtual reality social club where you can play active games with friends from all around the world. Today we’re excited to announce the addition of a new game: Rec Royale.

Rec Room

Rec Royale launches on Thursday, 7th June and will pit 16 players against each other in the wilds of a national park. The landscape holds summer camps, mountains, forests, outposts, ravines, lakes, and tons of loot for scavenging.

To hold all of that loot we’ve added a new backpack system for quick swapping and storing multiple weapons and power-ups. Like all Rec Room activities, it will be cross platform and free. Players logging in with PlayStation Plus will receive an exclusive paintball burst rifle skin, but Rec Room does not require PlayStation Plus.

If you’d like an early peek at Rec Royale there will be a public alpha test for players with a registered Rec Room account from Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th May. We would love to hear your feedback during this public testing phase via the Rec Room subreddit and Discord server.

Rec Room

We’d also like to thank all of our incredible custom room creators who have been using tools like the maker pen and sandbox machine to build their own Rec Room activities over the last few months, many of them inspired by battle-royale-style gameplay.

These player-created rooms, along with persistent community feedback, gave us a clear signal that players were hungry for something like Rec Royale. Once Rec Royale is released it will be available for all players to modify and create their own custom rooms. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in game!

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I think Rex Room needs some more updates! 😂

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 19:57

You can look through all of our updates here:

133 of them since we launched, or roughly an update every 5 days :)

Tiago_Ruivo 21 May, 2018 @ 17:29

Uhhh… I don’t know what to think about this

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 19:58

Once you’ve given it a shot and do know what to think about it let us know :) We rely heavily on community feedback to drive development so drop by our subreddit ( or Discord ( and type up a post with your thoughts.

Emperor_Mordred 21 May, 2018 @ 17:41

I’ve only played it once but I should really check it out again because it was hilarious playing charades with other people

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 20:01

Charades is awesome! Thanks for playing :)

If you want to catch up on all of the recent updates check out this page:

Or drop by one of our community forums and everyone would be happy to get you up to speed. subreddit ( Discord (

This has made my day.

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 20:02


Cool. Could you also add Trophies to the game?

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 20:03

We need to look into integrating in to the Sony trophy system on the back end but it’s something we’ve heard some players are interested in. We have a feature request and bug board here so make a post or upvote one on trophies!


Please add a Platinum Trophy when you do too.

I tried it a few times, the REC ROOM I mean, and it is quite fun, is will make it even more interesting.

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 20:04

Thanks for playing Aquario! If you have any feedback about how we could improve Rec Room let us know on our subteddit or Discord server: subreddit ( Discord (

Was the map tested against shooters from inside rocks and trees?

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 21:48

We actually have a few people searching for and patching those zones with proper colliders today! If you find zones during the alpha test where you are able to get inside geometry please document them and post them to our subreddit so we can fix them. Appreciate it!


Hey Shawn. This is SizzHD. Thanks for gracing us with this lovely news. Cant wait to see it! Will there be fixes to people killing others from inside rocks and walls?

Shawn Whiting 21 May, 2018 @ 21:49

Hey Sizz! Yeah we’re looking over a lot of the map today for that sort of stuff, but the map is huge so I expect a few might slip past us. Please document them with screenshots and by taking a photo of your map (you’ll realize how to do this once you play) during the alpha to show where you are and we’ll get them fixed!

Hey Shawn,

Really glad to see this happening, just downloaded fortnite in order to prepare for the battle royale part :)

Is there full locomotion in the game modes now and not just in the gym area?

The_Extractioner 23 May, 2018 @ 04:39

Thank you so much rec room devs i hope you can see this because you legit are amazing


I would like to drive a car or bike in rec royale that would make the expierence much better! I hope the creator will put in some vehicles! thx

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