Use PS Move to chop blocks in rhythm action game Beat Saber, coming soon to PS VR

Best the online leaderboards or just get lost in the rhythm in upcoming PS4 game

Beat Saber is an action rhythm game like no other. Wield your PS Move controllers to slash and cut coloured cubes as they travel towards you, synchronised to a pulsing electronica beat. Each cube has an arrow indicating which angle you need to attack it, with every successful strike generating a unique sound that builds into that level’s track.

The sense of satisfaction – getting immersed in the track’s flow, feeling the rhythm in every fibre of your body, landing perfect attack after perfect attack – is unparallelled. It’s an astonishing, addictive experience.



Each level is paired with original music, created exclusively for Beat Saber by Los Angeles-based composer Jaroslav Beck.

One of the biggest advantages of this game is its simplicity. You can grasp its mechanics in seconds. This makes Beat Saber the perfect pick up and play game for PS VR, whether you’re a VR vet or newcomer. And if you are the competitive sort, you can make your mark on our global leaderboards.

We’re really excited to bring Beat Saber to PS VR. We hope you are ready to join the beat when the game releases on PS4.



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Great, I will get that!

Any estimate time of release date?


You’ve spelt Fallout VR wrong ?


We already knew it was coming to PS4, we just want a release date already!

Soraking1991 10 June, 2018 @ 16:43

Really looking forward to it! Hopefully is out soon :)


Wow…. Didn’t expect to find this at all interesting, just curious, but you have my attention now. This looks like a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait to give this a go. ….. This time of year is my favorite, but the range to games coming to VR is outstanding. If you think this media won’t last, you are very very wrong. I Love my VR, was here from day 1, and the games and experiences are truly awesome.


This was the final countdown reveal? Something we already knew about?

I just bought a PSVR today & this game is part of the reason why. I’m pretty sure I’ll be awful at it, but it looks so fun I don’t even care.

It would have been nice to get a release date for it though – even a vague window like ‘summer’ to give them some buffer time – but hey ho. Still, nice to get confirmation that it’s definitely coming & the PSVR version hadn’t been quietly dropped.


Looks great. ?

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