All the news and announcements from PlayStation’s E3 2018 Showcase

The Last of Us pt.2, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Resident Evil 2 remake, Nioh 2, more

Our E3 2018 Showcase is over! And I hope you agree that the future of PlayStation is looking brighter than ever.

Hot on the heels of God of War and Detroit: Beyond Human, PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios are brewing up revolutionary new games designed to push the medium to new frontiers.

We got an extended look at The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated follow-up to one of the most iconic games in PlayStation history.

Sucker Punch stopped by with a tantalizing new look at Ghost of Tsushima, a new open-world epic destined to inspire an entire generation of gamers.

Marvel’s Spider-Man swung in with some huge news — the return of a legendary threat that will prove to be Peter Parker’s greatest test yet.

And Death Stranding made another jaw-dropping appearance, once again confirming that Hideo Kojima is a vital voice in the videogame medium.

We also got a first look at Resident Evil 2 from Capcom, as well as Trover Saves the Universe, a hilarious new game coming to PlayStation VR from the mind of Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Plus, Remedy is making its return to PlayStation platforms with Control.

Next, we’ll turn our attention to E3 proper, including two jam-packed days of livestreamed game demos, interviews, and deep dives into the most interesting games at E3. Tune-in to from 7.00pm BST/8.00pm CEST today.

Thanks, as always, for joining us on our journey. I welcome your feedback!

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As expected beforehand, Death Stranding and Tsushima were my highlights, but the latter really blew me away. Looks way better than I had expected, especially the combat. Really made the show for me and was my highlight of this E3, together with Cyberpunk2077.

The lowpoint for me was undoubtedly finding out Fallout 76 is online and the repercussions that might have for the series and singleplayer gaming (product vs. service) in general, and had me depressed all day :)

Spiderman looked better than expected too. Not a fan of the character but the gameplay has me convinced it’ll be a great game regardless.

JediKnight246 12 June, 2018 @ 13:55

Hopefully Fallout 76 ends up being an Elder Scrolls Online type of game, where anyone who wants multiplayer/co-op can go there but the main Fallout series is left alone and stays single-player only. That’s the best case scenario I can see anyway. The worst case being that Fallout 5 also has online/co-op elements, since some people will never be satisfied with just Fallout 76 and don’t think single-player only games should be allowed to exist.

Stonesthrow 12 June, 2018 @ 18:13

Yes, I really, really hope so. I had no problem whatsoever with ESO since it was on top of their singleplayer offerings, but now I’m really worried they’re going to go all online with all of their future products. I really hope this is a one-time thing since it’s kind of a prequel and everything, because their series are some of the few gratifying, deep singleplayer experiences left. I remember having spent countless hours on Skyrim, just to finish the latter half of the game years laters. In an online mmo type of game, the servers might be closed by the time I get back. I really hope they continue to provide deep singleplayer experiences that can last us for years…

Croopnick_PL 12 June, 2018 @ 06:27

I think one game should be presented…. Remake of Medievil. Looks like all gaming sites forget about it.

Captain_Nick 12 June, 2018 @ 14:12

First and last time we heard about it was december last year, and that teaser promised more details soon. 6 months later, and we’re still waiting…

I wonder if Sony knows the meaning of the word soon.


Death Stranding looks weird and ugly.

Ellie looks strange, but game DAF.

Resident Evil 2 will be AAAA+.

Control has me interested.

Dreams beta announced for this year, but no talks about release, so probably not until next year, again.

Carnivius_Prime 12 June, 2018 @ 08:14

Spider-Man, Last of Us II and Ghost of Tshushima looked great. Didn’t care at all for Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2 Remake or Control.

It’s kinda odd that the Xbox presentation also helped me learn what else is coming out on PS4 too. Almost every game they showed that wasn’t their usual tired Halo, Gears, Forza. Sony focused more on what is unique on PS4 rather than multi-platform.

MiseryPrincess 12 June, 2018 @ 09:01

There’s probably a reason why Microsoft don’t talk much about exclusives..

Usually every year they kind of pretend multiplatform games are exclusives (like last year it was Anthem).

X_Blood_Curse_X 12 June, 2018 @ 08:22

Good games, bad format. I don’t want to sit through commercial breaks during an e3 conference

So no info about Dreams?

I also kind of expected some hype for new big NMS update.

I’m still reeling from the Last of Us demo, though I don’t think it was actual gameplay. Ghost of Tsushima was underwhelming, Death Stranding was Death Stranding and Spiderman looks brilliant. Miffed about Ninja Theory getting snapped up by Microsoft. I’m happy overall with this year’s E3, lots of games I’m looking forward to!

Futureshark 12 June, 2018 @ 12:31

I think The Last of Us 2 was actual gameplay, certainly once Ellie was stealthing about. Looks incredible!


It was technically ‘actual’ gameplay but there is no doubt that it was heavily scripted.

Please for the love of God don’t do that kinda of format again in was pointless. Good games tho


Now don’t get me wrong, but the actual demo’s of all the games at Sony were amazing. The Last Of Us Part 2 was breathtaking…. But why do I feel that it was a bad E3 Conference for Sony. The Structure of the show, was poor and I feel it made Sony look like a small company. Sony are the leaders in creating amazin games, yet they made XBOX look like the professionals. Who thought the actual show was any good ?


Another point, A free AAA game within Plus (Black Ops 3) was discussed as a side comment. Friends of mine watching the show, didn’t even pick up on this. It’s like Sony could not be bothered to make the effort, because their games are so good… but to me, the format almost made me turn off the whole thing. Sort it out SONY !!!!


I’m in no way an Xbox fan but the Microsoft conference was way better for format. I don’t understand why Sony decided to focus on exclusives and give no info outside of the trailers. If I had just decided to watch PlayStation I wouldn’t know about half the games coming out soon.

That intermission after 15mins was a joke for those that weren’t there (LA).


Totally Agree…. Silly intermission … Why have 2 halls??. I presume the first hall was to represent the barn in the Last Of Us… Oh well. I also agree that, by not showing the other games, it made it look like Sony didn’t have that many games. They could of fixed this with a montage of whats currently been shown by the others and then lead what the others don’t have.

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JP_MADARA_92 12 June, 2018 @ 13:35

It sucks that MediEvil was not even mentioned. This is the game besides The Last of us 2 that a lot of people wanted to see at E3. Sony don’t forget that MediEvil has an extremely large fanbase.

Carnivius_Prime 12 June, 2018 @ 18:38

After watching some of the Nintendo one and seeing the same old stuff done again and again (I never liked Smash Bros the first hundred times round… and I dunno if I just been spoilt by PS4 graphics but Fire Emblem looked absolutely awful), I still think the best stuff wasa mixture of Sony showing PS4 exclusives and Microsoft showing off a ton of other games we don’t need an xbox for.

X_Blood_Curse_X 12 June, 2018 @ 19:30 Edited

Fire emblem did look pretty rough. Not up to standard for Nintendo, their games are usually quite good graphically for their hardware.


Getting all ps4 exclusives at confence I like what I saw . Last of us 2 , Spider-Man, ghost, death standing. I like Res 2 remake out week after my birthday and KH3 out 2 weeks after my birthday and getting them good confence.


What good about ms confence that don’t need xbox1 to get games because show a lot 3 party games that like shadow of tomb raider, KH3, DMC 5, metro 3, and my fav cyberpunk 2077 which coming to PS4 .

Lacklustre psvr as expected.

jason-bridges 13 June, 2018 @ 14:09

It’s the ps move, or eye toy all over again. It’s not gonna catch on – the tech isn’t good enough yet


i got ps vr and love it and be lots new ps vr games coming to store in future don’t worry ?.

MiseryPrincess 13 June, 2018 @ 23:33

It’s also not going to catch on because it doesn’t have many games. Too many short (and expensive) titles, straight out shovelware or repeats of the same thing, the few full games it has are usually just ports of old games too.

There isn’t really very much that screams “I must play this now”.


Edit: Oops duplicate post

jamie-sixtyfour 13 June, 2018 @ 15:10 Edited

My favourite announcement from E3 was that I couldn’t play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch because I play on Playstation. GG, folks!


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