GT Sport’s FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships are underway: here’s everything you need to know

Check out the exciting new event format and see how you can get involved

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal that after months of testing and fine-tuning, the 2018 FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships are underway and live for racers worldwide, proposing a Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the thrilling online season from June-September, concluding with the Regional and World finals in October and November, where the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series trophies await GT’s top-ranking players.


These final exciting match-ups between Gran Turismo’s best drivers will be hosted in stunning locations around the world and streamed online for everyone to enjoy, just like our first ever Live Event exhibition at the legendary Nürburgring – which you can catch up with right here.

For more details how you can get involved in the FIA GT Championships, plus info on upcoming Live Events and fixtures, check out our comprehensive guide over at

Star players


To recognise players leading the championship standings, we’ve introduced a brand-new Star Player system. Only qualifying players* in the top 200 season point rankings (or the top 10 for their country or chosen manufacturer) will be able to register for this prestigious title. Drivers who’ve registered as Star Players will be given the opportunity to enter the Top 24 Superstar Races where bonus points can be earned. Plus, their in-game Driver Rating will be displayed as “S”, for the entire GT community to see.

The GT Sport app


As the perfect way to keep track of your favourite drivers on their road to the World Final of the FIA GT Championships, don’t forget to download the free Gran Turismo Sport Companion app to your Android or iOS device. Just log in with your PSN ID and you can join millions of players sharing photos of race highlights, liveries, stats and stunning decals.

As always, stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for the first word on more upcoming GT content. And until next time, drivers, we’ll see you on that championship starting grid.


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andrewsqual 18 June, 2018 @ 17:31

I hope its everything you wanted it to be. For me, a Gran Turismo fan, it is not.

Tiago_Ruivo 19 June, 2018 @ 02:24

You guys need to had more content to the VR mode

“need to add”…

Perhaps they could have a look at the penalty system in races in a future update. Its making the game unplayable. Time penalty for tapping in an overtake? It’s not like I’ve taken the other car out. A penalty for being hit when someone overtakes me – see previous but worse, particularly when hit from behind. A penalty for running wide and losing time – I’ve already lost time!!! It’s very poor and a real shame as it’s a great game without the penalties.

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