This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, LEGO The Incredibles and more…

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UPDATE: A version of this post incorrectly listed that Dimension Drive is releasing on 26th June. This game will launch later in Summer 2018.

This week, relive your childhood dreams with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Dontnod’s prequel to the upcoming Life is Strange 2, which is available to download for free on PlayStation Store now.

A separate standalone adventure set outside of Arcadia Bay, The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit invites you to step into the shoes of nine-year old Chris, an adventurous youngster with a big imagination, as he embarks on his most unusual expedition yet!

Elsewhere, Call of Duty WWII’s latest DLC has arrived, bringing three new multiplayer maps, a new Nazi Zombies chapter and more to the FPS blockbuster; Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 makes its debut on PS4 in a remastered Classic Edition, and the latest adventure in the LEGO franchise brings Disney’s superhuman Parr family to PS4 in LEGO The Incredibles.

1. Call of Duty: WWII – The United Front: DLC Pack 3

Allies retaliate in United Front, Call of Duty: WWII’s third DLC Pack. Experience the dramatic drive toward Berlin across three new multiplayer maps: Stalingrad, Market Garden and Monte Cassino. Join new heroes in a unique Nazi Zombies experience and push across North Africa in a new objective-based War Mode mission, Operation Supercharge.

2. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Become the superhero you’ve always wanted to be in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Dontnod’s free adventure set in the Life is Strange universe. Play as Chris, an ordinary nine-year old boy with a big imagination that takes him on all sorts of adventures. This stand-alone adventure will also give you a glimpse into the story and characters of the upcoming Life is Strange 2… but only if you’re clever enough to piece the clues together!

  • Available: 26th June

3. Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

Far beyond the reach of civilization is a mysterious island overrun by a violent band of pirates. While traveling with friends, you’re taken captive, assaulted and left to rot. Your only hope of survival lies in unravelling the dark secrets of the island and its deranged inhabitants. Alone at the edge of the world, you must find a way to fight back and escape this island of insanity.

  • Available: 26th June

4. LEGO The Incredibles

Tackle crime as the super-powered Parr Family in LEGO The Incredibles, inspired by both films in the much-loved Pixar series. Explore action-packed story levels and use your unique super abilities to bring the city’s villains to justice, either alone or with a friend in the two-player local co-op mode.

  • Available: 26th June


Prepare your fists for Fighting Ex Layer, Arika’s latest fighting game and Street Fighter EX’s spiritual successor. Pick one of 13 fighters from Street Fighter EX and prove your worth against your opponents. Spice up the fight and customise your fighting style with additional bonuses and enhancements thanks to the brand new Gougi Boost system!

  • Available: 28th June

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Yaro-sensei 25 June, 2018 @ 17:15

Did you guys (Sony) block the localization of Omega Labyrinth in the west? I am very sad about that…


I agree


Really? If sexualises underage girls. I’m glad they refused it. You can import it but if you do you belong on a register. Well done Sony for not allowing the seedy side of Japanese culture here.

MiseryPrincess 25 June, 2018 @ 22:20

Are you really surprised by that?

Even if they wanted to they couldn’t exactly release games with legally underage people (by European law) doing things and having things done to them..

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Carnivius_Prime 25 June, 2018 @ 17:17

Hm wondering how much those versions of Fighting Layer EX are gonna be.

Gonna tell my friend about Ikaruga. Never saw the appeal of it myself even when I had it on the Dreamcast (found it very bland and dull compared to other shoot em ups) but my friend’s been wanting to play it so now he can on PS4.


Light version – $39.99 (12 Launch Characters + 5 Gougi Decks)

Standard version – $59.99 (12 Launch Characters + Hokuto + 15 Gougi Decks)

Carnivius_Prime 25 June, 2018 @ 17:53

Thanks. Not sure what the UK prices will be but based on those Dollars I’m guessing too much for my wallet for this month. :P

MiseryPrincess 25 June, 2018 @ 21:18

To convert prices is easy if you use the industry standard conversion method.

Just swap the dollar symbol for your local currency symbol. Who cares what currencies are actually worth!


Store is showing captain spirit but it won’t let me select it. PSN really can be useless at times

Carnivius_Prime 25 June, 2018 @ 17:54

But it says up there it’s out on the 26th and today is the 25th.


Don’tNod tweeted there has been delay. It is down to technical difficulties on SIEE’s end. I was looking forward to playing today too.


It was meant to be today

jamestillett 25 June, 2018 @ 17:35

Well at least there is one good title  Ikaruga. is out for release this week Neo Geo take a back seat this week i see King of the fighters Orchie Saga who on earth will want to buy that when when you have the neo geo (arcade version already released the MVS version.

My wallett could do with a break after wasting £50 on Blaze Blue Tag Battle could someone tell me when the rest of the game is being released & what exactly is the games corner in it with those Virtual Arcade machine is it a future games mode they are adding anyway three cheers for Ikaruga hopeful radiant Sliver-gun will follow if Ikaruga sells welll

The rest of the dlc characters are being revealed at EVO2018 (3rd to 5th August), hopefully the mystery of game corner will be revealed at the same time. I’m not a fan of games being released a bit at a time either, its not like we could pay for it in installments. Buyer beware applies sadly.

jamestillett 25 June, 2018 @ 18:54

Thank-you hopeful despite the fact that it is not liable to get an arcade release but never say never it will be an arcade mode episode mode is not bad in fact its quite fun but offline mode like Streetfighter 5 needs some serious work done to it other than that the World Cup is having a serious impact on my gaming sessions but didn,t England do well yesterday

Its possible that there was no arcade mode at launch because it didn’t get an arcade release originally and like SFV we’ll get it later. The World Cup is putting a big dent in my PS4 time, not my Switch time (Playing Ikaruga handheld, getting distracted when there’s a goal. Dammit!)… Glory to the Kane.

FEXL hype!

akaMrAnderson 25 June, 2018 @ 17:41

I think you have mixed up July with June for the Lego Incredibles release, either that or the actual Store is wrong as it’s not available for another 18 days!

CoolRichy007UK 25 June, 2018 @ 18:25

Its out 13th july i can see someone at sony getting fired for a incorrect release date


They should be fired ever since Andrew house left playstation. They put someone new in charge and PlayStation seen go wrong with dates and putting same game on store sometimes every week and putting new game dates wrong. Do fined it bit odd and ya need Andrew house back .


IKARUGA . wonder what the price’s gonna be. it’s currently 5 Eur on ‘that summer sale’


14.99 EUR


Hey guys why you need some much time to release the new chapter from dead by daylight???

CoolRichy007UK 25 June, 2018 @ 18:24

LEGO INCREDIBLES IS OUT 13TH JULY NOT 26TH JUNE i just looked at my pre order and uk release date it says out 13th july !


Logged in to say the same thing. It’s due to the movie release date being later than the US release date was. I guess they understandably don’t want people playing the second movie in Lego form before they’ve even seen it.


And still no Tempest 4000 Any news please


Far Cry 3 for me on disc be getting in post . Anyway that’s all I check list and are all new games this week .


Off-topic I’m reading something awful, if this is true that SCEE and SCEA with conjunction with VSC. if banning omega z for PS4 and vita.

Then i I shall be boycotting your games and products.

Please do U-turn. ?

deathnote2000 29 June, 2018 @ 10:46

It’s true it’s banned in the west because Sony US/EU stepped in.


Just a fair warning to anyone planning on purchasing Far Cry 3 Classic. I got it as part of a FC5 season pass last month, and I would suggest to you not to get it until there is a patch to sort out the terribly sluggish controls, that make the game almost unplayable and as a result unenjoyable.


If you’re talking about the dead zone i think they released a patch.


So what games are releasing on Vita this week that aren’t listed?


Presumably Rainbow Skies is being released tomorrow on Vita as well, or is it coming later?

michaelf-74 26 June, 2018 @ 16:30

I’ve pre-ordered the physical version and I’ve been told it’s been shipped so I hope so!


Any ETA for a fix for the download queue with PS3 and Vita contnet? It’s been 2 months.


What’s the hold-up, Sony?

michaelf-74 26 June, 2018 @ 16:28

Looking forward to playing Rainbow Skies on my PS Vita :)


Where full game of captain spirit. Put on store know.

Heads up anybody looking to get Atomine, almost every trophy is bugged and not popping. I’ve emailed the devs about it but heard nothing back yet. How this passed cert is baffling. It’s a great game but I’d avoid it for the time being.


“The Unknown City” doesn’t show up in the store, for whatever reason.

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