5 farming tips to get you started this weekend in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PS4

As the beloved franchise returns to PlayStation to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the team behind its return offers a guide for best crop practices

Hi everyone! My name is Tyrone Walcott, from Rising Star Games – it’s an honour to be here to talk about our latest game, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition!

The Harvest Moon series celebrates its 20th anniversary in Europe this year, and Light of Hope is the first time a Harvest Moon game has appeared on a Sony system in nearly ten years – we’re super-excited to bring this latest title to a whole new audience!

Like all Harvest Moon titles, Light of Hope is a game designed to be enjoyed by both veterans and new players alike. It blends together classic gameplay from 20 years of Harvest Moon history while also packing in all the modern gameplay innovations you’d expect, making for a super-streamlined and smooth gameplay experience.

There is even two-player couch co-op available for the first time ever in the series, and the beautiful “retro plus” visual style will bathe fans in the fuzzy glow of nostalgia.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

That said, everyone can do with a bit of a helping hand sometimes, and our developer friends at Natsume have provided some starter advice to help you restore the lighthouse, rebuild the town and help your farm and the townsfolk thrive!

1. Best starter tool to upgrade

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The watering can is an essential item, you’ll be using it every day to water your crops, and the upgrades allow much greater splash coverage saving time for other things!

The hoe is a very useful item to focus on as well, because of the various kinds of ores required to repair houses and upgrading the hoe will also help locate the ladder much more easily to advance through the mine.

2. Best crop layout

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

A three by three plot is a good option at the start, because that’s the maximum that can be sown and harvested in the same action.

Once you start making a bit of money you can play around with different layouts and even design your own patterns, picross-style on the ground!

3. Ladder trick

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The position of the ladder in the mines is completely random… except that we can tell you it will never appear in the bottom row touching the wall.

Upgrading the hoe means you can till a wider area to locate the ladder without losing so much stamina – be sure to take enough bread with you!

4. Festival tips

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Success in the Fishing and Cooking festivals hinges on your ability to dazzle the judges with your skill and discipline! For cooking, try to use the highest grade ingredients; for fishing definitely upgrade the rod and use fancy bait to lure the fish.

Once the lighthouse has been restored, higher quality produce can be purchased from the townsfolk too.

5. Saving the lighthouse is just the beginning


Restoring the town is just the start of your adventure: take your time to nurture relationships with the townsfolk, woo bachelors and bachelorettes for potential marriage; play the Brainiac scientist and focus on creating wild mutations of crops; continue to expand your farm and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work!

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition is available now on PlayStation Store and in retail stores on 26th June. There’s also an exclusive Collector’s Edition for Europe that contains all of the exciting content of the Special Edition, plus the full Season Pass, a hot drinks mug, a tote bag and a selection of pin badges, all lavishly presented in a barn-shaped presentation case.

Thanks for reading, everyone! We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have enjoyed creating and publishing it.

Pick up Harvest Moon: Light of Hope before 7th July on PlayStation Store to get a 66% discount off its RRP.

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This is looking interesting. ^_^ I’m wondering though, is this game open for new players to the franchise? As I never played one of these before… I know you said it’s for new players too, but regarding the story, can one easily jump in? .. Thanks!

A little warning, don’t buy this game. It’s not a Harvest Moon! The devs of Harvest Moon are developing their own series calles “Story of Seasons”. The publisher, who owns the name Harvest Moon, is cannibalizing it to publish cheap mobile games. You’re much better of buying Stardew Valles if you’re looking for a PS4 game.


You need to know the backstory of a Harvest Moon game as much as you need to know the backstory of a Final Fantasy game.

ie. not at all. Whatsoever. It’s irrelevant.


I agree in that you are better off with Stardew Valley, trust me it is better in everyway, that or you can buy an older Harvest moon if you are quick you can pick up Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life or Harvest moon: Save the Homeland at 66% off on UK and most likely all EU Playstation Store’s until 04/07/2018

I personally prefer A wonderful life but they are both pretty different, Save the Homeland is shorter but not as grindy late game.

ZeroAbbadon 30 June, 2018 @ 16:57

God this game looks awful

It’s a mobile game (look at HARVEST MOON:Seeds Of Memories for Android) converted to PS4 with minor upgrades. Just a cash grab.

I used to really enjoy the Harvest Moon games on my old GBA, but can you tell us what this offers over and above the current king of country-life sims, Stardew Valley?

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