Meet just three of the alien horrors you’ll face in sci-fi co-op shooter Earthfall ahead of its PS4 launch tomorrow

Team up with three friends to defend Earth from endless swarms of alien attackers

Our devs really love co-op gaming here at Holospark. Spending an evening on the couch, talking and joking with our friends online, and bashing our way through a level together is a pretty sweet time. We’re excited to bring you Earthfall, a four-player co-op shooter where you fight to survive after aliens conquer the Earth! And you can join us when Earthfall launches on PS4 tomorrow.

While we’ve enjoyed robbing banks with our friends and slashing at rats from another dimension, we were really craving that run-and-gun feeling of shooting our way through an endless swarm of enemies like in the classic co-op shooter Left 4 Dead so many years ago.

But Earthfall isn’t a just remake. We applied that old-school feel to the modern-era shooter with aim down sights and recoil, and then added new tactical gameplay with portable barricades, auto-turrets, and 3D-printed weapons. The result is Earthfall, where you and three friends team up to battle aliens and keep humanity alive.

To help you survive this battle, we have field reports from the human resistance on some of the aliens you will encounter in Earthfall.

1 Drones


Drones will throw themselves at you wave after wave. But they come in multiple flavours to mix things up. Light Drones go down fast while Heavy Drones will take a few more rounds to the chest. Ranged Drones will lob gooey slime at you from a distance. You’ll have to change up your firing patterns and battle tactics to deal with each of these guys.

2. Sappers


Sappers are walking gasbags, full of toxic vapour. If you pop them up close, get ready to choke! You want to take these guys out at range, or shove them if they’re nearby and then pop ’em. For a clean kill, burn them with fire and the vapour won’t hang around to poison you.

3. The Beast


Big, bad and ugly, the Beast is a wrecking ball on two legs. Up close it’s devastating with claws and jaws, but at range it can spew a toxic plasma ball that can seriously harsh your mellow. This thing is enormous so it’s easy to shoot, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take out. You’ll need teamwork to handle this bad boy.

There are a lot more aliens you can meet and make friends with… just kidding, they want to eat your face. But now you know some of what you’re up against, and maybe you and your friends can stay alive a little longer. And you can all help fight the alien invasion starting tomorrow when Earthfall launches on PS4!

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A link? A price? Pre-order? Review? Hello? Anybody here? Is this game coming home?


I think they want you to use you imagination or something.

Grim_streaker999 13 July, 2018 @ 09:19

Its not up in the store yet

Grim_streaker999 13 July, 2018 @ 15:55 Edited

Sooo was it today, or 13. July 2019?

A bit sceptical to this game, when it’s not release when said, and no word from the developers as to why.

Makes me feel like the support will be non existent, like raid ww2.

Went from a want, to a will see

where is the GAME? I cant see it on EU PS Store, only in US? Now thats a bummer and no-go for me then.


read this

Classis SCEE…as always, problems.

Not the first beta, game release, pre-order bonus, dlc etc. that got delayed because of SCEE. And they NEVER explain why.

Hire a couple of monkeys instead…i bet they will do a better job.

Right now the game is released everywhere on Xbox and everywhere, except Europe, on ps4.

To top it off…it was the weekend so Sony decided to give it a rest, take the weekend off and continue trying to solve the problem on monday/thusday and hopefully get it up before the new, promised, date for Europe release…which is wednesday 18th.


I doubt i will renew my ps+…sick of how crappy the service is from SCEE.

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