The PlayStation Blog Quiz: How well do you know 2018’s games so far?

The last six months have been stacked with great games, but how many have you played? Take our quiz and prove yourself!

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4 out of 10. Not bad when I’ve only played GOW and Detroit

DarthKenobi66 04 August, 2018 @ 15:22

The Monster Hunter World answer is wrong. Elemental resistance is given by veggies.

MiseryPrincess 04 August, 2018 @ 21:24

Yes, I thought so too!

2 out of 10? Boy, I’m must be out of touch with the latest PS4 games!!!


I got 4 out of 10

These ones are hard

Anyone else having loads of problems with this website not loading / error messages recently?


Yes problems here to the last week or so, every other site works fine but not

OT: Got 4 out of 10, this was a hard quiz, I have usually 7-8 or more ;)

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