Watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 official gameplay video

In-game footage captured on PS4 Pro in 4K

Captured entirely from in-game footage on the PlayStation 4 Pro, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming 26th October, 2018 to PlayStation 4 systems. Pre-order now.

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Carnivius_Prime 09 August, 2018 @ 17:17

Looks ok. I’m willing to give it a chance cos i still want a really good western game but i had so many issues with the first one on my PS3. Was too easy, faaar too glitchy (only deaths I had were caused by stupid stuff like ducking behind a rock would cause me to be launched 50 ft into the air and die from the fall impact) and also it was just pretty boring. I’ve tired of Rockstar’s way of doing things (their controls and movements also seem too rigid and awkward compared to various other companies games).


You are so weird… If my memory serves me correctly you’re the guy who’s always so positive about cheap, technically inferiour indies. But the culmination of all that is good in gaming you find boring and glitchy :o Oo I suppose it isn’t all that special when you look exclusively at gameplay, but the atmosphere, the production values, the animations and graphics that portray emotions like never before, everything that makes modern gaming more than just your average game of Pong… To each his own, I guess :)


Those graphics, those animations, … Rockstar does it again and again. What a truly respectworthy development team. Each one of their games is obviously made with love and manages to astound and fascinate me to the point of addiction like no other gameseries or developer can. Each one of their games is a milestone not only in their own portfolio, but gaming in general, whether on a technical level or in terms of basic gameplay. Massive respect for one of the best developers in general and the undisputed best in open world gaming. Never stop doing what you’re doing! <3 <3

So excited for this and next-gen GTA :o

MiseryPrincess 11 August, 2018 @ 22:00

You should probably dial down the fanboy about 190 steps.

On the other hand people might find them grindy and repetitive with a cast of unrealistic cringeworthy stereotypes like a dated drama show. Also, it’s hard to state that it’s “made with love” while it has microtransactions designed to prey on weak willed people.

There’s some weird levels of mess in these comments so I’m just going to say the game looks very good, I hope it’s enjoyable for a lot of people.


Will the PS4 Pro be supporting HDR with Red Dead Redemption 2?

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