PlayStation Store’s ‘Games under €20’ discounts start today, inc. Dark Souls III, Final Fantasy XV, more

Plus, Overwatch Legendary Edition is your new deal of the week

We’ve a clutch of great new savings to be had on PlayStation Store this week, with the ‘Games under €20’ promotion kicking off today.

You’ve got until 5th September to grab big discounts on acclaimed PS4 titles such as Dark Souls III, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Fallout 4, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Unravel Two and many more. See the full list below, then click through to see pricing in your region.

Deal of the Week

In addition to the ‘Games under €20’ promotion, we’ve also a new Deal of the Week for you. Starting today and running until 29th August, you can pick up Blizzard’s phenomenal multiplayer shooter Overwatch at a discounted price.


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That moment when Mass Effect Andromeda with 40 million budget made it to even deeper-to the Under tenner bargain bin…

I bought FFXV a while ago, and now I see the Royal Edition on this sale including the season pass (including the royal bonus content).

I was thinking about buying this Royal Edition because its cheaper than buying the season pass, but its not possible, because I already own the game…

If you put a game on sale (including all season pass), why not put the season pass on sale? Feels stupid to buy the game twice. It also feels a little disrespectful to the ones who already bought the game.

It’s kind of a weird way of doing business IMHO.


You can upgrade to the Royal Edition, look in the store for: FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK


No, wait, FreakyDreams, the Royal Pack only adds the content that was “exclusive” to the Royal Edition, like the expanded final dungeon.

It does NOT include the Episodes and the Comrades expansion that are found in the Season Pass.

To get all this, yes, KSiggaard, you’re better off buying the Royal Edition. Or waiting for the inevitable Ultimate Edition that will surely come out next year after they’re done with the next batch of DLCs.


Too bad I already own the game, rendering me unable to buy the FFX Royal edition. LOL!

Don’t you like money Sony? ?

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Man I have been looking forward to playing the first of the nonary games in its remastered and fully voiced glory (it is too much of a slog on the ds). Of course the ps4 version is 74% off and the vita version remains $70. It is a shame because these games work so well on the vita, it’s like a story before bedtime.

nukualofaperson 22 August, 2018 @ 15:49

Abo Khashem isn’t available in Norway. Neither is Schlag den Star, but I kind of get why.

Carnivius_Prime 22 August, 2018 @ 16:28

There’s nice bunch of games in a under £9 category too and I got Super Hydorah and Xenon Valkyrie+ cheap which I’m happy with, cheers. Now rest of my money saving for Spiddy-boy

Yoku’s Island Express is not listed above but has been reduced to £7.99, loving it so far.

Also agree with KSiggaard re: pricing of season passes, deluxe editions etc. I have a few games on disc that I’d like to buy digitally, but already have the season passes. Recently (LEGO games) only the deluxe editions have been on sale, where as I only want the base game.

Some of the games in Turkey show a little bit higher price with this new sale. For example, Wizard of Legend was 47,99 TL and now 54,00 TL. Also, Horizon Chase Turbo was 59,99 TL and now 63,00 TL. Wow. Is this how you treat us?

nukualofaperson 23 August, 2018 @ 13:57

Horizon Chase Turbo is 135 NKR (98 TL) in Norway. And Wizard of Legend is 116 NKR (84 TL). Quite a difference, actually.

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