PlayStation Store’s “save up to 60%” discounts start today, inc. Persona 5, Gran Turismo, Shadow of War

Plus, Hitman: Game of the Year Edition is Deal of the Week

A genre-hopping range of PlayStation 4 games are discounted this week, letting you save up to 60% on sci-fi adventures, racing sims and strategy greats. Discounts start from today and run until 19th September, giving you a fortnight to browse and decide what your next PS4 adventure will be.

The full list of discounted PS4 games is below, and includes the like of Persona 5, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Gran Turismo, Nier Automata and many more!

Now you’ve got the tough choice of deciding which games are the priority to join your PS4’s digital collection…

Deal of the Week

In addition to the “up to 60% off” promotion we’ve also a new Deal of the Week for you.

Starting today and running until 12th September, you can pick up IO Interactive’s critically-acclaimed Hitman: Game of the Year Edition at a discounted price. And if you already own Hitman or its Intro Pack, the GOTY upgrade is also included in the Deal of the Week!

PlayStation Store Discount

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Hitman GOTY upgrade is disabled for sale if you own the intro pack.

This is a common problem on PSN which is never fixed.

On Steam nothing is disabled for purchase, with no exceptions.

there are exceptions.. I can’t buy the Dragon’s Dogma OST because I don’t own the game on Steam


I got the free Intro Pack+Paris (December2017) and during a weekend sale (February2018) I bought the GOTY upgrade (intro pack) for 16.99 € without a problem !! I upgraded by using the in-game store , so maybe that’s how it works !! Although it is marked as ”purchased” when I use a browser , I can see that the price is 14.99 € , which is a great price considering we ‘ll get the Legacy Pack within HITMAN 2 for free when we buy it!!

Byteflare: True. I tried to buy 99Vidas OST on Steam recently, but had to buy the game bundle again on sale to get the OST. Its were dirt cheap, so not a big issue.

What’s with all the additional bullets, teaser for more games to be added to the sale?

No, editor fainted away.

There are A LOT more games in the sale. Check PS Prices.

How hard can it be to proofread and check before posting? Come on, guys.

Free bullet points for everyone!

Carnivius_Prime 05 September, 2018 @ 07:56

you get a bullet point, you get a bullet point, you get a bullet point…

I don’t get the extra bullet points bacause I bought bullet point episode one 3 years ago.

I think we need more bullet points, these are far too few, but please add round points.

A year later and you finally have a sale on Steamworld Dig 2… the same week I spent all my monies on Spider-Man.

edit: ah screw it, i’ll take it too and just sell something on eBay to make up for it. :D

Is there a digital game sale too. My psn always updates dead late so never see the new sales until into the afternoon

Almost 300 games went on sale today

Well I’m new to this, I’ve bought Persona 5 on disk a few weeks ago but I didn’t played as my focus went to dragon ball fighterz until now. I’m OK with the base game or do I need to buy the ultimate edition or buy some specific dlc to not to miss anything?

The DLC for Persona 5 is mostly cosmetic. You’re fine with the base edition.

Why is Lego Ninjago never on sale. It is the only Lego game I haven’t played.

Because a Ninja never comes cheap


Week 35 PlayStation Store highlights still missing. Just saying.

Yep I come here to see what is releasing this week and assumed that last week was missing due the UK bank holiday. I hope the so-called Social Media Manager reads these comments and realises that a lot of paying customer come to this Blog to see what is releasing this week. Not only are they not giving their customers information they have been for years they are depriving smaller developers exposure. I think I will look to the US blog for big clue as to what is releasing rather than the silence from this Blog.

Edit: Aaaannddddd it’s appeared since I posted this!

I think honestley its about damn time i play Persona 5 hearing only great things about it…

Enjoy! :)

Any chance the Vita version of Secret of Mana could get that discount too?

Nada for me. Waiting for a good sale on a ‘A Way Out’ and maybe Far Cry 5 pass if it’s really cheap.

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