Bloodborne and Yakuza 5 headline PS Now’s September update

Plus Bound, Batman - The Telltale Series, Velocity 2X and more come to PlayStation's streaming service

Two highly acclaimed, combat-heavy adventures battle their way onto PlayStation’s streaming service PS Now this month. Both are packed with enthralling battles, detailed worlds and intriguing storylines, yet they’re two very different experiences.


Firstly, there’s From Software’s dark fantasy Bloodborne. The PS4 exclusive favours an aggressive playstyle and rock-hard enemies; even the lowliest denizens of Yharnam can wipe the floor with unprepared Hunters. Yet the city is a twisted labyrinth of distinct districts so enticingly designed they demand exploration.

Yakuza 5

Second up is Sega’s enthralling, always entertaining dive into the Japanese underworld. Yakuza 5 expands the franchise’s core concept of exploring beautifully-realised locations and surviving combat encounters by expanding the protagonist count to five. All this, plus as is series tradition, Sega sneaks in fully playable versions of select arcade classics, so make sure you visit the game’s arcades.

These two adventures headline the range of games joining the service this month. The full list is below:

  • Aces of the Luftwaffe
  • Batman – The Telltale Series – Episode 1: Realm of Shadows
  • Bloodborne
  • Bound
  • Crimsonland
  • Lovely Planet
  • Rive
  • Steredenn: Binary Stars
  • Yakuza 5
  • Velocity 2X

And don’t forget, PS Now is the only place on PC to play PlayStation exclusives. Want to sign up*? Find out how here.

*PS Now is available in UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland.

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feel-my-wraith1 10 September, 2018 @ 18:15

Really love psnow but a lot of these games have already been PlayStation plus. Would be good to get some unique big games added to this service.

Poland is still not supported… sad.

That’s strange, my brother has a Poland account and it works on his playstation.


Bloodborne often feels like it runs at 2fps, so probably doesn’t need much bandwidth to send both frames.


Is Batman telltale ps3 or ps4? Hoping ps3 as we got ps4 version on plus. Anyway some cool games added this month that I’m looking forward to checking out. Cheers.


Pull your collective fingers and release Demon’ Souls, it’s been out on PS Now JP for years.

I wonder if Bloodborne will be the first of the fabled ‘download’ PS Now games? If so then the newbies are in for a treat!

bigdaddybradley3 11 September, 2018 @ 21:43

Anybody that pays for ps now is an idiot and part of the problem.

I got it when it was on sale for the year and it has been worth every penny, I have no issue with slowdown, only issue is picture quality isn’t quite as good as native but for older games that’s not a problem. Only people I tend to see complaining are people with crazy Virgin Media connections so maybe there is something in the way that works.

I’ve got a Virgin Media connection and PS Now is absolutely fine for me. I think it’s a good service.

Ah yes, another one of the EU PS Blog’s slap-in-the-face posts about a service, that isn’t available in the vast majority of the territories it covers. Thanks for the reminder that most Europeans are being treated like second rate customers, it’s always great to feel underappreciated.

AS usual, no response from Sony. Good titles, however I will never subscribe to the service until it is integrated into ps plus.

I would love to see Nier (the original one from 2011) in PS Now. Pls? Big pls? Q-Q

When you gonna put Max Payne 3, or Metal Gears????

jeffersons-37 07 October, 2018 @ 15:58

Would be nice if Bloodborne was Goty edition , miss the dlcs there

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