Everybody’s Golf VR is coming to PlayStation VR in 2019

Swing your Dualshock 4 or PS Move controller like a golf club across a variety of courses

Everybody’s Golf VR lets you step up to the tee and enjoy a round in virtual reality. Developed by Clap Hanz in association with JAPAN Studio, Everybody’s Golf VR marks the VR debut for the much loved franchise, letting players step into the shoes and score hot shots across the course.

The initial idea for the game came to us at SIE when we looked at how we could better immerse ourselves and our players into the world of Everybody’s Golf, and let players step into those idyllic courses and those tranquil scenes that players all know and love.

Everybody's Golf VR

*The image above is for illustrative purposes and is not a screenshot from the actual game.

The controls for Everybody’s Golf VR are slightly different from earlier Everybody’s Golf entries, but something that hasn’t changed is the series’ commitment to delivering an experience that everyone can easily enjoy, taking thrilling golf shots and nailing that perfect swing. Players can swing their Dualshock 4 or PS Move controller like a golf club, allowing them to experience the fun of golf with their whole bodies and immersing fully into the game.

Not only does this make golf accessible to all, as one would expect from the Everybody’s Golf series, but for the first time ever in the series, players will be able to see the uneven terrain, read wind direction, and experience the nature of the golf course all with their own eyes – a 360 degree VR experience made possible by the PlayStation VR.

Everybody's Golf VR

We’re so excited to share this game with you next year and bring you more details on the courses soon! Stay tuned to the PlayStation social channels and blog for more about Everybody’s Golf VR!

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I can’t wait to enter the Golf Reality

feel-my-wraith1 11 September, 2018 @ 06:01

Looks fun

Looks like it’d be quite fun to play. Might be nice to have a scenic mode if you want to just sit back and imagine you’re on a golf course too.

I would worry that the camera wouldn’t be able to pick up the swing speed or subtlety of movement usually involved in golf but we’ll wait and see. Front-back motion of a swing would be difficult. Maybe they’ll get us facing forwards and swinging sideways (left to right for right-handed golf-swings)

Will I still be able to use the controllers for this or will I still need a vr set to play.

I highly suspect Everybody’s Golf VR is a VR-only experience. If you want to play out of VR, just play Everybody’s Golf, seems pretty straight forward.

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