This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: Transference, The Gardens Between, Anodyne, more

Plus your full release line-up for the week ahead, as well as new games available for pre-order

What do Elijah Wood, dream worlds and retro goodness have in common? Why, all three feature in this week’s PlayStation Store releases. Our highlights of the next seven days are below, followed by the full round-up of new arrivals – and we’ve also flagged those games that have just opened their doors to pre-orders as well.

This week’s PlayStation Store highlights

1. Transference

Admittedly we know little more about this psychological thriller adventure than when it debuted on Ubisoft’s stage at last year’s E3. But what we do know makes us intrigued to find out more. One, you’re locked in a corrupted simulation and need to escape. Two the game is a collaboration between Ubisoft Montreal and Eljiah Wood’s company SpectreVision. Three, it’s PS VR compatible. Four: you can try its story prequel for free now.

2. The Gardens Between

Puzzle fans should not miss this beautifully surreal adventure. Play as two best friends as they embark on a dreamlike journey, manipulating time to solve challenges across an archipelago of islands, each populated with objects from their childhood.

3. Capcom Beat’Em Up Bundle

Capcom Beat'Em Up Bundle

A surprise announcement from Capcom last week that a new retro compilation was inbound, featuring seven side-scrollers that originally appeared in arcades. While the most recognisable name on the roster is Final Fight, beat’em up fans should be checking this bundle out for the inclusion of Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit, both of which make their console debut.

  • Available: Tuesday 18th September

4. Anodyne

The retro flavour continues this week with the top-down pixel art adventure Anodyne. Though while it looks extracted from the halls of videogame history, this lovely game has more contemporary roots, originally releasing on PC in 2013. Its dungeon-filled dream world finally makes the leap to PS4 this week.

  • Available: Wednesday 19th September

5. Downward Spiral: Horus Station

The creator of this PS VR sci-fi thriller has spent considerable time ensuring that, regardless of whether you’re using two PS Move controllers or a Dualshock 4, your exploration (and ransacking) of a derelict space station perfectly captures all your science fiction fantasies. And if you grow tired of solitude? Let a friend enjoy the tense atmosphere with co-op.

This week’s new pre-orders

1. Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

The sprawling critically-acclaimed adventure arrives on PS4 next week and PS Plus members can net a 20% discount if they pre-order before release.

2. Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja rejoins the fighting genre with the sixth iteration of its long-running one-on-one battler. Pre-order to get an additional fighter, Nyotengu, as well as a PS4 Theme. Go for the Deluxe Edition and you’ll also receive 25 extra costumes and three additional songs for the game’s soundtrack.

PlayStation StoreOut this week










  • The Gardens Between
    20th September

  • Toon War (Not in Bahrain, Denmark, Finland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey & UAE)
    20th September

  • TERA: Dojo Fighter Pack (Not in Bahrain, Cyprus, India, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey & UAE)
    20th September




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Dragon Sinker, Anodyne and the tremendous Capcom Beat ’em up Collection. Retro heaven!

Wow, it’s a great week for VR:

1-Transference, 2-Downward Spiral: Horus Station, 3-The Chantey, 4-Blind, 5-Unearthing Mars 2

I checked them on YouTube and they all look amazing

StevenJamesHyde 18 September, 2018 @ 08:08

Don’t forget Pixel Ripped 1989, which is arguably the best of the lot

Seven of the best from Capcom it mine least they have the sense to release seven in one unlike some other retro titles i could mention its been 3 months and not one has been released you know the ones i am talking about


And you’re still missing the Store highlights from week 35 (the one with Yakuza Kiwami 2).

Sony EU have been very Sloppy of late No Neo Geo titles for over three Months yes the store updates have been delayed from Monday to late Tuesday evening Somebody mention it was down to bad management something to do with new chief Jim Ryan after the departure of Andrew House


I don’t really mind the delays. A bit of info chaos, someone responsible for updates on a sick leave and it might get really hard to provide posts on time. But SKIPPING the post entirely?

You’ll see my comment under every PS Store update post until they fill in the gap. Which will probably happen until I remember (gonna need to add “2018” after “week 35” in 2019 :D).

Anodyne looks nice so I looked it up. It’s 10eur on Steam + 5eur for the soundtrack. But the GOG version is only 8,69eur and that includes the soundtrack plus a bunch of artwork. PS4 release better be reasonable..


Console releases always have at least an extra 25% ontop. Which probably isn’t due to “licencing” due to other mentioned platforms taking massive cuts, just due to people willing to spend more..

I guess sometimes it’s also due to another studio being involved with the porting. But yeah, mostly due to console players not really having any options..

This one seems to be fair though, found a Gematsu article from August saying it will be 10eur. But I think I’ll just put it on my gog wishlist since it comes with the music and I’ll wait til it hits 3eur on sale

Award for weirdest title goes to “Dragon Sinker”. Who even knew dragons could float??

Battle Circuit legally on a home system? What sorcery is this? :O Depending on price I may have to buy this set. What are the other games not mentioned above? I assume it doesn’t include licensed games like The Punisher, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and the almighty Alien Vs Predator?

edit: Ok i looked them up and yeah no licensed ones but a good selection anyways and all have online drop in/out co-op fun and they are:

Final Fight

Captain Commando

Battle Circuit

Knights of the Round

Warriors of Fate

Armored Warriors

The King of Dragons

A versus fighting collection would be most wanted from Capcom

Capcom vs Snk

Capcom vs Snk 2

Capcom Fighting Jam

plus the deerstalkers games

or a Shooting collection

The Punish er

Giga Wings

Pro gear

Oh my! what’s with the high number of “not available in these countries” affected games?

It’s usually because games need a translated description to be allowed on non-English PS Stores and NOBODY at Sony tells them this.


@Lunarmon Thanks for this info.

Which is really weird, since Sony doesn’t even bother using professional translations in the store. The Dutch PS Store is machine translated for a very large part and it is very bad quality work.

Pixel Ripped 1989 – 17th September *click*

Unable to Find This Page


I’m starting to doubt we’ll ever see a release here in the EU. More than 6 weeks delayed without a single response from Sony as to why


So happy about the capcom beat em up bundle.Hoping it sells well and they release another with avp and punisher on

Carnivius_Prime 18 September, 2018 @ 16:34

I can’t see Capcom willing to get the licenses from Dark Horse and Marvel for those ones unfortunately. For newer more profitable games perhaps but niche 90s arcade games I would be very surprised. I’d love them too but yeah I’m not getting hopes up. This collection of games is pretty darn good though. :)

Nothing that i find exciting but i see some classic looking, puzzle games, and VR titles that i am sure will find its audience among fellow Playstation players…

Hollow knight for 17 dollars is a no brainer for me.


No mention of the Shattered Bloodline DLC for Dead by Daylight, this month’s PS+ game? Bet the devs are loving that, seeing as most games are put on Plus to sell existing and/or upcoming DLC. I really wonder if we’ll ever see a timely Store Update that isn’t full of errors and missing games/DLC again on this page… Probably not.

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