Upgrade your FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad now with Ones to Watch

Pick up special items for some of the transfer window’s biggest players

FIFA 19 is now available worldwide for PS4, so you can start building the squad of your dreams in FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT 19 kicks off with the hotly anticipated Ones to Watch (OTW) event, in which some of the transfer window’s most significant players have been selected to receive special FUT items.

A number of excellent features have been added to FUT this year, including online mode Division Rivals and regular UEFA Champions League content. And, it’s never too early to start upgrading your squad for the season ahead, to be ready to compete in both new and existing modes. Upgrading your squad early is where OTW comes in.


World football saw some surprising and exciting movement this summer, with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Radja Nainggolan joining new clubs ahead of the 2017-18 season. 23 of the most prominent and promising summer transfers have been selected for OTW.

OTW items have dynamic ratings that will increase based on the players’ real-world performances throughout the season for their club. When a player is selected for a special FUT event (such as Team of the Week), their OTW item will get an automatic ratings upgrade that will be reflected on the item itself.

Look for OTW items in some FUT packs and check out other OTW content, such as Squad Building Challenges, for a limited time.

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blacksheepwall_ 30 September, 2018 @ 15:06

Only a fool would bother with this scam. Now that they have to reveal the odds of getting cards ‘ones to watch’ are down as less than 1% chance which still could be .000001%.

Full price game that acts like some cheap money grabbing phone game.

MiseryPrincess 01 October, 2018 @ 06:44

They’re just trying to make quick money before this is finally made illegal.

Must feel great as a developer making things to prey on children and vulnerable people. Must get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Well it’s EA, haven’t seen more unscrupulous “game” company…well maybe ubi or activision, actually they’re all cancerous. Don’t touch.

MiseryPrincess 05 October, 2018 @ 04:41

Overkill (Starbreeze) are far worse than EA as a games company/publisher. They tell more lies (even to their stock holders), do weird things to their players and all kinds of unsavory nonsense and bizarre lies, and even EA at some point has published a decent game or two.

Thankfully, their utter incompetence (at doing basically anything) stops them becoming bigger than their weird fanbase with no quality requirements and usually drives the developers they “acquire” quickly away.

No more EA games for me

The PSBlog is actively promoting gambling now? Irresponsible.

The one who pays the piper calls the tune.

It has to be called “Only The Worst”, it comes from EA, after all.

I bought the game, but there’s no way I’ll ever touch this crap.

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