PlayStation Store’s ‘Big games, big discounts’ promotion kicks off today

Pick up big savings on the likes of God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Nioh

This week sees a major new promotion kick off on PlayStation Store, with deals on a huge number of great PS4 titles under the ‘Big Games Big Discounts’ banner. With the likes of God of War, Detroit: Become Human and Shadow of the Colossus among the games seeing a temporary price cut, it’s a great opportunity to fill any gaps in your library.

Read on for the full list of discounts, then click through to PlayStation Store for regional pricing.

Big Games, Big Discounts Promotion

Deal of the week

Deal of the Week Need for Speed Payback

In addition to the Big Games Big Discounts promotion, we also have a new deal of the week going live today. For the next seven days, you can pick up EA’s open world racer Need For Speed: Payback at a reduced price.

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No a bad wee sale Jimmy’me’bobbin’! Apparently I’m FIRST too! No that it matters does it na!! Thinking of picking up PSVR today at Argos. No a bad wee deal goin’ on there ya kno. Any advice? Already got Wipeout so thinking of getting The Persistence with it as I’ll get Firewall at a later date with the aim controller. Extremely interested in Moss and Astro Bot, so if I do go and purchase this shiny ‘new’ to me wee toy I’ll be able to grab all o’ that for under £300 and then maybe look for some deals on PSN. Thoughts n’ advice would be appreciated and very helpful. Cheers all and happy gaming, hope some of you find something good in this wee sale, no a great sale by any means but no too shabby, just wish there were more on sale. Take care all

Easy on the coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Couldn’t have made that’s post any more Scottish if you tried haha. Glasgow here btw ;)

Skyrim, Superhot, and a couple of Move controllers are a great compliment.


hm i may get Street Fighter 30th cos i been itching to play SFII and Alpha 3 on my PS4 but £35 was too much for me and £20 is a bit better. (yeah i know it’s been £23 or so on Amazon for ages but i don’t use discs)

ok i knocked it down a bit further to £18.42 with use of psn voucher site. That’ll do for me for my fave fighting game series (my SFV and Ultra SFIV just look odd sitting in my fighting game folder on my PS4 without these classics next to them too). Have a good day folks. :)

WileyCoyote0984 03 October, 2018 @ 08:09

I got that Argos deal too.bargain!if u interested the headset case has a great deal on it too?

Whats so good about the Argos deal? Isn’t it cheaper other places?

Anyone know if I can use my PS3 MadCatz fight stick on PS4??

sithknight666 03 October, 2018 @ 09:48

It’s a no mate. Although mine works on injustice 2. So there is a chance it could work on a few games that support it.

You can use them on some fighters but it will turn off after few mins

Hori rap 4 there about£ 90


Seems like the same old to me. Disappointing If anyone wants an actual good deal, some guy is selling Dragon Quest XI for £21.90 on ebay at the time of writing


From a seasoned ebayer I wouldn’t touch it as they don’t have lots of feedback, they are selling well below the usual price and they have 10 copies. Seems a bit suspect. However I am selling ps vita hakuoki kyoto winds, ps4 batman enemy within and ps4 shaq fu collectors edition. My feedback is excellent

X_Blood_Curse_X 03 October, 2018 @ 13:56

Nah. 100% positive feedback and a member since 2003. No reason to not give it a go, just always buy with PayPal

We really need a decent PS3 sale soon, it’s been a while!

Not the best of sales. But there’s a few good deals in there.

Still hoping for a Halloween sale to come~


Already finished most of the big hitters from this list but there are still some games that manage to slip under the radar thinking about trying Gravity Rush don’t know anything about it so any info or experience of playing it would be welcomed. Also i am shamed to say but i never played Nioh and all i hear are great things about it…

I’m unsure what to get. Ni No Kuni II has those sweet cel shaded graphics, Nioh supposedly great combat and Conan Exiles has that fun multiplayer fuxxery, but coupled with lag and performance issues.

Why can’t there be a Nioh Kuni Exiles?

God of war is tempting but my backlog is just too much. I wouldn’t say no to a couple casual indies. Big epic games are great but some days when you have an hour or so to kill a casual blast em up is just the thing.

Carnivius_Prime 03 October, 2018 @ 16:45

God of War is a treat for you aaaand your PS4. I highly recommend it. :)

For some nostalgic moments, I might buy the Nathan Drake Collection. And I’m crying inside because of no more Drake adventure. Sometimes you just can’t have enough..

And of course The Witcher 3. I wanted to buy it for a long long time but I always did the opposite. My feelings are mixed about that game, but what if I lose if I buy it? (except money)


around 100 hours of your life. It’s exceptional game with great story. buy it.

MiseryPrincess 05 October, 2018 @ 04:03

Warning that the combat is pretty horrendous/easy/boring, so you could just watch a let’s play and see the “story” for free…

Anybody know when the deals end? I get paid next week and don’t want to miss something by waiting around.

MiseryPrincess 05 October, 2018 @ 03:50

On the store (though some games may vary)

“This price is only available from 3/10/2018 09:00 am to 18/10/2018 07:59 am.”

caedus1986caedus 05 October, 2018 @ 17:00

Only available for the UK….this sucks

J1had_Jack50n 11 October, 2018 @ 23:03

What are the chances of also discounting Driveclub Bikes expansion? Seems ridiculous that buying Driveclub negates the Bikes discount on offer. Do we really have to choose which one we want?

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