Shadow of the Tomb Raider is deal of the week on PlayStation Store

Join Lara Croft on her most perilous journey yet in this amazing action adventure

Fancy taking a break from city streets for threat-filled jungles for a bit? Got a taste for survival in the wild after a week of colourful platforming action? Or perhaps you’ve still to get round to completing Lara’s story on PS4?

There are many reasons to join the (now) seasoned adventurer on her toughest challenge yet, but from today there’s one extra: Shadow of the Tomb Raider is PlayStation Store’s deal of the week.

Exotic locales to explore, terrifying encounters with both wildlife and well-armed mercenaries to survive and elaborate death traps to solve: Lara’s third outing has everything you’d want from an action adventure.

And with discounts across the standard, Digital Deluxe and Croft editions of the game, there’s no better time to enjoy the kind of adrenaline-fueled trip backpackers would dream about from the comfort of your own home (and still have change to splash out on some sofa-side luxuries). So come, make the leap with Lara today. Adventure beckons.

Shadow fo the Tomb Raider - Deal of the Week

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“Deal of the week”

When does the deal start?

It says £39.99 which is more than it costs anywhere else.

Carnivius_Prime 10 October, 2018 @ 06:57

already? is it not selling well?

Yet another AAA game reduced within a month of release and before the season pass content is released too. :( I really should stop buying these things.

This is how they value thier faithful fans. I’ll buy it when it goes under 20€ and show them how I value their work.


I totaly agree. I regret getting it on release.

I thought I was going to buy the Croft Edition, or ‘the full game’ as I like to call it, sometime next year for 40 or 50eur. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it end up for that price during this year’s Christmas sale already. Of course I’d still have to wait for all the challenge tombs to be released, so I’ll pick it up whenever. Got a feeling this will be on sale every other month..

I hope we’re gonna get a game with classic Lara. This whole “reimagined Tomb Raider” thing doesn’t work for me. The first game as a prequel? Sure. But good God, this is the second sequel to that prequel. Enough. Bring back the older, sexier, smarter, more brave, more interesting, adventurous Lara. Not this boring, overly serious and constantly-in-pain Lara. Pretty please.

Over pricing the game on release and then reducing it to standard price and claim this would be a good deal!?

Ha, ha, you have to come up with something better, laughable!


Brother brought it day one and i still haven’t played it the only one in this great series that i finished is the first Tomb Raider,and i loved it..


Shadow of the Murdering Murderer? No thanks, not even for free with Plus lol.


Love this title ??


Each to their own.


FYI You’d make more sales if you remastered TR2,3 and Last Revelation!

What the hell?

thats the last time I preorder a game off PSN.

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