New on PlayStation Store this week: Call of Cthulhu, The Quiet Man, more

Plus, Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!, Dream Daddy and Death Mark also hit the shelves

Grab a bag of your favourite Halloween treats and get your adrenaline pumping with this week’s new arrivals on PlayStation Store. Romance hot single dads; discover your passion for Taiko drumming; or delve into a Lovecraftian world of murder mysteries, old gods and classic horror. This week’s slate is sure to have something for all tastes.

1. Call of Cthulhu

Cyanide Studio’s new adventure is part-murder mystery, part-Lovercraftian horror. Put your detective skills to work by questioning locals or, if you prefer the stealth approach, get lockpicking and search for clues. But be warned: on Darkwater Island, you’ll start to question what’s real and what’s not…

2. The Quiet Man

Square Enix’s Manhattan-based adventure combines live-action cinematics with exhilarating, combat-heavy gameplay, while its audio mimics the protagonist’s deafness, forcing you to rely on your other senses to interpret – and survive – the world around you.

3. Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!

Grab your drumsticks and embark on a journey to become a legendary Taiko drummer in Bandai Namco’s delightful arcade rhythm game. Play alone or invite friends over for some co-op action, which features over 70 iconic songs covering everything from J-pop to Disney music.

4. Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy

Create your ‘dadsona’ and jump into this hilarious visual novel about a single dad looking for love. Find your soulmate, play minigames and enjoy wave after wave of cheesy dad jokes. Whether you fancy a cool dad, a fitness dad or a goth dad – Dream Daddy’s got you covered.

5. Death Mark


Kick off Halloween with a chilling visual novel as you discover a strange mark on your arm that’s rumoured to result in mysterious deaths. Explore your surroundings for clues to increase the odds of your survival and find a way to defeat the spirit who cursed you.

  • Available: Wednesday 31th October

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What’s up with these “not in most of Europe” releases now, still no word on Resonance of Fate for half of Europe either, these staggered releases within EU should be damn illegal as far as I’m concerned…

Maybe this falls under the regulation from 28th February 2018 which ends geo-blocking and geo-discrimination where all digital goods are part of a digital single market.

Unfortunately it will take effect after 03.12.2018, and even after that I am pretty sure we will see this evident disparity for months to come.


That sounds promising, can’t wait for this nonsense to finally end, even if it’ll take a few months longer.

I think that when this finally goes in effect, they just wont release it at all in EU instead of just in a few countries what they do now.

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I gotta be tuned in to some classic rock radio, cause that seems like Money for Nothing. Dire Straits indeed

cuz muh animu got censored.


Death Mark releases on 31th :D EU PSN haha

And also on Vita ;)

Nothing for me haveing a blast with RDR2 plus Sony just let know that video links to games last week are broken so fix them or no one gonna but games if no one know what it is thanks

Would you kindly stop cynically censoring our games to release stuff like Dream Daddy instead? I’m just about fed up with you and your new policies.


Wat on earth does censorship have to do with Dream Daddy exactly?

He thinks they have fun censoring their games and release other crap.

There’s nothing objectionable to censor in Dream Daddy though. So far the only censorship has been to games with content sexualising underage girls… which I’m not sure why anyone would be upset about the loss of tbh.

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Lets have one minute of silence for anybody who thought it will be great idea to release his game one week after RDR2 :-D

Please fix the download queue with PS3 and Vita content, it’s been 6 months now…


Have you already forgotten? Sony already burried PS3 and Vita. Most of the things on those consoles don’t work, or works like a garbage. Next year there will be nothing supported on those consoles. Rip.

Well duh they’re still releasing some Vita games though. “Most of the things don’t work” is BS, it’s the only true problem at the moment. And it’s not even on those consoles as it starts server-side. They lied about it being fixed months ago and didn’t even apologize for the mistake. Try harder next time, please.

Why is Amplitude on this list?

Yeah, why? It was released three years ago. Fail?

nukualofaperson 30 October, 2018 @ 19:24

Perception and Perils of Baking have also been available for a while.

Older games seem to occasionally show up with the new releases like this for some reason. I always assumed it was those games being resubmitted and having to be reissued on the store or something. Though I wouldn’t completely rule out the incompetence of whoever puts these store updates together given how often they’re incomplete or flat out incorrect.

Carnivius_Prime 30 October, 2018 @ 11:07

Nothing for me this week. Finished the Spider-Man DLC and now just getting on with project work. :)

PlasticArcade 30 October, 2018 @ 13:19

Super Pixel Racers looks like a lot of fun especially in multiplayer. It’s reminiscent of 8/16bit console racers like Super Off Road. Think I will give that a go this week.

Why are Perception and Amplitude in new releases this week, when they are two games that have been out for more than a year already?

So is it safe to say at this point that the blog staff will no longer respond to any enquiries about these store updates that we might have? This blog is so poorly run it’s infuriating.

And i was waiting for Nekopara lol.

I’m kinda getting tired of all those “EU releases” ONLY for half the Europe… /shrug


Redeemer Enhanced Edition is NOT released yet. Apparently, there was a wrong date in some of the press documents (according to their twitter). It will be released soon, but it’s not out yet.


No sign of the Quiet Man on the UK PSN? I wanted to pre order but couldnt see it and its still not on the store today? Any help?


Where is the quiet man and the first tree I was really looking forward to playing them :( I wish you would just get the release dates right instead of getting people’s hopes up every time it’s unfair


This is the second “out this week” for Inglorious, and it’s … not actually out this week. At least, in the New Zealand store. I like giving indie devs a hand with a purchase or two, but you’re making it really hard to throw money at my PS4 :)

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