7 things you need to know about Fallout 76’s beta, which launches on PS4 today

Scavenging, levelling up, PvP and gigantic moth creatures of the post-apocalyptic adventure detailed

The Fallout 76 beta begins today – and the post-apocalyptic West Virginian wasteland awaits you. But where to begin? Allow us to guide you through seven things you should know and do as you emerge into post-nuclear Appalachia.

1. The beta is the WHOLE game

Yes, you read that right. The Fallout 76 beta gives you full access to the whole game ahead of launch. With a map four times the size of Fallout 4, that means there is a lot to find before the full game comes out. Better yet, your progress will carry over once the game officially launches on 14th November. So, get leveling up while you can!

Fallout 76

2. Use the C.A.M.P

Scavenging and finding useful items is essential to those that emerge from Vault 76. It is worth picking up everything you find, whether it be small pieces of scrap metal, old bottles, pans, weapons, or old pre-apocalypse money – everything has a use!

That said, obviously there is only so much a person can carry, so each character is armed with a Vault-Tec Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P) unit, which can be used to build your own settlement and store anything you find – including bulkier items – and can be accessed throughout the game.

3. Crafting for beginners

A good survivalist is a resourceful one. As such, all those scraps of metal, packets of gunpowder, bottles and bits you have found will indeed come in useful when you discover a crafting bench. Upgrade your weapons, enhance body armor, or craft consumables to keep you in tip-top shape during your adventures.

Fallout 76

4. Get musical

Everyone needs some downtime – and what better way to relax than by jamming on some musical instruments? Banjos, tubas, and mouth harps and more await you in the wasteland.

When played alone you’ll kickback and freestyle away but playing alongside like-minded peers will see you all working together as a post-apocalyptic orchestra playing the same song. Seriously. Try it for yourself!

5. Perks of the job

Your future, your choice. Levelling up as the game progresses rewards you with Perk Cards. These cards allow you to determine which elements of your character you wish to enhance, whether it be strength, resilience to the toxic muck you may be forced to consume, or better recovery powers, you can directly influence the strengths and weaknesses of your character in any way you like. You can swap Perk Cards in and out at any time, so feel free to experiment with different character builds!

Fallout 76

6. Kill or be killed. Or don’t!

When you emerge from Vault 76 as a wide-eyed innocent, you will be ranked as just a ‘level one’ character. Progression through the game will see you add more skills and increase in levels. Attaining level 5 status, however, is the game changer.

After becoming a level 5 player, you can participate in player-versus-player (PvP), at which point you can engage in combat with other players. If you attack someone and they fight back, full-on combat ensues and to the winner go the spoils. However, if you activate the ‘pacifist’ mode and do not retaliate (and are killed by an attacker) they are in big trouble. A bounty is put on their head, and they can no longer see anyone else on the map. More often than not, other players will hunt them down for a reward – and the bounty will be paid out of the murderer’s own funds!

7. Find Mothman

Fallout 76 uses the rich mythology of the West Virginia region. Central to its folklore is Mothman, a huge moth creature known to attack locals. Should you be lucky enough to stumble across this mystical creature, be at the ready. It can teleport, is incredibly vicious, and far too intelligent. Fallout 76 is full of unusual creatures to locate and engage with, Hunt them down at your own peril.

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Can someone post the schedule for the BETA please.

FantasyMeister 30 October, 2018 @ 16:42

Scheduled B.E.T.A. Sessions:

October 30, 7pm Eastern – 11pm Eastern

November 1, 2pm Eastern – 7pm Eastern

November 3, 5pm Eastern – 9pm Eastern

November 4, 2pm Eastern – 9pm Eastern


Add 4 hours (I think) for UK timezone, so 11pm – 3am starting tonight for the first Session.



FantasyMeister 31 October, 2018 @ 04:54

Bethesda advising ‘everyone’ that the November 1 Beta will now run an extra 4 hours, 2pm Eastern to 11pm Eastern


The only bug I found last night was that I need a new controller (the left stick pushed forward sometimes doesn’t register, on my other controller the R2 button fully pressed sometimes doesn’t register – this is across a variety of titles).

Aside from that, on PS4 at least, all good.

11pm until 3am…. That’s pretty [DELETED] if you have a pesky thing like a job!!!!! Way to go with the ridiculous beta times for UK.

Have mercy on the whole world Bethesda and don’t release this bad game.


Or do release it and hopefully like the dragon riding in Skyrim people will never ask for it again, once they realise what only a minority wanted just doesn’t work in this series.

How Bethesda have the stones to call this a BETA is beyond me. Having watched quite a bit of XBO gameplay it’s clear that this game is barely out of ALPHA and it will release in 2 weeks as an unfinished, broken mess that costs roughly the same as RDR2.

Please do not buy into this scam when it releases. It’s the scummiest thing I’ve seen in years and Sony should not even allow this to release on their platform, let alone allow it to be promoted here. If this was a low cost, early access game I might give it a pass but it isn’t, it’s a new low in modern gaming.

Bethesda themselves have said that it’s nowhere near the finished article.

A few measly hours of early playtime won’t fix anything yet they expect gamers to pay top dollar to continue to test their game in 2 weeks time. Disgusting!

Edit: You couldn’t make this up…

I just played the whole beta slot tonight with zero bugs and a very smooth frame rate at least on the pro. Certainly felt like a full AAA game to me, in fact I loved it. Perhaps people should just stop with the hate, especially those that have not played it.

Steve_Of_The_O 31 October, 2018 @ 10:10

Don’t like this trend of having to pre order to access beta’s because…

1. If you wanted to stress test your games online component surely you want the max available player count rather than just the amount that have commited to buying.

2. It shows a lack of confidence in your release in my opinion. That you’re not confident that based on what people experience playing it they would then be happy to go out and buy it. Or if they doubted it might have their minds changed.

3. Don’t be his friend you know your gonna wake up in his bed in the morning… and if you’re under him you ain’t getting over him.

I got new rules I count em.

JediKnight246 31 October, 2018 @ 13:21

It’s funny seeing the reactions from the (minority of) people who wanted a co-op/multiplayer game like Fallout 76, saying it’s “not what I expected from a co-op game”. Well tough, you constantly demanded a single-player series change to suit you at the expense of people who liked it exactly as it was and now you’ve got it so play it. Fallout 5 will very likely be a next-gen game so that means there will only be one single-player Fallout game on PS4, not two like last-gen.

blooker_supreme 04 November, 2018 @ 17:42

boo hoo? in an attempt to say people asking for a multiplayer fallout game (one that is a spinoff title) are self centered you’re being self centered saying that they should be singleplayer only because *you* like to play singleplayer, not the fallout community as a whole. Would you rather they didn’t make it a spinoff (an *extra* game) and instead make fallout 5 be an online only multiplayer title? I don’t think so, so suck it up and grow up already. You’re not the fallout collective, and i don’t remember anyone asking you to speak on the behalf of fallout fans as a whole, majority, or minority of them.

blooker_supreme 04 November, 2018 @ 17:43

and yes the beta has some bugs but nothing that’s *that* bad compared to fallout 4’s bugs upon launch. This game feels complete even in beta

It only took Bethesda 10 years to get rid of everything that made Fallout, but they kept the names, jumpsuits and ‘war never changes..’. You even managed to make the iconic vault boy annoying the way you’re overusing him.

And if you’re gonna make a Fallout-painted multiplayer survival sandbox at least go all the way and don’t ruin the fun of the genre by making PvP a mechanic based on mutual agreement..

blooker_supreme 04 November, 2018 @ 17:45

ah a griefer, the “I want to kill low level players so that can’t defend themselves so I can kill the player count in one foul swoop” persona. I’ve played the beta and it’s the best PvP system to date

I got a few hours of beta time in and I was pretty happy with it. Been playing fallout since the very first game and it definitely feels like new school fallout. I’m thrilled to have finally have a multiplayer fallout. I’ll be sinking a lot of time into this game.

Tis game is boring garbage. How can you charge 60 for a game like this when you got bombs like rdr2 that are actually worth your money. Boring, nothing to do, graphics from 10 years ago. Hard pass for me.

blooker_supreme 04 November, 2018 @ 17:38

sounds like another hater who hasn’t even played the game

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