Gran Turismo Sport’s 1.29 update features nine new cars and Spain’s legendary F1 Grand Prix track

Get ready for more free content for Polyphony Digital's racing sim, out tomorrow

Today, we’re pleased to announce that latest free content update for GT Sport – patch 1.29, is going to be available to download for all players tomorrow. The update includes some blindingly fast dream cars such as the Pagani Zonda as well as the first R35GT-R to compete in the “Super GT” series – the Nissan XANAVI NISMO GT-R.


New vehicles

Nine new vehicles are added in the updates, including some exotic Italian supercars and legendary Super GT cars.

  • Ferrari GTO ’84
  • Pagani Zonda R ’09
  • Maserati GranTurismo S ’08
  • Honda EPSON NSX ’08
  • Lexus PETRONAS TOM’S SC430 ’08
  • Nissan XANAVI NISMO GT-R ’08
  • MINI Cooper S ’05
  • Jaguar E-type Coupé ’61
  • Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Version ’98


New track – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Catalunya Circuit opened in September 1991, in line with the hosting of the Barcelona Olympics, and is located approximately 30km north of Barcelona, Spain. This is one of Spain’s leading race tracks where a variety of races including the F1 Spain Grand Prix is hosted. With a long straight and a large variety of corners, the setting of the car can greatly affect the lap times.

GT League

This month, we’ve added two new GT League events including:

  • MINI Challenge (Beginner League)
  • X2014 Nations Cup (Professional League)


We hope you enjoy this month’s free update, and remember you can find all the latest GT info here on PlayStation Blog and on the official Gran Turismo website. Until next time, drivers, we’ll see you out on the track.

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The game that keeps on giving! Keep it up, Polyphony :)

I’m impressed how much free stuff is being released regularly for GT Sport. I don’t own the game as I don’t really play online, but people have been telling me this game online is different because it’s so well done. Is it worth it? I love racing games and I’m tempted, and I’ve loved the precious GT games, but I’m just not an online gaming fan, I prefer single player, so I’m torn.


To be honest with you at first i didn’t like it either but after i decided to buy the game and give it a shot its really good the online racing is amazing the comunity is very good and very respectfull towards you as driver. You have a GT League, Track Experience, Mission Chalenges to keep you busy if ypu are not big online racing fan. Also with scapes mode you get take pictures of some of your favorite cars and share it on your profile for other gamers to see. There are some many good things to do once you get into it i agree ots not old school Gran turismo but its not bad as pepole are saying. I would say give it shot


Plus its often on sale, think i picked mine up for under £15, for that price its a no brainer

Hello Kazunori, Thank you very much for this update and The Subaru Impreza!

Be positive guys – they lives longer! :D

Oooo not played this in a long while. Can you finally play VR mode on any track with any car? And does VR mode still look like a PS2 game?


You can play VR mode on any track with any car, but only as a 1v1 race against AI or as a time trial. The graphics in VR mode are obviously not as good as non-VR but don’t look like a PS2 game in any way.

I sometimes play in VR mode to learn a track and improve my times, as the sense of depth allow me to work out the fastest lines easier. I can then translate that back to online play on a screen.

ImmovableTonyG1 05 November, 2018 @ 23:40

Loving these free regular updates! I would still love trophies for the campaign, haven’t touched this part of the game because of this.


The campaign does have trophies…..

Can you save offline yet?

Once again, how about some real VR support?


I’d love VR in Sport Mode but I’m not expecting it in this iteration of GT. It’s a hope for the future


Love the regular free updates. But hoe about offline saving in the next one?

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