Don’t miss incredible Black Friday deals on PS4, PSVR bundles and Dualshock 4 controllers

Enjoy discounts across a range of hardware as well as PlayStation Store titles for a limited time

Our amazing Black Friday promotions continue across the region – starting today, choose from a range of hardware discounts for a limited time. Whether you want to start your PS4 adventure, super-charge your play with PS4 Pro or immerse yourself with PS VR, there’s an offer for you.

PlayStation 4 & PS4 Pro Black Friday deals

PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle

From today until 26th November, you can grab a Black Friday deal on the world’s best-selling console, or super-charge your gaming with offers on PS4 Pro. Regardless of whether you pick up a discounted PS4 500GB or PS4 Pro 1TB this weekend, you’ll get a game bundled in as well*.

Dualshock 4 Black Friday deals

PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle

Want to bring some multiplayer action into your living room? Now’s the perfect time to pick up an extra Dualshock 4 wireless controller (or two) as all controllers – including special edition designs such as Copper, Berry Blue and Blue Camouflage – get a limited time discount from today until 26th November.

PS VR Black Friday deals

PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle

And remember, it’s not just PS4 consoles and controllers that are discounted. Until 2nd December, you can pick up a PS VR Black Friday bundle, which includes the PS VR headset, PlayStation Camera and digital voucher for PlayStation VR Worlds (with select markets also offering a copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission). For more details, see here.

Black Friday deals on PlayStation Store, PS Plus & PS Now

You’ve bought your PS4. You’re readying your PS VR headset for adventure. Now all you need are games! Panic not pilgrim, PlayStation Store has you covered with deals on a huge range of PS4 games. There are also discounts on PS Plus and PS4’s streaming service PS Now.


PS Gear Black Friday deals


And there’s more! PlayStation Gear has a huge range of gaming merchandise discounted until 30th November. Pick up a deal on statues, pins hoodies and more on iconic franchises like Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and more. Check out full details here.

*Check with your local retailer for the bundle discount and selected game

**Check with your local retailer for details on Dualshock 4 controllers available through the promotion

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Those PSVR bundle prices are really sharp for a black Friday … but you’re better of buying the games physical elsewhere. Spotted Ni no Kuni II for €12, Detroit for €19, God Of War for €25, hopefully some better deals on Cyber Monday.

colinoleary2000 23 November, 2018 @ 17:01

Bought Ps Now for a year, 70 euro, a bargin I must say, have 12 hours put into Red Dead Redemption already, a masterpiece, still holds up today.

Always nice to see controllers discounted since I regularly renew. My local gamingshop Game Mania is even doing one of the greatest deals I’ve ever seen in gaming, where you can bring in an old controller and get a new one for 10€ :) Picking up Fallout 76 a bit cheaper too.

Fallout 76 at this state is complete disaster. I wouldnt touch it even with long stick. Your money though.


Yeah, not a fan of the online thing and probably won’t play for a while (BF5 and RDR2 on priority:p) but I’ll get it now that it’s on discount. It was between that and Tomb Raider (for which I can wait), Black Ops 4 (which now doesn’t even include a campaign anymore and a series for which I’ve lost all respect since Zampella and West left) and the latest AC (which I don’t like since Origins)

No more deals for black friday?


Well Black Friday has already past, so no.


I think some more have been added today :-)

Can’t find those Berry Blue DS4 deals anywhere ?

I don’t think the Berry Blue version is part of the sales

MiseryPrincess 24 November, 2018 @ 13:28

It does say “including special edition designs such as Copper, Berry Blue and Blue Camouflage” so I guess they should be.

I had checked all the major retailers for the Berry Blue with no luck, and then…

Carnivius_Prime 26 November, 2018 @ 20:09

Isn’t it always that price there? I’ve often seen the various Dual Shock 4 pads on that site/shop for that price. :)

I could have sworn…must be some kind of magic

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