New on PlayStation Store this week: Darksiders III, Ride 3, Pro Fishing Simulator, more

Plus, get a history lesson in Titanic VR and battle through Purgatory with PS VR adventure In Death

As the temperature continues to drop outside, keep warm by unleashing mayhem in Darksiders III, grab a blanket and settle in for an evening with Pro Fishing Simulator, or break a sweat on the racetrack with pedal-to-the-metal racer Ride 3. Read on for more on all this week’s new arrivals on PlayStation Store:

1. Darksiders III

Take on the role of Fury, one of the fabled Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Gunfire Games’ long-anticipated third chapter of the Darksiders franchise. Fury has four unlockable forms, each with their own weapons and magical abilities. Hack ‘n’ slash your enemies to pieces as you hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins and bring harmony to a post-apocalyptic world.

2. Ride 3

Modify your dream motorbike and soar through this exhilarating new racer from Milestone. Enjoy more than 230 customisable bikes from 30 veteran and contemporary manufacturers. Collect magazines and build your career in single player or go tyre-to-tyre with fellow racers in online multiplayer.

3. Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator

Reel ’em in across a variety of stunning fishing spots based on real locations around the world, from Corsica, to the Black Forest, to Colorado. Master six fishing techniques and catch 79 types of fish with a huge collection of official brands including Vision, JMC and KastKing. Too easy? Test your abilities in both weekly and seasonal challenges to climb the worldwide rankings!

4. Titanic VR

Titanic VR

Witness the sinking of RMS Titanic in an interactive and educational PS VR experience by Immersive VR Education. Take on the role of Dr Ethan Lynch and dive to the bottom of the North Atlantic as you discover artefacts that could unveil more about the tragedy.

  • Available: Tuesday 27th November

5. In Death

Immerse yourself in Sólfar Studios’ roguelike PS VR shooter set in a beautiful medieval world with procedurally generated levels – making each run unique and unpredictable. Battle your way through purgatory in single player, or challenge others in the asynchronous multiplayer mode, the Ladder.

This week’s new pre-orders

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Only one life. Only one shot at victory per match. Fight to be the last player standing in an all-action battle royale that pits up to 100 players against each other. Grab the best weapon you can find and blast through your rivals for glory – and the legendary chicken dinner.


Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in November


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0 Author replies

The only thing for me this week is erm… Spyro Reignited Trilogy again, because apparently it’s out this week once more!!!

Carnivius_Prime 27 November, 2018 @ 07:28

Perhaps they’ve included the subtitles this time around it was missing. :P

And fix themotion blur :D

MiseryPrincess 27 November, 2018 @ 17:50

Well it’s not shall we say an issue free title. My favorites issues so far!!

When the camera gets stuck and you have to attempt the level with the view pointing in a random direction… (also a certain larger character in 3 just has a weird PoV)

The “kill all draclets in one flight” trophy didn’t work on perfect runs (5 times in a row), but then I messed up, hit the ground and it triggered… (that happened on other similar trophies too)

When Spyro gets stuck spinning rapidly and turns into this weird rapidly moving cross shape… (that one is slightly disturbing)


Still it’s nice to play the titles again!

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Wby is the door more expensive than the U.S it’s $35 there and £40 here..that is shocking.


Because certain publishers have noticed that people in Europe will pay more for stuff, so they take advantage.

nukualofaperson 27 November, 2018 @ 05:49

And why isn’t The Door available in Norway? We’re the only country left out.


It will be down to your countries rules and regulations.. plus I am so waiting for a sale on this


Rocksmith DLC for this week is JImmy Eat World 3 pack with Bleed American, The Middle & Sweetness.

Also a flash sale on but you would never know it if you rely on looking here rather than checking the store daily. Fallout 76 with 41% off already lol

You rock!

Saw physical copies of Fallout 76 with 50% off. Boy, I’d be angry if I bought basically beta version of the game (because Bethesda) for full price and two weeks later it’s half the price in almost every game shop.


I did. And yes I am angry. But more with My self. It has taught me not to pre-order any more

Carnivius_Prime 26 November, 2018 @ 20:01

Was down to £34.99 from £59.99 in PSN’s Black Friday sale too. :P


Standard Black Friday deal :) I got the Collectors Edition so I payed more than I should have but I needed that helmet and I actually like the game this far. And it will be patched :)

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Might get me I am the Hero on PS4/Vita crossbuy. Looks enjoyable (even if not fond of that scrappy pixel style they claim is retro but isn’t really) from googling it since the pic above tells me nothing. :P

Please fix the download queue on the web Store. It’s been more than 7 months at this point.

Customer service, or any kind of community management, has long since abandoned this site. Given the history, sometimes I feel like we’re lucky they even make these posts any more.

Well at least yours is not some moronic/threatening message.

No kidding, it took me almost an hour to download all the Valkyrie Bhikkuni DLC one by one, when before it would only take a couple of minutes smh…

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Why is Spyro here again?

(I see my new avatar has updated here too)


Nice Avatar


can’t go wrong with crash


Any news regarding path of the exile? According to the devs it’s supposed to be released sometime in December.

And it’s not December. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Carnivius_Prime 27 November, 2018 @ 09:01

The Door (Not in Norway) is a weird title. Norway has doors. :P


Nnicely done. Actually made me snigger

ste_the_legend 27 November, 2018 @ 10:59

When are we getting the Color of Madness DLC for Darkest Dungeon? US got it 2 weeks ago after a long delay. Can’t find any information on why Europe hasn’t got it anywhere!

What about Redhooks dlc for Darkest Dungeon “the Color of Madness”? It was supposed to be out two weeks ago, then got delayed till the 22nd and still nothing. Redhook said they contacted SIEE and are waiting for a reply. What the hey guys?

The PSVR release schedule over the past couple of months is bankrupting me!


Ride 3 looks pretty good, pity it’s just bikes… Sony, we need a Driveclub 2 and a Forza Horizon competitor! Gran Turismo is BORING and it’s scope is far too narrow! This is coming from a life-long Gran Turismo player. We need more FUN exclusive racing games

MiseryPrincess 29 November, 2018 @ 00:32

None of the first party exclusives are remotely about fun. They’re all about “look a the PS4 (Pro)’s graphics” while having bland storylines about bland characters in bland worlds with stale unoriginal gameplay and lots of cutscenes and slow walking segments.

It would be great if a single one was “hey look here’s a fun game about gameplay”.


Affected The Manor for PSVR is also out but clearly they forgot to add it to the list

The games are too expensive and getting more expensive each month. I only buy games on sale, but I think you will increase your profits if games not on sale have reasonable prices.

I thought The Game Tengoku was being released today, the 30th? Still no sign of it

Jesus christ,

Batman Arkham collection is 60 bucks atm but if you buy Return to arkham and Arkham knight individually you get both for 20 bucks atm and save 40! They are the sane games, no difference!!!!

Warner brothers are the worst, someone needs to check these prices, you are actually riping people off here Playstation.


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