Introducing the PlayStation VR Mega Pack bundle, including 5 great games

Featuring Astro Bot Rescue Mission, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wipeout: Omega Collection and more

Since launch, PS VR has propelled us into fantastical worlds and experiences with unparalleled immersion. And from today you can get more of those experiences for less with the PS VR Mega Pack*.

This hardware bundle includes a PS VR headset, PS Camera and voucher codes** for five acclaimed PS VR games, including hit platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the blisteringly-fast WipEout Omega Collection, open-world adventure The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, hellish shooter Doom VFR, and PlayStation VR Worlds.

PS VR Mega Pack

PS VR Mega Pack offers everything you need to begin your virtual reality adventure. Let’s take a closer look at those games:

1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Experience an adventure like no other as you set out with your loveable robotic pal to rescue his friends in this critically-acclaimed game named “platformer of the year” by PlayStation Universe. Move your head to peer around platforms and use your Dualshock 4 as a multi-tool gadget to battle bad guys in Japan Studio’s endlessly inventive adventure.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

You’ll swear the air tastes sweeter as you breathe in the gorgeous open world expanse of Tamriel. Head-tracking on the PS VR headset lets you drink in the sights – or pinpoint attackers – as you wander the landscape taking on quests. Live your best fantasy life and decide what role you take in Bethesda’s classic action RPG epic.

3. WipEout: Omega Collection

The iconic futuristic racer has never been this engrossing, letting you roar through chicanes above the clouds and bullseye competitors from a unique cockpit view built especially for PS VR. With multiple comfort settings to make even the most speed-wary player feel at ease, this is truly the greatest way to experience the future of racing.

4. Doom VFR

ID Software’s thrilling sci-fi shooter’s greatest trick is in making you experience two opposing mindsets. One: fear at being surrounding by escalating numbers of demons intent on ripping you limb from limb. Two, complete badassery due to being fully, overly – unfairly – equipped to deal with it. And with PS VR, Doom is more thrilling and brutal than ever.

5. PlayStation VR Worlds

Five wholly different VR experiences housed in a single package. Enjoy a diving adventure in Into The Deep, race down steep roads and dodge traffic in VR Luge, battle against competitors in sci-fi sport Danger Ball, see off hostile extraterrestrials in Scavengers Odyssey, or take part in gritty crime thriller The London Heist.

* PS VR Mega Pack launches in UK on Monday 3rd December, and 4th December in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

** Internet connection is required to download the supplied codes on PlayStation Store.

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Echoing most of the YouTube comments for the reveal video – price? ?

A little remiss to skip it!

€329 according to Belgian/Dutch retailer Gamemania.

Superb, thank you! :)

Excuse double post – a few Spanish and French news outlets I googled are suggesting this’ll be €329.99 I think?


so £400 in the UK then…

Will the codes work on a US PSN account? I take it there are no physical DVDs with region restrictions.

Also, 329 seems a bit steep. Would be more interested in this at about 250. Maybe in the sales.

Agreed on that price point – although it could be I’m spoilt by the price drops on PSVR we’ve been seeing in all tgis Black Friday stuff.

I appreciate the tons of game pump up the price here, but some of the more bare bones deals are kinda speaking to me more at the moment, and I’m still on the fence overall about VR in the first place.

Usually eu psn codes and us codes are divited. Different rules and all, discs should work anywhere, but codes are a different story. So don’t count on them working on a us account.

*waits for a price drop on move controllers*

£70 – £80 range I’ve seen at most retailers. Unless I’m looking in wrong places. ?

Currently on Amazon UK you can get this bundle for £260 with actual hard copy games not codes. You have to buy items separately.

Does anyone know how to diagnose a PSVR processor unit? First, the helmet was turned off. Then the connection with the TV disappeared (if you connect directly via PS4, then everything is fine, I tried different HDMI). The indicator on the processor module glows white, as if it is working normally. And if you turn on the helmet, then the image in it is some time. But after a few minutes the helmet turns off and the indicator flashes red 5 times.

MiseryPrincess 02 December, 2018 @ 23:49

According to the codes on the support pages (—hardware/general-information/ps-vr–processor-unit-light-indicators/)

“This can mean that the PU is experiencing a power surge”.

So, probably a good idea to return it, unless there’s any reason for a power surge, or try a different plug.

It’s currently available at Argos & Amazon for £229.99

Any news if the Borderlands 2 VR / Beat Saber PS VR bundle is going to be released in Europe as well?

What model of VR headset is included in Mega Pack? Is it updated version CUH-ZVR2 or previous model CUH-ZVR1?

There is only information about PS Camera V2 but there is no information about the headset itself.

Yes please can someone confirm this? Images make it look like the V1!


I’m wondering the same. Most of the sites don’t list that. On australian Sony site I’ve found that it is ZVR1:

However polish store is showing ZVR2:

@PlaystationBlog staff – can you shed some light on that?


I went to store and can confirm that this bundle contains newer model ZVR2! Now I’m happy owner of VR and Aim controller. Christmas came earlier this year

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