PlayStation Store’s new Christmas weekend discounts kick off today

Big savings on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Battlefield V, Soulcalibur VI, Dark Souls III, more

Christmas is coming to PlayStation Store with a host of fantastic titles on offer in the first of a trio of weekend promotions.

Be a thrill-seeking treasure hunter in Uncharted: Lost Legacy or immerse yourself in some of mankind’s greatest conflicts in Battlefield V. Battle history’s greatest fighters in Soulcalibur VI or survive a city of horrors in Dark Souls III.

The full list of games are below, which are all discounted until Monday 3rd December*, so head to PlayStation Store now. And check back in with PS Blog this time next week for the next round of Christmas weekend promotions.

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

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Think its finally time to pick up Resi 7.

Yeah it’s great but season pass isnt too appealing.

Does this mean the death of 12 deals of xmas?

bharathesh_fury 30 November, 2018 @ 15:03

Hope so. Considering last two 12 deals of Christmas, I’d be happy if they kill it.


Me as well :)

Btw, love your avatar, bharathesh_fury

Probably. The next three weeks we will get the Christmas weekend discounts and on Christmas maybe a huge sale again. Then maybe the January offers.

Carnivius_Prime 30 November, 2018 @ 11:08

There’s other games gone on sale today too like GRIP £27.99 (usual price £34.99) 30/11/2018 12:00 am to 20/12/2018 11:59 pm.

I got Grip free on Game Pass, but i were dissepointed. It looked so much better than it is.


Definitely wait for new year sale, always better prices !

Sony/PlayStation, if you discount Premium editions, please also discount the upgrades !!!!

This is not the first time that I run into this. Battlefield 4 Premium Edition is discounted to €7.99, however the upgrade (Battlefield 4 Premium) is still €49.99. Due to the fact that I already have Battlefield 4, I cannot purchase the Premium Edition ! This makes zero sense.

EDIT: same thing with Battlefield Hardline.


I hope they make the Hardline DLC free for a time again at some point. They did it several times for BF4 and BF1 (for which I had both purchased Premium) but only did it once for Hardline if I remember right. -_-

For the love of GOD please buy TF2 already, the game is superb.

It’ll be a PS+ free game soon enough, that’s the only reason why I have yet to buy it

Carnivius_Prime 30 November, 2018 @ 15:58

i tried it when it was a free for a weekend or some dealy. Wasn’t my thing at all.


Haven’t bought an EA game yet this gen lol, not about to start at some generic online focused shooter.

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Less than a month and BFV is on sale. What’s the point in pre-ordering or getting games on day 1?

This could also point to the fact that microtransactions are about to invade the game.

I think its only because of poor sales so they’re desperately trying to recoup some money, same thing happened with Fallout 76.

Battlefield V -63% compared to Battlefield 1 (UK sales)

Fallout 76 -82% compared to Fallout 4 (UK sales)

That’s what happens when the developer ignores it’s core fan base and the people who made the franchise succeed in the first place, now its 33% off but I’m still not buying it.

Developers will reap what they sow.


Good for you/us. The only good thing I can say about Fallout 76 is the developer will, HOPEFULLY, never try to pull that crap ever again. Yet, Sea of Thieves launched earlier in the year, another good dev’s time and money wasted on making an online focused game nobody asked for and Bethesda thought it would still be okay to do this. You think developers would be able to learn from each other?

Now we have the next big flop of the generation on the way, Bioware’s wasted time and energy online focused game, Anthem. Imagine getting them to make a game that they are good at doing with things like character development lol?

Are you seriously complaining about newly released games going on sale? If you couldn’t wait with a purchase, then that’s on you. Buy Day 1, pay full price. It’s how it’s always been.

I figured BFV would be cheaper soon like Fallout 76. It’s the worst BF to date imo (other than Hardline maybe), if only due to the lack of spotting and the Battle Royale influences that have infected the multiplayer. Oh well, at least they managed to get the controls and menus a bit more responsive and less bugged compared to BF1. Real bummer because BF and Fallout/Elder Scrolls have always been my ‘longevity’ series (online and offline respectively) that I could enjoy over numerous years, seems like those times are fading too…

No chance of a discount on the Vita version of Child of Light?

Sweet, almost bought Battlefield V for £60 a few days ago, now I can get for £40

I really want to play Soulcalibur VI but only because of 2B. so I’ll wait til that dlc drops and I won’t pay more than 20€ for the game. you hear that Bandai Namco?

I want to play RDR2 hopefully they’ll do discount ?cba to pay 50 £ for standard if no I’ll buy spiderman ?

Waiting for Fallout 76 to go back on sale. Sick of reading other peoples reviews and hoping updates give it a new lease of life

anyone know when they will do 2/3 Christmas deals? nothing about it now ?

This weekend so my guess would be Friday till Monday

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