Battlefield V’s post-launch plans detailed ahead of Tides of War Chapter 1’s launch tomorrow on PS4

Shooting ranges, tanks, weekly events and more detailed

With Battlefield V, launch really is just the beginning. Starting 4th December, you can continue your World War 2 journey in the Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture.

What is the Tides of War?

If you’re a Battlefield fan, you’re probably pretty familiar with terms like “Premium Pass” and “Expansion Packs.” Battlefield V does away with those concepts, creating a single, evolving voyage for all our players — at no extra cost. This voyage is known as the Tides of War. Each Tides of War chapter will introduce new gameplay, improvements, and battlefields. From maps and modes to weekly events and rewards, your ongoing Battlefield V experience is just beginning.

New experiences

Want to spend a little quality time getting to know the weapons and vehicles of Battlefield V? You could take your chances on one of the regular multiplayer maps, but you may end up spending more time spawning than fighting. Instead, we’d suggest heading to the Practice Range, introduced with Chapter 1.

Start by selecting the Shooting Trial or Driving Trial. Both will give you a chance to practice your aim or driving skills against pop-up targets on a modified version of the Hamada map; the more you take out, the higher your score. Try different Shooting Exercises to increase your accuracy, and up the difficulty to really challenge yourself. Hop into a Churchill Tank and take it for a spin, or climb to new heights in a Spitfire.

Overture unveils a brand-new single-player War Story, “The Last Tiger.” In it, the war is winding down, and the once seemingly unstoppable Axis forces are being driven to their inevitable defeat. Desperately trying to defend their homeland, a lone Tiger I Tank crew must attempt a last stand against overwhelming Allied forces while beginning to question the ideology that brought them to that point.

How will you use this legend of the German war machine to stay alive? Its heavy armour offers you some protection, but you’ll need to keep moving and play smart to make it through this War Story.

Battlefield V

An expanding battlefield

And speaking of tanks, we’re also unleashing the massive mechanized beasts on an all-new map called Panzerstorm. Loosely based on the Battle of Hannut, Axis forces are pummeling British defenses in Belgium during the spring of 1940. The scenic rolling hills are now littered with the husks of damaged and abandoned tanks, ripe for the picking.

This vast map allows up to 17 tanks (and three more Reinforcements) to prowl its once-idyllic town, farms, and forests. Prefer to try your luck on foot? There are plenty of opportunities for Infantry ambushes with abundant Fortifications and trenches throughout. And don’t forget to look up – air support can make or break your team’s chances.

Evolving gameplay

We’re introducing even more customisation options with Chapter 1. Until now, players have been limited to tweaking the look of the soldiers and weapons of their Company. With Overture, they’ll be able to change the appearance of their vehicles, making for even more memorable moments on the battlefield.

Customisations only change the appearance of the vehicles, not how they perform in combat, but are a great way to make sure you stand out amidst the chaos. The right nose art on your fighter as you swoop in to strafe an enemy position can really leave an impression. Make sure your enemies know who’s coming for them with these new options.

Chapter 1 includes weekly events, too, which will help you learn some of the finer details of Battlefield V gameplay, earn rewards, and progress your Company. Playing any game mode during the course of a Chapter will help you gain rewards and Chapter Ranks. As your Rank increases, you’ll have access to both new gameplay items and cosmetic items. The more you play, the more you’ll unlock.

Launch is just the beginning

Overture is just the tip of the iceberg, as new modes, maps, gameplay experiences, and more are on the way. Every Chapter brings a changed battlefield — and more only in Battlefield moments — so don’t miss out.

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I think I’m too uneducated, it’s better you keep it.

blacksheepwall_ 03 December, 2018 @ 17:41

I was going to say that I will pick it up for a fiver when it’s a full game but in truth I won’t even do that.

New game for full price = full experience. As this is clearly not the case here, you can keep it.


Huh, this is free, just added on after release. More will come, also free if you own the game.

It’s free because it should have been included in the FULL release on launch day. It’s all a gimmick.

Unfinished game with totally lame ‘excuse’ that they were worried players would have too much to do if they released all the features at once. Keep it – wasn’t even tempted at 30 quid.

Yup – delaying the co-op mission mode until March or later is a great way to make sure co-op players have lots to do. Particularly since they originally CLAIMED that the co-op mode was to help ease players into the full on 64 player PvP.

I can smell something – I think it’s bovine excrement…


You need to fire your history peeps no German forces wore uniforms like the one pictured. The waffen ss had sig runes on their collars and the Heer had death heads(not ss ones) on theirs. And that hat?

We won the war why are the games censored in the UK?

More hyperbole Dice? Just get on with releasing more maps for a start, the amount of game provided so far in BFV is even more shambolic than Battlefront’s microtransactions policy upon launch.

Keep it!

There is a lot of hate for this game… And I don’t know why. I totally understand the time it takes to create a game. I have no problem in DICE/EA feeding me additional sections over the up coming year. (And it’s Free!!!!) I have this game, and am totally happy with the current content and excited for what is coming. The Map designs are amazing, the sound is the best in any shooter you will find. I also love the fact with this battlefield, players are encourage to work as a team, which I have found has made the online matches so much better than before. I find it strange so many people can hate a game they haven’t played !!!!

In addition…. DICE and EA, did get Battlefront 2 wrong. They expanded all the areas we wanted expanding, but somehow got each area wrong. BUT and there’s a big BUT!!!! They took on the feedback and over the year worked on trying to correct the issues players faced. Since September and the roll out of Squads and now the Additional maps… Battlefront 2 is a great game. Some companies would have just binned it. Everyone loves BF4 now, yet it had issues in the beginning. At least with DICE you know the game is only going to get better…. and with Battlefield V, the game to me is great now…. So I’m a happy customer.

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