PlayStation Classic Collector’s Bundle launches today

Show your love of a '90s icon with a nostalgia-packed bundle that includes the mini console, messenger bag, PS gift set and more

Equipped with 20 iconic pre-loaded games plus two controllers for multiplayer showdowns, PlayStation Classic is the perfect portal back to the golden era of ’90s gaming.

PlayStation Classic PlayStation Classic PlayStation Classic

Announcing the PS Gear bundle

As well as being available stand-alone through many retailers, we are excited to announce that, from today, players in the UK, France, Germany and Benelux can also pick up the console as part of a limited collector’s bundle on PlayStation Gear.

This great value bundle is the perfect gift for retro-loving fans, featuring the carefully replicated mini console – plus a whole range of extra collectibles inspired by the original 1994 console.

PlayStation Classic

The nostalgia-packed extras include a ’94 messenger bag, 3D key ring of the original PS console, a PS gift set containing exclusive glass, mug and coaster designs, plus a set of playing cards presented in a console shaped tin.

All of this is available for a great price of €140.99/£123.99, which gives fans a saving of over 50% on the extra included collectibles.

PlayStation ClassicPlayStation Classic

Head over to now where you can grab the bundle and save up to 30% on other select retro inspired PlayStation merchandise until 10th December.

You can also find out more about the mini console itself at

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nukualofaperson 06 December, 2018 @ 17:03

God, I wish I had money

I have the money, so have to wish that I had less sense

Lmao harsh but I agree 100%

You couldn’t have done this when I bought the Classic on launch day? Your loss then.

I would rather invest my nostalgia on more vita games than this relic

I’d like to be able to buy this pack WITHOUT the console!

why would you announce this a few days AFTER the console launched?

Agree with the above, this should have been announced weeks ago, plus I like the look of all of the merchandise minus the console.

Be honest… does that bag look anything like the one in the photo?


Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition all over again?

The PlayStation Classic is a total failure. Selection of games, no analog, but games that need it are included, pricing, everything. Blindly following Nintendo like always doesn’t work in this case.

I own thousands of PS games. I’m level 40 with over a hundred platinum trophies. I feel like I’ve earned my opinion on this.

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