Announcing the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro limited edition bundle

Includes Deluxe Edition of the upcoming action-RPG plus exclusive console design

We’re little more than a month away from the release of Kingdom Hearts III! The hotly-anticipated return of Sora, Donald and Goofy as the three friends team up with iconic Disney and Pixar characters in an attempt to defeat the darkness and save the universe.

To celebrate the action adventure’s release on 29th January, we’re proud to announce a limited edition PS4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III bundle. The bundle includes a very special 1TB PS4 Pro and Dualshock 4.

The PS4 Pro is furnished with an intricate patterning that features the Kingdom Hearts emblem and features a leather-texture finish. The matching gloss black Dualshock 4 controller includes ornate detailing on the touchpad. Check them out below!


Of course this bundle wouldn’t be complete without a copy of Kingdom Hearts III, and the PS4 Pro bundle comes with the Deluxe edition of the game, featuring an exclusive Sora pin, steelbook and full-colour hardback artbook.

So enjoy the action-packed return of the fan-favourite action adventure with the special PS4 Pro and enjoy the experience of Kingdom Hearts III with sharper resolution*.


What world or character are you most excited to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

*Games and entertainment streaming services can output up to 2160p; PS4 Pro upscales lower resolutions to 2160p. HDR not supported by all games and entertainment streaming services. 4K/HDR TV required for 4K and HDR.​

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Nice hope the controller will be available separately too


They never do


Some were. I have PS4 Pro Monster Hunter Limited edition and that one sadly wasn’t available separately, nor FFXV’s. But God of War’s was. Star Wars’s was. Spider-man’s was in very limited numbers, I believe. Gran Turismo got only controller, no console limited edition. And to be honest this controller doesn’t even seem so special. Some icons changed and there’s art on the touchpad but that’s it. Boring black with no art on the handles. Compared to aformentioned MHW’s or SW’s that’s nothing.

Seems to be for now, only the bundle at Game Mania (assuming by your flag but just spreading the info just to be sure)–kingdom-hearts-3?type=PreOrder

EternalHunterS 14 December, 2018 @ 13:34

Where is the preorder link?

GAME is selling it. Be quick, it’s likely to sell like hot cakes.


4 days later and it still isn’t sold out. Meanwhile over here in the US it sold out within a few hours and I couldn’t get it………i’m so annoyed right now smh

Looks great :)

DevilishAnomaly 14 December, 2018 @ 13:49

When can I pre-order this?!? If now, may I have a link to do so?!


Wy don’t you check the US blog for details in your region?

UK folks can order from GAME. But it’s likely to sell out fast so here’s the link:

Are any Dutch retailers known at this point? I want to preorder this asap!


Finally! but like…where do we actually BUY this baby

Game Mania has it seems NL or Be, it doesn’t matter! It is up for pre-order!–kingdom-hearts-3

Please give us a heads up on where this is going to be sold, and unlike the heads up for the 500 million edition, I’d like to actually recieve information when I do sign up for that heads up. Kthx.

UK folks – this is available to pre-order at GAME only. Here’s the link:

Be quick, you never know how long it will last!

Hopefully this isn’t GAME exclusive that would suck, hate that retailer

It does say, GAME exclusive on the listing

Hi, here in Italy will this bundle be available at Gamestop?


Sei riuscito a scoprire qualcosa? Io ancora nulla

Why are there any information about the pre orders in the rest of UE??

Sell the controller seperately please

Anyone knows if there is any information about Denmark? :) Would really appreciate it if someone knew! :D

Any word on the German release? Gamestop here?

In what countries can we buy this? I’m from Norway and I cannot find it at any retailers, so far. Please tell me all of europe will be getting this, not just US and UK, please!

Sorry guys, talked to The support. The product is only avalible to UK resisdents. Can’t order it from there. So much loveform Sony for the rest of EU. As always :(


If that’s the case.. Then they shouldn’t call it a “europe” release.. They are leaving EU soon as well lol… If this is true this is BS.. :(


My local gamestop called me friday.. I preordered yesterday.. so in the german speaking region.. it‘s gamestop exclusive I think.. maybe in yours too?


How come you found it in gamestop? I see that the online page of Swiss gamestop doesn’t list such a thing :/

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MetalGearMatrix 14 December, 2018 @ 23:19

I wonder if the exclusive theme Japan is getting will be included?

Apotheosis_XIII 15 December, 2018 @ 07:42

Any link for Australians? Ive been checking all day but nothing has popped up


can anyone confirm if it’ll only be avaiable in the UK? And not possible to buy in the rest of the EU? customer service said this to me:

It looks like a limited edition for the UK market and we dont have information what will the manufacturer do in the future. I would advice contacting PlayStation in this case.

Winnie the pooh hell yeah!!!!


So does this PS4 Pro comes with the Deluxe Edition of KH3 with it in Canada? Just looking for clarification.


@kristi_adham u see on our GS website it‘s online now.. hopefully u‘re lucky


Oh just noticed, it didn’t give any sort of preorder button though. I’m really crossing my fingers, even though I pre-ordered from game uk just to be safe


Btw, what is the price for Switzerland? In the webpage only the entry appears but no price info


Yeah I know.. ehmmm they said 489 swiss francs.

For EU:

Guys it’s available in all GameStops!

You just have to Search kingdom hearts 3 and it will be down there!

It’s a shame Belgium doesn’t have GameStop then, isn’t it?


this only appears in German and Swiss, not the rest :/

Hur förhandsbokade du från game uk med ett svenskt nummer?

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en vän bor där

Playstation, can you guys please make this bundle available everywhere else in europe as well? Just asked a gamestop in my local area and they couldn’t find it in their system. This is frustrating.


Schweiz, Österrike, Tyskland och Italien är den gamestop som för närvarande beställer den. 470 Euro.

Går inte att beställa hit från deras butiker dock.



Any Infos about release date in Europe a regular black PS4 Pro with 2TB HDD?

Japan already have it in stores:

We’re waiting :)


Hey guys!

Any info about retailers in Portugal?

Yeah, i wanted to know that too since gamestops closed in portugal a long time ago.

Not having international shipping is dumb.


I even thought of making a road trip to Germany or Italy, but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

They could just tell us it ain’t happening.

Guys desperate question! Does Gamestop germany deliever to Denmark?!?!?! :O

The struggle is real for us scandinavians D: I’m refreshing the swedish gamestop website every 30 minutues or so…


Can’t you order to pickup in a store close to the german border?

they really are taking their time for scandinavia @_@

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was just about to post it since i have seen you ask about it for the past couple days :)


Hehehe yeah! You got one too? :)

7 remaining!

yeah :) no way im gonna miss this have been a KH fan ever since the first game released :) and if i get the opportunity im gonna buy the delux edition form the square enix store to get the figures :)

btw only 6 remaining :)

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Nice! :D Yeah same! god i am so happy for us! Legit thought scandinavien were missing out for a sec!

Still 6 remaining as of this post :)

For NL/BE people contact and go to your local Game Mania shops quickly, as the online order reached the max pre-orders!

EDIT 1: has them too


Thank you so much, thanks to your reminder I was able to get the last one of my 2nd closest shop! Super excited, was so certain I had missed out. :D

Glad to hear that! It is shame that we can’t look which stores have them, since we need to pay at store. I got mines the very 1st minute, when the pre-order page went live. Also 2nd store spotted that has it at ( ) if you know someone that missed out.

I hate the current trend of making these consoles with far too limited numbers. All it does is ensure that the people who really want them and are into that particular franchise miss out whilst the greedy eBay profiteers gobble them up and resell them for vast profits. GAME stores in the UK are also holding back on the numbers they have and keep some for themselves in an attempt to sell them later for up to £1999.99. SONY needs to stamp this practice out and ensure that the people who have a history of playing these games are offered them first, that would be the fairest practice in my opinion.

this has nothing to do with the console im sorry, i just wanted to point out that the bundle with the kh figures is still available if you choose the xbox one version instead of ps4 on squares website :)


Would anybody know where to preorder this in France ?

I have tried asking Sony on Facebook/Twitter, with no response yet.

We don’t have Game shops in France, they closed off a few years ago. Fingers crossed this beauty is still available somewhere !


Hey, check micromania as it just posted 1h ago about it on twitter

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