New Christmas weekend discounts are live on PlayStation Store

Pick up big savings on Marvel’s Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Hitman 2, more

Round three. FIGHT. PlayStation Store is back for its third and final round of Christmas weekend discounts for you to enjoy this weekend. Swing through New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man, explore Ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, execute the perfect kill in Hitman 2 or survive the nuclear apocalypse in Fallout 76.

Sports fans can go head-to-head with strong MMA fighters in UFC 3, play basketball with LeBron in NBA 2K19 or hit the race track in Need for Speed Payback and The Crew 2

The promotion lasts until Monday 17th December, so check out the list below and head over to PlayStation Store today.

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

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What a mostly terrible line-up,

AC:O : grindy microtransaction riddled game

Destiny 2 : grindy microtransaction riddled game

Fallout 76 : broken buggy grindy microtransaction riddled game

NBA: grindy microtransaction riddled game

NFS: grindy microtransaction riddled game

The Crew: grindy microtransaction riddled game

Its almost like Sony don’t want any of my money, I already have Spyro and Spider-Man, Hitman can wait till its cheaper still…

It’s not all up to sony here, games from company suffering from low sales will end up participating more and more in every “discount available”


Personally I would not group AC:O with the rest of those. Sure it has a store but if anything it’s less grindy than the previous game, I should know since I have 100% in Origins and I’m already level 23 in Odyssey and feel like I have done about 20% of the map. The leveling in Odyssey remains consistent because exp rewards scale with your level.

Just my 2 cents, I have played nearly all of the AC games and this is the best one (so far) in my opinion.


Your first mention of a game says you really have no clue what you are talking about. Odyssey grindy microtransaction riddled? Eh, no. I have 50 hours in the game and got zero reminders about microtransactions. You have not even played the game, you just wanna whine.

They really should re-name this site to Playstation Whinespot cause there are so many of you kids crying like little babies.

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I don’t understand why ps store us has so much better offers


Welcome to Europe, my friend. You won’t find anything 80-90% price down in here.


There are plenty sales with games at 80 % sale or better, why are you lying? The christmas deals are up to 60 %, and those have alot of new games. You want 80 % sale on new games, are you insane?

No he is not insane … offers in US are bigger, better and cheaper a lot … Its INSANE why is everything from SONY so much expensive in EU than US … its not that big difference in taxes or number of custormers … Its because PS EU is in gready UK … when Brexit will be done I hope that PS EU will move from UK … Maaden_Swe … I am not a kid … have 49 yrs … and your posts are like you are employee of Sony

What a horrible sale. always rotating between AC, Fallout, Far Cry, COD, Destiny and the like.

The US store has an exceptional sale going on at the moment with their VR games.

EA rubbish, you forgot the EA rubbish too.

Carnivius_Prime 14 December, 2018 @ 06:44

i been wanting sales on various indie games but very little in my almost 50 game wishlist has been on offer in the past month. :/


Stop being so negative everyone :-) Be happy that there’s savings on games ;)

It wouldn’t matter what was on sale, you’d still get people whining because people seem to thrive on negativity these days.


Yep, whinging is the cool thing to do these days unfortunately. Be nice if people could see the positive side to things, such as these games being cheaper to purchase for people who might want them.

Instead we have to listen to the self indulgent borefest of the loud, self entitled minority. Boooo!


I am not negative, I am just pointing out that prices in European PS Store are a joke. Not to mention plenty other things out there.

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Tempted on Spider Man. Not really into super heroes or Marvel but since it’s a complete game, that works and is not riddled with microtransactions like nearly every other triple A game these days I will probably pick it up!

Hope the industry wakes up and starts treating it’s customers with some respect sooner rather than later, because the list of AAA games that are not built as microtransactions shops is getting shorter every year.


Spiderman is cheaper Physical at the moment in Australia. Amazon’s price is 39 AUD. PSN’s price is 54.95 AUD.

Spiderman is really something ypu should be already playing, even at full price it worth it.

Now for micro transactions, i dont really think they are going anywhere, the are far too profitable to let them go, even with all the hate over the universe!!

Spiderman is awesome. And this week you will have even the final DLC = complete game with everything.

Im not into superheroes too (especially Spiderman is weird for me). But this game (+ Batman) are so great games by itself, that it really does not matter it is based on comic.

I can certainly understand peoples frustration, this is the 3rd and final part of the ‘sale’ and yet it consists of the same recycled offers on games that have been on ‘sale’ so many times before. As pointed out the US sale is much more expansive, why is it that we always get shafted over here? :/

tax is a big part, always going to be 20% different, and i think uk has had some good sales this year, not the scope of flash sales but not bad, but why not just make an american account and buy them anyway, thats what i do, best of both worlds, just buy usd top up cards online, got some good bargains in past

Hitman 2 £44.99 on sale just got physical for £19.99 from Argos a couple of days ago

Sony should give players a free game for Christmas

Keeping my fingers crossed…however, most unlikely.


Why, did you get Sony anything for christmas?


Continued custom for one thing.

I like that the Christmas weekend sales have been on the newer games

PS3/Vita support ends soon, so making huge sale for most/all games and dlc’s on those platforms would be awesome… but still, it’s European PS Store, who am I even trying to convince. It won’t happen.

The whining at this site have to stop, do you guys read your own comments before posting? It doesnt matter what the subject is, most are still hating on everything. Do you guys even like games?


You are annoying.

I can relate to the whining… Past years EUR store had some amazing sales, hundreds of games, while sales on US were underwhelming. Now, Im not saying sales are all bad. But WINTER sales have been lacking this year, not only on price, but content wise too.


Spyro isn’t part of the Christmas sale, by the way. Don’t know why its on the list. It has a 20% discount on the store but meh.


Are these deals the last ones before the Christmas? The deals end on Monday, so there will still be more than one week before Christmas begins.

I gotta say, I much prefer this to the 12 Days of Christmas sales of previous years. It’s much better to have all the disappointment out of the way at the start instead of waking up to new disappointment each day.


? yeah the 12 days sale was annoying


So after this sale, its done ? Like no more revolving around the Christmas theme or can we expect a surprise sale on Christmas day itself ?

thanks who does not know all about playstation store visit

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