Vote for your PlayStation Blog Game of the Year 2018

2018 was jam-packed with incredible games, and it’s time to choose the absolute best as our polls open

Wow! Did the year 2018 overhear all our praise about last year’s lineup and decide it wouldn’t be bested? From the word “go” this year has delivered an embarrassment of video game riches.

Celeste and Monster Hunter: World kickstarted the cavalcade of hits, and the pace never let up all the way through holiday juggernauts like Red Dead Redemption 2. It was also a tremendous year for PlayStation exclusives, with showstoppers like Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War setting records for the platform.

So, there are a ton of amazing games to look back on for this year’s Game of the Year awards. That’s why we need your votes to help decide the best of the best.

Many of the categories below will be familiar from previous years, but there are some new additions to look out for.

Multiplayer has been split up into competitive and cooperative as games continue to evolve in the online space. Best Sound Design allows us to shed light on the subtle ways audio designers bring their worlds to life.

And, as always, any game that previously won a Platinum Trophy in the “Most Anticipated” category is barred from another nomination in that category.

The polls below are open now and will stay that way until the year ends at 11:59pm Pacific on 31st December. Don’t forget to tell a friend to vote in the polls as well!

As we wrap up 2018, we here at PlayStation Blog want thank you all for your support. We hope you have an incredible holiday and see you in the new year to keep the non-stop celebration of video games going.

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Best Independent Game
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Best Sound Design
Best Multiplayer
Best Narrative
Best Sports Game
Best Ongoing Game
Best PlayStation Console Exclusive
Most Anticipated Game
Studio of the Year
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The poll selections aren’t actually working. Using Chrome Desktop.


They are working – they just don’t show up as selected.

Just click the nomination you want to vote for, then select ‘Vote’, and it counts your vote.


This doesn’t work at all in Firefox :) Switched to Safari to get it functioning.

Didn’t work on both Chrome and Safari for me.

toxic-inferno, how do you know they count the vote?

They just hide game list when you click vote. If it looks so bad, probably nobody counts it.

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Why isn’t The Last of Us Part 2 in the most anticipated list? It would be a strong contender.

I agree.

Surprised it wasn’t on the list. Unless they shifted its release to PS5

…Yeah, I’m just being dramatic.

Most likely it will be the game of the year 2019


Maybe because it won that category last year and thus it can’t be nominated again. And maybe it is mentioned at the beginning.


I’ve typed in ff7 remake as my most anticipated for years now… Thanks for reminding me that it’s been another year :(


As it’s episodic and will probably be delayed (indefinitely) after episode 1 can keep being most anticipated for a long looong time.

(though let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be trash)

We will definitely hear more about it now that KH III has wrapped up. It’s the next big thing for Square Enix.

Carnivius_Prime 21 December, 2018 @ 20:37

I voted God of War for everything it was in (is my game of year though i love spidey too, GoW is just extra epic and special) and as for sports and vr and such.. no vote.

Red dead won everything

Hopefully one of the first party PS titles actually amounts to something interesting before the PS5.

They’ve all been a stale pile of graphics with residual game play and straight out boring characters. Which is nice for that particular audience with low expectations, but as someone who values gameplay and characters it’s really hard care about a single one of them.

No disrespect for both GOW and RDR2, they were both great games, but my GOTY was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I put so much time into discovering everything there was to find in Ancient Greece and before I knew it, my character was a total power house so I just kept going. It was so fun to switch between stealth and just straight up wiping the floor with anyone that dared come your way. Great game!

Even though God of War got the biggest number of my votes, my GOTY is Dragon Quest XI and so my studio of the year has to be Square Enix. They created the best JRPG of all time in my eyes. An absolute treasure to play.

It was a really tough call for my independent game of the year as Iconoclasts was a huge surprise for me….I wasn’t expecting it to be such fun, but eventually I opted for Yoku’s Island Express due to its originality. I hope it gets a sequel.

My most anticipated game is Sniper Elite 5. Can’t wait to see what Rebellion do with it.

MiseryPrincess 22 December, 2018 @ 11:11

Dragonquest XI is amazing, one of the best games for a long time and by far the best JRPG in forever. Though it’s a bit hard to say if it’s a 2017 (when it was released) or 2018 (when it was finally localized) game.


DQXI really should have been in the GotY list, definitely my pick as well.


Oh yea, I still need to pick that up and finish Ni no Kuni 2 as well… Kind of a shame DQXI isn’t on sale at all.

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will be the game of the year 2019 [DELETED]


Astrobot for all!

2018: for me goes to The Forest and Divinity Series. Two of the essential reasons I continue to be surprised and delighted by the PS4’s growing library of games. Looking forward to Metro Exodus and perhaps Day Z next year.


Seems more like a gesture to do this in a year where Rockstar released a game, but you never know (I would’ve bet my testacles on knowing Trump wouldn’t win and yet)… Most anticipated for me is Cyberpunk 2077 BY FAR, which shamefully isn’t even in the list.

Split all of my votes between Spyro and Divinity: OS2.



Gamers need more BIG games on PSVR.

For everyone who doesnt see selected inputs – go to browser console (CMD+OPTION+i) (CTRL+ALT+i for windows), select tab console a write $([type=radio]).css(‘-webkit-appearance’, ‘radio’);




rdr2 number 1

No one would be surprised to see God of War come out on top. This is a PlayStation site so of course the results are going to be biased.

God of War for the win!

When are the results going to be posted?

We close the comments for posts after 30 days.

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