New on PlayStation Store this week: Megalith, Tales of Vesperia, Hitman HD Enhanced Collection, more

Plus, pick up the new God Eater 3 demo and pre-order Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

New year, new you and new titles on PlayStation Store. This week, welcome back Agent 47 in Hitman HD Enhanced Edition, explore the remastered Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition and transform into a powerful titan in Megalith. Let’s jump straight into the highlights.


Disruptive Games delivers a MOBA/hero shooter mash-up for PS VR – perfect for those of you who’ve vowed to try out something different in the new year. Transform into one of five titans with customisable abilities as you compete with others to become a god.

  • Available: Tuesday 8th January

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Bandai Namco celebrates the 10th anniversary of its beloved anime JRPG with remastered HD graphics, costumes, new playable characters and more. Explore Tales of Vesperia’s rich story and do battle as you hum along to its brand-new music tracks.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection


Stalk your prey, disguise yourself for a stealthy kill or tackle your target head-on. The choice is yours. Play as Agent 47 in IO Interactive’s action-packed adventure Hitman: Blood Money HD and take on his most personal contract yet in Hitman: Absolution HD.

  • Available: Friday 11th January

God Eater 3 demo

Bandai Namco is back with a sneak peek at the new entry in its post-apocalyptic action RPG series. Take on the role of a God Eater, collect God Arc weapons and explore new areas as you hunt down the vicious monsters known as Aragamis.

  • Available: Friday 11th January

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown pre-order

Prepare to get back in the cockpit and take to the skies in the latest instalment in Bandai Namco’s flight simulation. Survive intense aerial battles, taking advantage of 360-degree movement to shoot down your enemies.


7th January

8th January

9th January

11th January

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January


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0 Author replies

PS Now Update?

StevenJamesHyde 07 January, 2019 @ 17:12

I already own Chromagun – the Platinum is my rarest trophy, according to My PS4 Life – is the VR version an update or a separate purchase?


Hey, it’s going to be a separate purchase, with separate trophies. Keep an eye out here and on r/PSVR for details.


I was wondering the same thing. We won’t get an answer though as they don’t interact with us . We will have to find out on Friday.

Definitely an Xbox 1 for me Available in all regions with a New ACA Neo Geo title every week what a miserable start for gamer,s across the the region Happy new year everyone why do i have TO POST Negative comments every week? How 2018 ended the first update of 2019 has begun in the very same sort of way and its not a good one


Why you think it’s playstation fault not putting this Neo games it’s not there fault and only blame is SNK it’s there games and there fault


Well Sony Europe are solo y response able each for the games they elect 6 months & i guess they have no plans to release any more neo geo ACA titles for as long as there is a PS4 (the US store released 2 before Christmas metal slug 4 & Athena they also released puzzle bobble just after New Year if anyone,s interested ) its seem,s to me Sony Europe are just not interested in releasing them any more i mean 6 months would be enough to convince anyone.

Why probably because they don,t make them much money Sony Europe out of the three regions make the least amount of money probably down to and despite being a UK citizen but i am going to say it anyway there greedy staff want much higher wages than there E U counterparts so it is Sony Europe fault


Ummm no they aren’t. As long as a game passes certification it can be put on the store, there is no selection process as the PlayStation Store isn’t a truly curated store front. The only input Sony really has is does this meet our content restrictions and does it run without breaking the PS4. If the answer to both of those is yes there’s nothing stopping developers or publishers from putting their games on the store.

There are plenty of games on the PS Store that have probably made Sony no money at all, all the trash shovelware and ports of free to play mobile games like Horse Riding 2016 or whatever it was called make no money at all, or at least I hope they don’t, but they’re allowed on the store regardless. There’s no quality barrier to entry. The only people that can tell you why there have been no more ACA games on PS4 in Europe is Hamster.

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No KHVR I guess it’s cancelled meant come 25 Dec . Plus some this games are from 2018 plus might not buy hitman collection because I already got them on a disc PS3 So


They announced it was delayed a few weeks ago, coming January 18th


I like how the staff have just given up on properly putting up vita releases. How much of a cut do Sony take from Atlus for instance to do absolutely nothing for Persona in terms of presence on the vita?


Vita has been dead for years.


Games have been releasing for the Vita for years.

Sony just don’t want you knowing about them I guess.

Just let know Tales of vesperia used be Xbox 360 exclusive but did come to PS3 in Japan only because MS was stop the game to come to west know we getting it for first time


Im pretty sure most people who would be interested in getting Vesperia HD know this already…


Sure and Tales of Symphonia was stopped by Nintendo to released for the PS2 in the west. So who stopped Tales of the abyss and Legendia to be released on the PS2 in Europe ? Who stopped Tales of Eternia to be released on the PSP in the US.

Stop making things up please. At the time Bandai namco was just all over the place with releasing Tales games. But I guess only real fans know.

Calling the game Vesperia HD ?… haha. I will getting Vesperia *HD* on the Switch. Already have plat on the PS3 version.


AFAIK the western PS3-release was canceled, because the X360 sold not so well and / or Bamco had financial troubles. Also the release was shortly after they bought Atari Europe, so they still needed time to get used to be a “worldwide publisher” … or something like that.

Anyway, there are several “exclusive” X360-games that got an enhanced edition on the PS3 later.

They have ignored Rocksmith for years, and now they kill our avatars? For shame!

Chuck Berry Song Pack

-Chuck Berry “Johnny B. Goode”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]

–Chuck Berry “School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]

–Chuck Berry “You Never Can Tell”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

Finka_Karfein 07 January, 2019 @ 20:15

Pre-ordered Vesperia collector’s edition a few weeks ago. And just might do it again digitally for the theme and to support Tales series more :)

Carnivius_Prime 07 January, 2019 @ 20:33

Still waiting for Battle Princess Madelyn which is available pretty much everywhere but the Eu PS4 store at present. Was meant to be out here for us almost a month ago.

Germany is getting Sleeping Deeply for PS plus, a brand new release? Wow, i’m astonished…..


We have been getting alot of new releases with PS Plus over the years :)

Bennettadrian90 07 January, 2019 @ 21:27

When is the rest of the Persona Dancing DLC being released?


Ask Atlus maybe?

Where has Chromagun VR gone?!

please avoid past mistakes (e.g. Tempest 4000) and tell us what is going on with this!

At which time today can we preorder and pre-download the Hitman HD Enhanced (Texture Pack) Collection? Anyone know if it’s playable from 00:01 in The Old World?

nukualofaperson 11 January, 2019 @ 07:42

No BugsBox VR or Shanky: The Vegan’s Nightmare in Norway. Have they been released anywhere else?

DAVIDOSCLAY995 14 January, 2019 @ 00:37

They forgot to bring HITMAN 3 CONTRACT AND HITMAN 2? Come on bring them to PS4 please.

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