Kingdom Hearts III’s executive producer has a message for fans as the game releases on PS4 today

Series co-creator Shinji Hashimoto shares his thanks and favourite memories of the franchise

Hello, Kingdom Hearts fans! I can’t believe this day is finally here! We’re extremely excited to launch Kingdom Hearts III on PlayStation 4 today.

Sora and his friends have grown a tremendous amount since his story first began in Kingdom Hearts. As we head into the launch of Kingdom Hearts III, he’s become an incredibly strong and bright character supported by his trusty companions, Donald and Goofy, and his many friends he’s made over the course of the series. Sora’s journey is really a tale of the power of friendship, and how friends can come together to overcome hardship, support each other through difficult times and spread positivity within a dark world.

As you get started in Kingdom Hearts III you’ll be able to adventure through an array of new worlds and make new friends from iconic Disney Animation and Disney•Pixar films including Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Frozen and more. You’ll also be able to enjoy a variety of new and exciting features like the Attractions which build on the series iconic gameplay. Personally, I hope that fans will enjoy the updated Gummiship gameplay – I’m having a blast building new ships!



It has been an honour to be a part of this series from the beginning. To think that it all started from a conversation in an elevator when Square Enix Japan was in the same building as Disney!

I have so many fond memories surrounding Kingdom Hearts, from working on the games to meeting fans around the world at events. As I mentioned earlier, Kingdom Hearts has always been about the power of friendship, and the passion and positivity of series fans shows it is a message they have taken to heart. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and for following along on Sora’s incredible journey. We hope you enjoy what we’ve created for you!

In closing, I’d like to leave you with my favourite quote: “My friends are my power!”

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Started playing at midnight last night I’m already addicted, since the release of the first game these have been a major part of my gaming life from a teenager. Playing every entry from the PS2, GBA, DS and PSP, it’s been a long worthwhile wait for this one. I can’t wait to dig into it more when I finish work.


Never really understand hype around Kingdom Hearts series but its just me who doesn’t find that game very tempting, that doesn’t mean i don’t have huge respect for the title and fans of the series its just not the kind of thing that i would play. I am happy that everyone is enjoying it and i hope its everything you hoped it would be. I will spend this amount of money on Days Gone thats something i look foward to this year.

I’ve never played any Kingdom Hearts games, I would love to get in to it, but it’s too intimidating. Not just the amount of games out there, but the price. 40 GBP for 1.5 and 2.5 is reasonable, but there is 2.8 which is for almost 50, and than there is 3 for 55 that would be 142 GBP for all games. Maybe if the titles before 3 gonna be on sale I am gonna buy them, but it’s just too much right now.

did you see the all in one bundle ? dont know how much it is in GBP but its 110 euros


I see you’re in the UK, so you could try getting the games from here if you’re interested in trying them: and

They’re 20£ each, so that’s not too bad


It all depends on how much of a Disney fan your are. Unless you love their movies and/or feel nostalgic to some of them, you won’t get much from this. The most exciting part are the worlds themselves and how they’ve translated them to 3D, not the story.


I know, but I don’t want to spend 90 on everything when I don’t even know if I am gonna like it.

Kh1, 2 and 3 (hopefully) are amazing. Don’t worry about the rest ;) great games.

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