New on PlayStation Store this week: God Eater 3, Away: Journey to the Unexpected, more

Plus, you can pre-order Jump Force and download the Devil May Cry 5 demo

Things are heating up in PlayStation Store with a new host of exciting titles hitting the shelves. Battle monsters with huge weapons that should be too heavy to carry in God Eater 3 or rely on the power of friendship to protect you in Away: Journey to the Unexpected.

Grab a warm cup of tea and read on to see the full list of new adventures you can embark on this week.

1. God Eater 3

Take down vicious god-like monsters known as Aragami in Bandai Namco’s latest instalment of its action-packed RPG series. Choose from an impressive range of God Arc weapons that let you switch between blades and guns, so you can get up close and personal or keep a safe distance from the hideous things trying to eat you.

  • Available: Friday 8th February

2. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2

Milestone is serving up a new arcade racer where you can live out your wildest motocross dreams in career mode, or nurture your creative flair by building tracks to share with others online. Take advantage of over 3,000 customisable items to create a rider and bike that perfectly matches your style.

  • Available: Friday 8th February
  • Pre-order Monster Energy Supercross 2 on PlayStation Store now
  • 3. Away: Journey to the Unexpected

    Away: Journey to the Unexpected

    If you want to go on a feel-good adventure, Aurelien Regard Games is here for you with a colourful first-person mash-up of action, humour and rogue-lite elements. You’re not a fighter, but you have a knack for making quirky friends that’ll battle for you – so it’s a good thing you brushed up on your social skills.

  • Available: Friday 15th February
  • Pre-order Away: Journey to the Unexpected on PlayStation Store now

    This week’s new pre-order

    Jump Force

    Iconic manga characters drop into our world to battle it out in Spike Chunsoft’s action-packed fighter. Play as some of your favourite heroes or create your own persona with plenty of colourful hairstyles and outfits at your fingertips. If you order the Ultimate Edition, you can jump into action three days earlier from 12th February.

  • Available: Thursday 7th February

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blacksheepwall_ 04 February, 2019 @ 17:48

Rocksmith DLC for this weeks is 90s Mix VI containing Green Day “When I Come Around” Joan Osborne “One of Us” Stone Temple Pilots “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart”

I thought the Division 2 Beta was from the 7th?

It’s there on the list.

It did say the 6th. Another week another error spotted by me. Get me

All these new VR games releasing each week and none of them get a mention and just get pushed in the background.

If the blog team wants to actually do their job as bloggers, then do weekly round ups of new VR games that are releasing, get them noticed.


They’re too busy getting the number of articles about GoW over 10000.

Non VR games that aren’t GoW or by a big publisher usually get completely ignored too. Which, considering the relatively tiny amount that still use VR, is probably a worse issue.


The quality of this blog has dropped so much. I remember when most articles would get hundreds of comments, and there was a real sense of community on here. There used to be detailed, in depth articles being published every day.


Sadly all the community spirit was destroyed by the “this is why I xbox Sony is fail” comments (from people with plus on their avatar), and the lack of response from the authors of the posts. I only pop on here now to see what is new or on offer, and I’m well aware other sites do those things better

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Carnivius_Prime 04 February, 2019 @ 21:02

le sigh…

Unpopular opinion: the God Eater anime got really good towards the end.

Anyways, God Eater 3 for me…. Don’t know why but I always got into it despite Monster Hunter leaving me cold


still no news about Trails of Cold Steel I and II, both confirmed back in october 2018, and no one seems to know a release date

Have only recently got into the LoH franchise but I’m excited for this one too!

GAME is suggesting 15th Feb it looks like, for first Cold Steel at least –

Agree that the game deserves more blog coverage though. So much more than the generic JRPG it comes off as sometimes.

StevenJamesHyde 05 February, 2019 @ 07:59

So the limited-time Tetris Effect demo is back… with any luck that means there’ll be a sale following shortly afterwards. Otherwise what’s the point, why not make it available all the time?

It’s discounted right now if you’re interested


So glad i finally brought a Xbox one now its back to my weekly fix of Neo Geo the thing about Xbox one the 360 games look great download or Disc & you can transfer them to an external hard as well & it plays Music CDs

Hitman is missing from the PS+ list. I wonder if we one day can manage a week with no errors. How difficult can it be?

“Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle” takes you to the third installment of the game, and not the bundle. The bundle is nowhere to be found in the store.

StevenJamesHyde 11 February, 2019 @ 09:15

No sign of Access Denied on the store anywhere, did it get delayed?

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