PS4 RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 gets free in-game gift bags from today

Change your character's look, try out unique armour and more with content packs dropping throughout the year

Friends, Rivellonians, Godwoken – lend me your eyes! We’re excited to tell you that we’ve just sent you our first Gift Bag! These content updates are coming over the course of the year, and the amount of content is increasing each time. We know a lot of you reroll characters and start new adventures in Divinity: Original Sin 2, and we wanted to make that experience more enriching each time.

Within these Gift Bags are free content that’ll be patched directly into the game, with a new option on the main menu letting you activate or deactivate each Gift Bag as you desire coming with, Gift Bag #2.


Gift Bag #1 launches today and contains a host of new visual options for your character. There are new faces for every race, plenty of new hairstyles to choose from and an eclectic mix of additional facial features to help roll a Godwoken like never before. Why not share some screenshots of your new characters with us?

But our Gift Bags won’t just be visual! For Gift Bag # 2 we’ve been inspired by our active modding community, and so we’ve created a bunch of content based on the most popular mods for Divinity: Original Sin 2, so you can enjoy new ways of playing the game.

These will be specially prepared compatible versions for you to try out, so now you too can play with Free Petpal for all characters or Infinite Spirit Vision. There’s lots more to be excited for in that pack, but we’ll share more details closer to the time.

Crossover characters, unique armour sets, a very special weapon (hint: DIY) and lots more are coming over the next year, and we can’t wait to see what you make with them.


We can’t wait to see your screenshots, hear your stories, and read your reactions as they roll out over the coming year. Thanks for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy your foray into Rivellon!

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blacksheepwall_ 08 March, 2019 @ 17:25

A shining example on how games should be and once were before greed took over. One of the finest games I’ve ever played

They could fix the pretty afwul performance and tearing in PS4 Pro, that would be shining too.

Dirk_Emmerich 09 March, 2019 @ 10:22

This is amazing, thank you Larian Studios! I am really excited to play around with all these shiny new stuff that you are going to put in those bags.


Will these bags be available forever or do you have to get them when they first appear?

PlasticArcade 09 March, 2019 @ 15:48

Absolutely brilliant content. Will there be other DLC available for DD2 because I love this game series.

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