New on PlayStation Store this week: Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, One Piece World Seeker, more

Plus, pre-order Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

PlayStation Store has a brand new slate of great titles to explore in the week ahead. Defend the US capital in Tom Clancy’s Division 2, get into wild fights in One Piece World Seeker and hurl flashy spells at your foes in The Wizards – Enhanced Edition.

Check out our list of highlights below, then head over to PlayStation Store for more information.

1. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Fight to liberate Washington D.C. in a 1:1 representation of the real city in Ubisoft’s open-world third-person shooter. See famous landmarks, crush a few enemies and try not to get killed in the process. If you get the Ultimate Edition, you can start your mission three days earlier on 12th March.

2. One Piece World Seeker

Take on the role of Monkey D. Luffy and set sail in an action-packed pirate adventure. Explore Prison Island and engage in flashy battles with familiar characters from the One Piece series using Luffy’s Gum-Gum abilities. Turning your arms into giant wrecking balls has never been so much fun.

3. The Wizards – Enhanced Edition

Make your wizarding dreams come true in Carbon Studio’s action-adventure for PS VR. Explore a fantasy land and use hand gestures to cast spells as you wage war against dragons in the story campaign, or take on an endless onslaught in Arena Mode.

This week’s pre-orders

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware, the creator of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series, returns with a new action-adventure set in 16th-century Japan. Mix stealth, head-to-head combat and vertical movement as you unleash an arsenal of prosthetic tools on your enemies.

2. Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

If you’re looking for something spooky, Viva Games is offering up a PS VR horror shooter where you play as an ex-special forces soldier trying to uncover the mystery behind his mother’s death. Navigate ancient traps, solve puzzles and get up close and personal with the gnarly creatures trying to rip you apart. How lovely…

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.


12th March

14th March

15th March

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Was planning on getting Division 2 to keep me busy until Days Gone but I’ll wait for a sale. Not paying full price to sit and download a huge 90 gig patch all day.


Gotta ask what the price got to do with the size of the game? Alot of big new games take up to 100 gb, that will not change.


People like you can easily swallow everything from a big developer/publisher. This 90gb patch is [DELETED]. What the hell did they do with the game which is smaller than 90gb, to develop a 90gb patch? This isn’t normal and acceptable..


It’s not an instant must-have for me in the first place, so I might let this slide for RDR2 but in this case I’d rather wait for a sale and it’s the big patch that pushed me towards that conclusion. Obviously I’ll still have to download it eventually, but at least then it’ll be at half the price :) Should also specifiy I’m talking about the physical version. In case of digital it doesn’t matter since you have to download the whole thing anyway. I just don’t like downloading in general to prioritize on online gaming. So the big patch isn’t a great sales pitch for me :)

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blacksheepwall_ 11 March, 2019 @ 18:06

Rocksmith DLC this week is a Night Ranger 3 pack starring  “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” “Sister Christian” &  “(You Can Still) Rock In America”

Ghost of a Tale look really nice, gonna see what that price land on. Will get The Division 2 tho, Im a big Ubisoft fan, always have fun with their games

And UBI is certianly happy with such modest customer.


They make games that fit me perfect, cant complain about that :)

i wait get The Divison 2 but I want my money back for Dissidia final fantasy NT because I got it full price and know it’s free to play . I’m upset and I wish take squareenix to court over this ?? I Have Been Rob My own money

MiseryPrincess 11 March, 2019 @ 22:24

If Square Enix were taken to court over every useless game they made that was practically worthless a short while later they’d have been bankrupt ages ago.

Still even for free Dissidia isn’t worth playing. They’d have to pay me $100 an hour.


Except you own the full game with the full roster, the free to play version has a rotating roster of characters and you never get access to the full roster at all times without paying for the characters.

What happened to PS2 classics?


Some companies still release PS2 games, but they worked out they could release it as a “remastered” or “HD” title and then charge more (basically full price in Square Enix’s cases). Onimusha was released recently and is basically a PS2 classic, just not called that.

Still, i’m hoping for loads of PS2 games to return (Rei/Project Zero/Fatal Frame, Tenchu, Dragonquest VIII, etc etc).


Can you please tell me if I would be getting those PS4 Dynamic themes – if I pre-ordered the Physical Collector’s Edition of SEKIRO ?

Would honestly suck if not..

Did some looksies around the interwebs but not a proper answer found..


Pretty much 100% of the time preorder exclusive themes and avatars are for digital versions only.


was afraid that was the answer.. thanks !


Playstation NOW just released in Sweden guys. Woke up, turned on my Ps4 and the app was there. Was not when I went to bed 8 hours ago. A little too late but Im still hyped

Where did the Beat Saber DLC go?


WE HAVE THE DATE! Our first Music Pack lands in Beat Saber on March 14th!

I still just play destiny 2 and Binding of isaac over and over again. What can I say, I like the loop. Saves me a fortune.


Wow, a new app, Can I play? And I am as off topic as you are

I’m wondering if the Beat Sabre DLC music pack is supposed to be on this list. As the Beat Sabre Twitter announced that their first Music Pack for PSVR should be launching on the 14th of March. Can I get a confirmation from a PlayStation or Beat Sabre Rep?


They removed it from this post. Check reddit or twitter.


No Dark Quest 2 today? Gee, thanks PS-Blog. So that’s the reason, why there are no trophies online…

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