Full PlayStation VR support announced for No Man’s Sky Beyond

Fully immersive yourself in Hello Games’ intergalactic adventure in this summer’s free update

Hello everyone! We’re excited to be able to tell you more about No Man’s Sky: Beyond, a major free update coming in Summer 2019 and the next big chapter in our journey.

Beyond is the culmination of several different strands of development. We recently announced the first component, No Man’s Sky Online. A dramatically updated multiplayer experience means players will be able to explore and play together like never before.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the next major component of Beyond: No Man’s Sky VR.

As creators of No Man’s Sky, we are in love with everything sci-fi. Virtual reality feels like a science fiction become real, and has always seemed like a perfect fit for this futuristic game of ours.

It’s completely unique to land on a world that no-one has ever seen before and to really feel as if you’re there. The team has worked so hard to make this a true VR experience rather than a port.

Grab the joystick and thruster to fly your starship over an unexplored alien planet as you peer out of the cockpit at the view below. Reach into your backpack to grab your multitool, touch it to switch to terrain manipulation, and carve out intricate shapes with unprecedented control. Play in multiplayer and casually wave to your friends non-VR friends or fist bump your PS VR peers.

No Man’s Sky VR is not a separate mode, but the entire game brought to life in virtual reality. Anything possible in No Man’s Sky, NEXT or any other update is ready and waiting as an immersive and enriched VR experience.

No Man’s Sky VR, like all the parts of Beyond, will be free to existing players. However, we’re excited to announce that the release of Beyond will see an exclusive retail release of the game on PS4. This physical edition will come with the base game, VR support, and every update so far, including Beyond.

By bringing full VR support, for free, to the millions of players already playing the game, No Man’s Sky will become perhaps the most-owned VR title when released. This amazes us, and is utterly humbling. The team is working so hard to live up to the expectations that creates. We are excited for that moment when millions of players will suddenly update and be able to set foot on their home planets and explore the intricate bases they have built in virtual reality for the first time.

As well as Online and VR, No Man’s Sky Beyond contains a third major feature set that we’ll be talking more about when we can.

This is an exciting time. Thank you so much for being with us on this most ambitious chapter of No Man’s Sky.

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Just one thing, what control options will you be supporting for VR, is it just Dualshock 4, or will you be adding PlayStation Move and Aim support?

If so, could you please support the 3DRudder peripheral releasing on PS4 in April?

Been looking forward to this for a long time, never lost faith. :)


In their own blog post they detail more than the PSN one.

As they describe reaching into your backpack and pulling out the multitool, I would assume a 99% chance of supporting PS Move.

As for Aim, possibly but it doesn’t seem to fit the NMS play style. Definitely not when you think of flying and driving. You’d need complete two handed control there.


Not really as it has all the functionality of a Dualshock, can just fly using the analogue sticks exactly as before and it offers full locomotion.

THANK YOU! I just heard about this and it is what I’ve hoped for since the game came out. I have to admit, I’m a lapsed player… Haven’t even touched it since way before the first big update. VR is what will get me back and keep me back though. This is great news.

*explodes joyfully*


Wow. I think I need to boot this bad boy up again!

Sean… Thankyou! Day 1 buyer of the Special Edition here…I don’t even have a VR headset but the support and DLC you and your team have brought to this game is nothing short of outstanding. Keep up the great work!

This could be amazing!

Con Man’s Sky and PSVR seem like a perfect fit! both were extremely overpriced at launch, never lived up to the hype and only got by on false advertising.


How about you go back to your own blog.


Oh look, a No Man’s Sky post and as predictable as death and taxes along comes byteflare, the boy who’s never even played the game to complain about it. Yaaaaaaawn.


No Man Sky is just getting better and better and i am glad its coming closer to what their original vision was.. Hat off to Hello Games for constantly improving the game..

But how will it play? Does the game run at 60 fps on the base ps4 model, or does it mean that only ps4 pro owners can enjoy it fully?


it is required to, because otherwise Sony would not allow it to be released


That’s just a lie. Of course Sony would allow a game with the option of a higher frame rate for players using a Pro. It’s happened many times. :/

Hope it doesn’t make me feel sick

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