Mix drinks and change lives in VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, out on PS4 next month

Learn more about the personal stories in a cyberpunk dystopia while you tend bar on 2nd May

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action came out three years ago and I still can’t believe it. All the opportunities that have come our way, all the help we’ve been able to give to those we love thanks to it, all the support we get every day from everyone. It all still feels unreal, and now the game is going to be on PS4 this May!

In case you’ve never heard about VA-11 Hall-A: this isn’t a game about glamorous heroes toppling governments in a cyberpunk future. You assume the role of an ordinary bartender named Jill Stingray, who listens to the tales of strangers and regulars at the VA-11 Hall-A bar while she mixes drinks for them.

Characters react differently depending on what drinks they were served and how much alcohol they’ve had — and you’ll learn about the dystopian place they all live in, Glitch City.


I wanna go into some spicy lore about Jill’s boss at VA-11 Hall-A, Dana Zane. Now, Dana is a character that predates Sukeban Games itself. Her origins can be traced back to being the mascot from an old blog my co-founder Christopher had. Dana’s role remained even after said blog got reiterated and even after we started making games. We saw fit to make her, if not the protagonist, at the very least a notable face in the production of VA-11 Hall-A.

Being a “mascot” of sorts, Dana has always reflected Sukeban Games as a brand, even before we were called Sukeban Games. One of the driving forces behind what we do is a constant feeling that we don’t belong in regular circles. Be it gaming, anime, or whatever, we’ve always felt like outsiders whenever we try to fit into the regular hobby circles. So we’ve tended to carve out our own space where we can be ourselves with no problems.

As such, Dana has always had a rebellious streak to her, geared towards the core principle that if the world wasn’t gonna accept her, she would happily carve out her own space in the world, welcoming anyone that feels like they don’t belong out there.

Dana’s role as the representation of what Sukeban Games signifies is even reflected on the company name. When the time came to pick a company name, we knew we wanted something that would reflect Dana as a character, that would encapsulate her rebelliousness and deeply punk attitude. And so “Sukeban Games” was born.


We wanna highlight that Dana in VA-11 Hall-A is a more mature version of herself. We have a huge desire to explore Dana at the height of her reckless and punk nature. VA-11 Hall-A’s Dana is a glimpse into a future where she’s been to hell and back, only to return stronger and more inclusive than ever.

Sukeban Games as a team has been through a kind of hell too, if you know what’s up with our home country of Venezuela. Still, if you told me five years ago that the game we made for a game jam would be on consoles everywhere, I would’ve probably been annoyed at you pulling my leg. But VA-11 Hall-A is now a reality, our reality, and we will forever be thankful to everyone that has supported us all the way through the tough times and more.

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Cannot wait to buy this for a third time!

WhiteWolf538 08 April, 2019 @ 16:59

Is it cross buy with Vita version?


No, it’s a different publisher handling the console versions so it’s veeeeery unlikely it’ll be cross-buy.


Looks like old school type of game, glad there are pepole who enjoy that type of games..


It’s not even remotely old school. It’s a drink mixing visual novel.


Graphics look old school thats what i’ve meant gameplay wise i kind of put two and two together from the title..

Will buy it a third time for my PS4 for maximum comfy! Any possible chance we could get a theme or avatars? A dynamic glitch city theme would be incredible!

(Excited for the physical on the way too, want some goodies to go alongside my Jill plush)


Is the Vita-Port still coming? That would be so awesome!


That came out last year, played it on my Vita TV


@jamesyp00 thanks for the comment! I thought it never launched in Europe and had lost any hope it would ever come out here.

And now I checked the store and it’s there! How could I miss the release???


No worries! Have an amazing time in glitch city :)

Didn’t it only come out in the US? It’s not in the Swiss PSN-Store and I never have seen any info in the blog.

Edit: woops…have just found out, that the vita-Version IS in the store! Seemed to have missed the release!

Love all the people only realizing now that it’s been on Vita for awhile, I drew attention to the lack of exposure and mention of it on well, anywhere at the time and got zero response. Bang up job supporting your game releases as always guys, I’m sure the developers and publishers really appreciated it.

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