Cel-shaded shooter XIII returns with a PS4 remake, out 13th November

XIII’s quest for identity will start again as the PS2 fan favourite gets rebuilt by Playmagic

XIII is a first person shooter where you play as «Thirteen», a talented soldier who lost his memory and has been accused of killing the President of the United States. You first wake up injured and amnesic on Brighton Beach with the only clue being a small key and a mysterious tattoo « XIII » next to your clavicle. It’s now your job to search for answers through a 34 levels solo campaign. Don’t worry, you will find the appropriate weapon arsenal along the way. With questions not missing, neither are the bullets!


The original quest for identity started for XIII in 2003 on PlayStation 2. The video game sublimates the ups and downs of the most wanted man in the United States. It conquered the gamers’ hearts mostly thanks to a tight first person shooter gameplay inspired by the best in the genre and its unique cel-shading design.


This remake’s idea came naturally as we felt this unique kind of story driven FPS experience was missing in today’s gaming landscape. Our goal is to bring XIII’s compelling story to a new generation of players with the best possible graphics and animation. The result will be nothing short of spectacular as we promise to celebrate the amazing work done on the original game. Stay tuned for more details…


XIII was created by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, and is famous worldwide. It’s a real honor for us to work on such a masterpiece, and I hope you are as excited as we are!


XIII will be available on November 13, 2019 on PlayStation 4!
XIII is published by Microids and developed by Playmagic.

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nukualofaperson 18 April, 2019 @ 17:20 Edited

I loved that game. I replayed it on PS2 just a couple of years ago. This is such great news.

Yes! So excited for this, was hoping it would make it to the ps2 classics at some point, a remaster is even better, hopefully if it performs well we can get a sequel that continues the story on from the cliffhanger ending!

Such a unique style for an FPS.


“a remaster is even better”

Remake, says so right in the title.

Finished it on Xbox back in the day.

Not worth the remake imo. It caused a splash but only because of its style.

Playing through this again but on gamecube this time! Great game and Deffo a day 1 purchase. It looks amazing on ps2 and gamecube so only god knowd how great it’ll look on ps4!

I would not have expected this is a million years. This is actually a really nice surprise. Game was great back in the days!

Any news on local multiplayer still being part of it? Looking forward to screen cheating my way to victory haha

Tap… Tap… Tap…

bassslammers 19 April, 2019 @ 08:21

Cant wait to play this. Had it on the pc

This is quite a surprise, and a very good one at that. Besides the awful submarine stealth level, the original game was very enjoyable.

I’m BEYOND EXCITED for this! I’ve beaten it multiple times on PS2, XBOX, and Gamecube, and still play it! Splitscreen CTF with friends against bots on hardest difficulty is a ton of fun! Been asking Ubisoft for info on that promised sequel for 15 years (they never once even bothered to respond to my emails, tweets, etc), so hopefully this remake will lead to reignited interest and that sequel soon!

So happy about this, I’ve been crying out for a remake for years! Replayed the Gamecube version recently and it’s still such a cool game.

Hang on, those character models… Is this not going to be cel-shaded any more? Because….it better had be!

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