Batman: Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Rising headline May’s PlayStation Now update

Check out the full list of games joining the service this month

Open world superhero epic Batman Arkham Knight and fan-favourite action classic Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are among the latest batch of games joining the PlayStation Now service.

Other highlights include family-friendly film tie-in Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game, all-action fighting game Brawlout, and retro treasure trove Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2.

Here’s the full list of new additions, available to play from today:

  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game
  • Brawlout
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2
  • Wild Guns Reloaded
  • 8-Bit Armies
  • Titan Attacks
  • Dangerous Golf
  • Clockwork Tales: Of Glass And Ink

These titles join well over 600 other great games already available to PlayStation Now subscribers, ready to play today on PS4 or PC. To learn more about the service, check out the full game library or start a free trial, visit our PlayStation Now hub today.

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Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

yep,i asked for it


I hope Brawlout has a story mode


It doesn’t it’s only online game


This better line up than mays free games on ps plus .i am mad about that


Exactly lol

Josip_Jukic 07 May, 2019 @ 17:07

How do i subscribe to PlayStation Now from Croatia? any tips or this service is region based? Or to put it simply not available in all country’s

It has only been available in very few countries. A little over a month ago they expanded to more regions, but took like 2? years or so, if not longer. So if its not available in Croatia right now, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it any time soon.


Still no Ni no Kuni ?? Other regions have it. Oh well no game no sub.


Oh wow, I’m surprised Sony decided to be a bit generous for once. Arkham Knight is a decent addition. Thing is though, it’s almost certain now that Arkham Knight is gonna be a part of PS Plus monthly games in the near future lol.


Hi just to say clockwork tales hasnt been added anybody able to see it on ps now as ive checked the whole ps now list and its not there

misterMike1989 08 May, 2019 @ 12:19 Edited

Service, like many others (xbox gamepass or spotify to name a few) is unfortunately not available in Croatia and lot of other countries

veloz854mosquito 08 May, 2019 @ 15:20

I am a pc user, i try PS now only for play in my old pc when i work at night… And i am very agree with PS now, i LOVE it with the Hope in the future play Horizon zero dawn the new days gone, god of war 4 , but very Happy yo can play bloodborne and the list , sorry for my english BEST regards to all

Cactus316000 08 May, 2019 @ 21:08

Can Fallout New Vegas be upgraded to the Ultimate edition and The Elder scrolls 4 Oblivion be upgraded to the Game of the year edition please?

skullface34 11 May, 2019 @ 08:15

Earthworm Jim should be added to the list

my favourite game really missing it as was available for the ps3

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