Anthem is PlayStation Store’s Deal of the Week

Take control of a powerful exosuit and explore BioWare’s open-world shooter

We’ve got a new deal for you this week – pick up a discount on BioWare’s Anthem until 15th May.

Choose the perfect Javelin suit and join up to three other players as you explore a vast open sci-fi world with hazardous weather conditions, vicious creatures and lawless marauders at every turn.

Head over to PlayStation Store for more information and regional pricing.

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Carnivius_Prime 08 May, 2019 @ 07:20

i forgot that game existed.

DR_SCHOKKER 08 May, 2019 @ 07:44

Read the Kotaku article


I’m good, thanks.

Can we have information on the vanishing of Shakedown Hawaii, please?

Todesglubsch 08 May, 2019 @ 10:23

And it costs only 10€ more than on Amazon. What great deal we have here. As always.


It won’t be even worth trying when it lands in EA Access.

Bioware’s Requiem


Bioware have constantly failed to fix the most common issues of trophies not unlocking. Not playing again until they address it.


Tried it on PC… couldn’t stand more than one mission… I think they’d have to pay for playing it….

Josip_Jukic 08 May, 2019 @ 11:56

Is this game really that bad?

Grim_streaker999 08 May, 2019 @ 11:56

Damn it, bought this game 2 week ago :/

But what I dont understand, is all the hate it’s getting? Im at level 20 now, really enjoying the game this far



@Grim_streaker999: True, I’ve had a good time leveling and playing the campaign. However, when you get to the level cap there isn’t that much to do, other than doing the same strongholds (of which one was buggy when I was playing) and free roaming for events. The reason I still played was because I wanted the platinum for it. I’m still hoping on extra content and hopefully cross-platform support, so I can play with my gf who plays it on PC :D.


they disabled the thumb-ups for this comment section

Grim_streaker999 08 May, 2019 @ 13:52 Edited

Well seeing that after level 30, it have given me many hours great gameplay. I would say I have gotten value for my money, compared to other aaa games that I stop playing after a short time.

And if they in the near future add more content, well thats a bonus


I wouldn’t even buy it in a bargain bin for a fiver. Only another 6 months until it’s on plus.


I have been playing it for the last 2 weeks and I am enjoying it. As for problems with trophies not unlocking that was fixed in an easier patch.

Sure the game got of to a bad start but it’s actually pretty good and I am glad I decided to make my own mind up rather than listen to others.

Stonesthrow 08 May, 2019 @ 18:12

I’ve had fun up until end-game (which is mostly the case for me with these kind of games), after that it becomes too grindy and in this case there really isn’t much to do. Since end-game I’ve pretty much been running Heart of Rage stronghold once in a while to try and get a legendary but they drop so rarely (and when they finally do, I mostly get doubles -_-) it’s getting really hard for me to stay invested in leveling my alternates.

Plus I’m too infatuated by Days Gone atm anyway.


I enjoyed my time with Anthem, but it’s end-game lacks a progression loop.

NZD$70 (DotW price for the standard edition) is not a horrible price of entry, but bear in mind you’ll get a flawed diamond in the rough. If you want to cruise about, basically being Iron Man in a destroyed world, it’ll deliver. If you want a Destiny-killer, it’s not quite there yet.

Gut feel says it should be a little cheaper for its current state, but this price isn’t a rort by any means.


Hazardous weather conditions yeah? Blue and purple showers to avoid at all costs…

In the words of EA the game had a bad start but we still see it as a steady flow of cash from dlc and micro transactions for the next few years even if the game is not fixed

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