Free-to-play beast-battling RPG Dauntless hits PS4 tomorrow

Slay Behemoths in Phoenix Labs new co-op adventure, featuring exclusive PS Plus content

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! The last time I shared a post here, our team at Phoenix Labs had just announced that Dauntless was headed to PlayStation 4. Five months later, I’m happy to say that we’re now ready to welcome our PlayStation friends to the Shattered Isles. Starting tomorrow, 21st May, you can download Dauntless on PS4, and it is completely free to play.

We also have a special offer for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the form of six exclusive PlayStation-inspired Dauntless weapon skins. Check out the sword and axe skins below!

Since our announcement in December last year, we’ve been working hard to add as much new content to Dauntless as we can, including huge additions to progression, new Behemoths, quests, and the Mastery system. We’ve been polishing and fine-tuning the game along the way so PlayStation fans around the world have a great time when they first jump in.

Master the hunt

One of the biggest additions to the core game you’ll see at launch is the Mastery system. Dauntless is all about teaming up with friends to take down larger-than-life Behemoths, crafting weapons and armour using their parts to take on harder and more complex Behemoths scattered across the Shattered Isles, and feeling like a total badass while doing so.

The Mastery system invites Slayers to hone and prove their skills across dozens of Behemoth and gear-related cards, earning experience, checking off achievements and unlocking new combat customization options. The system offers both new and seasoned Slayers fresh ways to engage with every weapon class and Behemoth encounter – all combined with long-term goals that net huge rewards. It’s a great way to further your experience in Dauntless while earning awesome loot.

We currently have dozens of Mastery levels for each weapon and Behemoth in the game, so there is plenty of content to work through!

The core progression experience in Dauntless has been completely overhauled for launch based on loads of feedback during our Open Beta. When you successfully defeat a Behemoth, you’ll be greeted with a revamped “End Of Hunt” screen, informing you of all the break parts you nabbed, experience you earned in various Mastery cards, gatherables collected, and much more. We want you to be able to see your Slayer progression every time you finish a hunt so when you get back to Ramsgate, the hub city of Dauntless, you can see what new Mastery cards have unlocked and what rewards you’ve earned.

Assassins in Ramsgate

We’re also launching a new Hunt Pass season starting on 21st May, titled Hidden Blades. This season transforms Ramsgate for the Moon Blossom Festival and offers Slayers a huge variety of thematic gear to flaunt their inner assassin. Slayers can work through 50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way.

We can’t wait to welcome the PlayStation community into the world of Dauntless. As we say at Phoenix Labs: Clear skies, Slayers!

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Very excited for this Jesse. Love the concept. Obviously people are liking it to Monster Hunter, but that gave me motion sickness. Well done with your achievement. ??

Jesse Houston 20 May, 2019 @ 19:09

Thanks for the kind words, funkpower!


Also, what’s the download size Jesse? Thanks.

Jesse Houston 20 May, 2019 @ 19:11

The download size is around 14GB, but the space it takes up on your HDD will be smaller than that.

is it cross play with pc can i carry my pc progress over to the ps4 version

blacksheepwall_ 20 May, 2019 @ 20:06

Looks fun. I will be all over this tomorrow but first i’m gonna see a man about becoming a vampire

MiseryPrincess 21 May, 2019 @ 06:49

Make sure to stock up on some high SPF before the summer rush makes the prices high. Good posture and sensitivity to mental alertness sounds good in theory, but not if you’re a slave to sun cream companies.


Wow! Was wondering when it’ll be out on PS4, and here it is. What a surprise! Can’t wait to play. Cheers!

twanderingpigeon 21 May, 2019 @ 01:27

Do you have specific time frames for when it will be available to download per region?

MercwithMouth82 21 May, 2019 @ 06:59

7 am PST has been stated on their twitter.

chopperchopper59 21 May, 2019 @ 19:56

Hi everyone

There is something wrong with in game language. My console settings are set to Polish, but for some reason the game is in Spanish, what is comepletely unplayeable. It should be English by default.

MiseryPrincess 23 May, 2019 @ 07:22 Edited

So I played this game for about an hour. When I say “played” I mean sat on a load screen with zero information and made a character twice (restarting the game without it finishing the eternal load screen wipes your character for some reason), never actually got to do any game.

Should probably add an offline option or something, MH you can play straight away without all this silliness.

Makaveli017 24 May, 2019 @ 19:39

You are just unlucky :D try again, i played alot yesterday

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