Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is coming to PS4 later this year

The fondly remembered 2009 movie tie-in gets a 4K HD makeover

Hello to all PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Matt McKnight the biz dev director and producer on the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. That’s right, we’re breaking some news globally today. The game that’s been known as a love letter to Ghostbusters fans is making a comeback in full high-resolution glory!

I still remember the first time I ever heard about Ghostbusters. It had launched in cinemas in the summer of 1984 and I knew had to catch it on the big screen. It was playing at the great old Coronet Theater in San Francisco which is now a senior housing facility.

What followed was a smash hit in creativity, comedy, and universe building. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson had starred in one of the most successful action comedy films of its time, a film written by Aykroyd and Ramis themselves.


Over two decades later, Ghostbusters: The Video Game released, and I was excited but cautious. Licensed games can often be an afterthought, but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

The game was also penned by Aykroyd and Ramis, and featured a story set shortly after the events of Ghostbusters II. Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis, and Hudson are all in the game with their voice and likeness. It became a game beloved by players that really made you feel like you were joining the team and participating in a Ghostbusters movie.

We’re incredibly honoured and excited to announce Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered will be launching on PS4 in 2019. All of the -in-game videos and cutscenes were found on a hard drive in storage from one of the original creators and remastered in 4K HD. The great storytelling and audio has all been preserved while enhanced textures and lighting complete the package.


For those who haven’t played the original game, you’ll join the Ghostbusters as the new rookie recruit. Using tools like the PKE Meter and trusty Proton Pack, you’ll learn to hunt, wrangle, and trap ghosts with the team across iconic New York City locations like Times Square and Central Park. You’ll upgrade your ghost traps and Proton Pack. The Proton Pack will have alternate firing modes such as Shock Blast and Slime Blower.

Getting into wild, funny, and exciting ghostly adventures with the Ghostbusters through all the action brings a big smile to my face, and we hope it does the same for you. We can’t wait to announce more details about the game soon. Until then, don’t cross the streams!

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Absolutely loved this back on PS3, shame the online had shut down on it.

I’m a huge Ghosthead and cannot thank you enough for this. I would love to see the FPS stick above 45 if possible. The original was great but had technical issues. I cannot wait to give you my money. No fee is too big!

Carnivius_Prime 30 May, 2019 @ 15:26 Edited

So it IS true! Awesome. Loved it on my PS3 (but hated the loading times when needed to restart a level). Enjoyed PSP version too. :)

Having it on PS4 makes it compatible with PS5 I guess. Which is nice too. :)

PhantomOfOpera 30 May, 2019 @ 16:26

This is good news but I am still wondering what Bluepoint is working on when it comes to the next remaster


Hopefully will have improved gfx compared to the ps3’s downgraded conversion. Though at least this won’t have the “bug” which didn’t save your game properly (& needed to restart from scratch)! Took ’em ages to fix it! Anyways, this is a remaster I can live with! If only rockstar could do the same with RDR 1!

JamieBhoyBoom998 30 May, 2019 @ 16:59

YES we need physical copies with a disc Ghostbusters is an experience like spider man 2018 now all we need is Back to the future part 1,2,3 I want to drive the delorean to another time maybe PlayStation 5 If not bring on the new Batman game for Christmas XD

The Ghostbusters movie we actually wanted. I’ll take it.

JamieBhoyBoom998 30 May, 2019 @ 17:28

hopefully the ghostbusters movie video game 2020 is a sequel to this game


The movie you wanted? Its a remastered game, you got it 2009?

JamieBhoyBoom998 01 June, 2019 @ 13:13

what I meant was sales of this remastered ghostbusters game does well they should make a game based on ghostbusters 3 out 2020 or make a sequel to this game.

MovimentoV1 30 May, 2019 @ 17:19

Never played the original, so will keep an eye on this.

swcoruscant 31 May, 2019 @ 20:37

Yes, I can finally get the Plat!

Stonesthrow 01 June, 2019 @ 18:25

I remember this, and it being better than expected.

Any last-gen remaster is redundant as far as I’m concerned, but great for those who missed it, I guess.


I could never get the multiplayer to work on ps3, hope they fix that for this version.


I loved the original game on the PS3 but the multiplayer servers were shutdown.

Will this game have the multiplayer back because it was brilliant to hunt ghosts with fellow players

metalliphyll 02 June, 2019 @ 23:07

That’s a big Twinkie, can’t wait for this

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