Beat Saber’s new music pack, featuring 10 tracks from pop-rock outfit Imagine Dragons, is out today

The award-winning band comes to the PS VR rhythm action game

An extraordinary day in Beat Saber! One of the biggest bands in the world – Imagine Dragons – is officially releasing their music in Beat Saber on 10th June, 2019.

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is a pulsing pop-rock selection of the 10 popular hits, containing singles like Believer, Thunder, and Radioactive. The beats of Imagine Dragons have never been so immersive. Pick up your sabers, put on your headset and celebrate with us one of the biggest music moments of this year!

There is no need to introduce Imagine Dragons, the band loved by millions of people worldwide and regularly peaking the global music charts with their latest singles. Since the release of Beat Saber, we knew deep in our heart we need to bring this iconic band into Beat Saber and let your senses experience something totally different. We set this goal and our team’s efforts leaned to it since then. And here we go!

Beat Saber

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is full of hits you love:

  • Bad Liar
  • Believer
  • Digital
  • It’s Time
  • Machine
  • Natural
  • Radioactive
  • Thunder
  • Warriors
  • Whatever It Takes

To maximize your music immersion, we are also adding a brand new environment created exclusively for this Music Pack. When you compare the cover image and our new environment, it’s probably pretty obvious what was the inspiration, right? Get ready to step into the Imagine Dragons’ mysterious industrial world.

Beat SaberBeat Saber

The songs are available in all difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Expert+ so everyone among your friends and family can enjoy the game… It’s just so natural to get into the game and start slashing the beats. With the pulsing music of Imagine Dragons and our mesmerizing environment, you won’t want to leave.

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is coming to Beat Saber as our second pack and broadens our music selection. We plan to continue by bringing more variety to the game and open Beat Saber to more music genres so everyone finds the music they love and enjoy the most. Our music road map for 2019 is full of famous big-name artists but also emerging indie musicians, all across the music specter. 2019 is gonna be huge in Beat Saber!

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Katsudon1996 10 June, 2019 @ 17:41

OMG. yes instant buy

This took way too long for too little, was a fun game but 10 ok songs every now and again at a stupid price just isn’t worth the bother of setting up the VR.


It’s £1 a song, hardly ridiculous.


No it’s £10 if I want 1 song, I get the rest whether I want them or not, so far I’ve seen £20 of content and I’ve been interested in 1 song which would cost me £10 to own, no longer interested.

StevenJamesHyde 11 June, 2019 @ 07:59

They’re all available to purchase individually for £1.19

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Love Beat Saber, thought I would play anything released on Beat Saber. But not this. This I skip.


Please bring on some Pendulum next.

Great news about the music already bought it but was a little disappointed there’s still no 3rd person camera with a avatar for streaming Beatsaber on psvr like on other devices as it makes watching much more enjoyable for viewers when streaming.


I asked the devs about that and you have to effectively render the scene out again, which the PS4 doesn’t have the processing power for. You need a decent PC to be able to run a third person view with an avatar or mixed reality, which the PCVR version of it.

I did a full walkthrough of the song pack with some first impressions, if anyone wants some more info on it:


Link doesn’t work.

I found other:

The first nice set of music after Summer Haze.


What about PSY – GANGNAM STYLE on the PS4 VR ?

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