New on PlayStation Store this week: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Judgment, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, more

Plus, pre-orders for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and F1 2019 are now live

Colourful kart racing, gritty murder mysteries and PS VR tabletop strategy action are a few things on the menu with this week’s new Play Station Store releases.

Go full-throttle in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, solve a serial murder case in Judgment or guide a robot to victory in Mini-Mech Mayhem.

Read on to see our full list of highlights and get started on your new adventure.

1. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Start your engines and take on all the original game modes, racers, weapons and tracks in Beenox’s colourful remake of the PlayStation classic. Challenge others in local and online multiplayer, or go on a solo adventure to defeat the self-proclaimed fastest racer in the galaxy, Nitros Oxide. The prize? Your planet…

2. Judgment (Pre Order Edition)

Revisit Kamurocho as you investigate the murder of several Kamurocho gangsters in this new action-adventure by the Yakuza team. Track, suspects, gather evidence and even play with drones as you explore the city’s criminal underworld.

3. Mini-Mech Mayhem

Team up with a mini-mech and guide your tiny pal to victory in FuturLab’s tabletop battle game with a heart-warming sense of humour. Challenge up to three friends or take on AIs as you conjure up the perfect strategy – and re-build it when it all falls apart…

4. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Koji Igarashi is back with a side-scrolling action RPG where you play as Miriam, an orphan afflicted with an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallises her body. Explore a castle brimming with demons as you fight your way to its master to save yourself – and humanity.

5. Riverbond

Shoot and slash everything in sight as you explore colourful worlds in Cococucumber’s cute voxel-based dungeon-crawler. Choose from plenty of melee and ranged weapons and battle monsters, look for treasure and collect crossover skins.

This week’s pre-orders

1. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers on PS4
Take on the new chapter in Square Enix’s MMORPG where you must cast aside the light and become a Warrior of Darkness to save the realm. Explore new environments, master new job classes and get to level 80 with the raised level cap.

2. F1 2019

F1 2019 on PS4
Codemasters is back with a new entry in its racing franchise featuring all the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2019 season. You can even try your luck at Formula 2 to mix things up.

  • Available: Friday 28th June. Early access release date on the “Legends Edition Senna & Prost” available on 25th June.

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.

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Well I buy Crash team raceing remake on disc so . I’m still waiting on bus simitator

PhantomOfOpera 18 June, 2019 @ 18:52

Bus Sim is delayed everywhere

MiseryPrincess 18 June, 2019 @ 19:46

People waiting around and it being delayed.

This is next gen level simulation of buses..

blacksheepwall_ 17 June, 2019 @ 17:53 Edited

Rocksmith DLC for this week is Rockin’ Covers II with Joan Jett “Louie Louie” Nightwish “Over The Hills And Far Away” & Reel Big Fish “Take On Me”

Carnivius_Prime 17 June, 2019 @ 18:34

I want Crash Team Racing (if i can afford). Please be good please be good. No other AAA game this year so far has interested me and I’m counting on this one.


Oh, Summer Sports Games again, third time you say its gonna release, is this some sort of joke I dont get?


Maybe it’s just a “running gag”.


Hehe that would be epic, but I really want a good summer sports game. I know this probably isnt it but I will keep dreaming :D

ilikethispart 17 June, 2019 @ 20:55

Atelier Lulua has already been released too, I think this happens sometimes.

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ilikethispart 17 June, 2019 @ 19:02

CTR, Judgment and Bloodstained… talk about a busy week.


What about 198X ?? The website and trailer say it’s coming June 20th..


Find myself surprisingly keen about Crash Nitro kart-I just hope the “free season pass” thing isn’t a backdoor route for Activision quietly adding in more than “cosmetic” mtx later on down the line,or GTA online like addons. Meantime now hitting 6 month anniversary of Battle Princess Madelyn & still in EU/AU psn purgatory…seems to have held up the LRG physical edition to boot for those that kickstarted the game it must be a kick in the nether regions! Just seems ridiculous a G/Everyone rated game that’s been on discount/available other formats still hasn’t gotten approval on the EU storefront.

What a fantastic week! Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, and Underworld Ascendant released on my birthday.

can somebody please make ‘The House In Fata Morgana’. available on the eu psn store on ps4 and vita.

it’s a really good visual novel, it’s on the us psn store.

Josip_Jukic 18 June, 2019 @ 20:42

I am really looking foward to Judgment a game that is made by the same team that gave us Yakuza series, hope it will be good one..


What a shame Underworld Ascendant is a stuttering mess. Very annoying during combat when you realize you are dead because the animation froze for a second! Please patch this, I really want to play it. Thank you.

MiseryPrincess 21 June, 2019 @ 20:35

It’s a game made with Unity, almost all games made with that on PS4 tend to suffer from freezes.

Hand of Fate 1 on the same engine on PS4 i’d say 95% of the times I was killed were due to it freezing momentarily (which was never patched). However HoF2 was much better in that regard and barely ever happened.


Thank you for your explanation of the issue. It begs the question as to how this game managed to pass the QC testing!

MiseryPrincess 24 June, 2019 @ 03:34

Unity is a multiplatform engine (originally made for phones) and most games on it are developed on another platform first (usually PC/Phones) and then “ported” to PS4.

So the developers might not necessarily have the ability to fix PS4 specific issues, or be able to deal with the rather buggy engine on this platform. Hopefully people stop using Unity, the creators do something to fix it, or the PS5 version actually works well.


CTR didn’t even deserve a picture?

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