DayZ is PlayStation Store’s Deal of the Week

Get 25% off Bohemia Interactive’s unforgiving 60-player online survival game

You’ll have to survive a post-pandemic world in this week’s new deal. Pick up a 25% discount on Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ until 10th July.

Survive for as long as possible as you explore a hostile open world, scavenge for supplies and make sure you don’t starve to death. There are up to 60 players on each server for you to team up with to escape the undead – or attack for their hard-earned loot…

Head over to PlayStation Store for more information and regional pricing.

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Jonny_Cyanide 04 July, 2019 @ 05:10

I consider this as rewarding those who don’t buy a game on release 😂 why bother paying full price on Day 1 when yöu can wait a short time for discount?

MiseryPrincess 04 July, 2019 @ 21:27

It wasn’t even shocking in this case. Stills seems bizarre an old (yet still buggy) game got released for such a silly high price.

Still, with 25% off it’s still waaaay too expensive for a buggy shell of a game.

I consider DayZ as DotW as a punishment.

I do want to try this, I’ll wait until it’s like £10 though or until it’s released physically.

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