These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

New games include Madden NFL 20, The Blackout Club and more

There’s a whole range of games going into the mix with this week’s PlayStation Store update: build your American football career in Madden NFL 20, take on some spooky co-op in The Blackout Club and infiltrate a cult in The Church of Darkness.

Check out our list of highlights below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information.

Madden NFL 20

Why it should be on your radar:

EA Sports returns with a new instalment of the hard-hitting American football sim. This year’s entry includes a revamped NFL experience with a fresh career campaign, new additions to Madden Ultimate Team and plenty more additions to your tactical playbook. Earning bragging rights over your friends is still a top priority, so make sure to check out the multiplayer if you’re extra competitive.

The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club on PS4

Why it should be on your radar:
If you’re looking for something spooky to play with your friends, test your bravery in Question’s first-person co-op horror for up to four players. Play as a group of teenagers investigating a dark secret hidden within their small town in procedurally-generated missions. Not creepy enough? The monstrosity hunting you can only be seen by closing your eyes…

The Church in the Darkness

Why it should be on your radar:
Paranoid Productions serves up an indie action-adventure for those of you who are up for some ’70s cult mystery with multiple endings. Your nephew Alex has joined a religious cult deep within the South American jungle. Great. You can try a multitude of play styles and make different choices to unlock each scenario. Will you try to save Alex? Or will you end up joining the cult yourself?



Why it should be on your radar:
This PS VR survival horror by Hammerhead VR follows the story of a eugenics-obsessed scientist who conducts horrific experiments to re-create Syrens – and now the experiments have got loose and are hungry for blood. There are two episodes available with different play styles for each: solve puzzles and sneak your way through episode one, then go in guns blazing in episode two.

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Carnivius_Prime 29 July, 2019 @ 18:05

So Time Pilot is this week then?

And Pooyan and Victory Road? Cool.

blacksheepwall_ 29 July, 2019 @ 18:15

Rocksmith DLC for this week is an “Advanced Exercises, Vol 1” pack.


Some this games where on this blog last week lol and on list this week . I’m not sure some this not reasleing this week. Can’t wait ps plus games comments this week 😂

JohnAnnihilation 29 July, 2019 @ 18:49

Wait, did final battle not come out yet? I haven’t played it yet

ZeroAbbadon 29 July, 2019 @ 21:44

Its currently on the store as a “with bonus” version that includes extra content if purchased before August 1st so this would be a replacement for that which no longer contains said bonus.

nukualofaperson 29 July, 2019 @ 21:54

So no Church in the Darkness in Norway… sigh.


Where is the Judgment DLC?


I wanna play Captain Cat


Sigh! Had hoped the Arcade Archives/Hamster games was a sign that Sony EU/AU had finally updated their store with the same indie-friendly classification requirements used by every other rival console storefront…but another week & still no Battle Princess Madelyn news!

Carnivius_Prime 30 July, 2019 @ 08:31

Doom 1-3 on the store today too. Been subject of memes the past week from the Switch version.

Also Doom 1 and 2 say local multiplayer? No online?

mschulze01010101 30 July, 2019 @ 08:52

all versions have the account requirement (for now). the specific outrage over the switch version just shows that it’s the most popular system for doom 1-3.


Please accept 500 atoms for your disappointment & bugthesda’s indifference!!


Looks like they have overlooked Time Pilot again was supposed to be this week it got missed off looks like the same again this week nice to see the Arcade Archives hitting the Euro Store again though.Seems rather strange that Advertise games that are going to be released then decide not to release them must be that new boss they have either can,t make up his mind or can,t remember from one week to the next

Carnivius_Prime 30 July, 2019 @ 18:26

Time Pilot is lost in time. :(


Well not Quite it will be released in time no doubt but 2 this week is not bad they are slowly returning it got a US release so no doubt it will be released here as well if they have the time hey they have missed off Fantasy Strike as well Shame on them


Know I am worried if Labyrinth life will be available in my country

PhantomOfOpera 31 July, 2019 @ 14:41

Second week fantasy strike advertised and not out.

Syren also not out.

jamestillett 31 July, 2019 @ 17:03

Time pilot final makes it to the Euro psn but they have left out the purchase link so you can still not purchase it

Why still no Mutant Year Zero DLC Seed of evil? It came out on all platforms 30/07. Why not yet on ps4

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