MediEvil PS4 demo launches today on PlayStation Store

Get a taste of Sir Dan’s Gallowmere adventure in this limited time demo, which hides a secret item that will unlock a reward in the full game

Brave knights of Gallowmere, rejoice! Shamble your way through the graveyard as you slice through Zarok’s resurrected zombie horde – just don’t forget to grab your sword from the crypt!

And make sure to keep your single eye out for the Dan’s Helmet item – an elusive piece of armour that appeared in the Japanese version of the original PS1 title. Picking up Dan’s Helmet early within the demo will reward players with an extra challenge when equipped in the full game, so don’t miss out!

MediEvil on PS4

The Short-Lived Demo is only available until Sunday, 6th October 11.59pm (local time), so don’t miss this chance to re-live a piece of Sir Dan’s legend!

Sir Daniel will be revived in glorious native 4K* when this classic PlayStation game, remade from the grave up, launches on 25th October, 2019.

*PS4 Pro and 4K display device required to view in 4K.

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as a second class citizen – or from the UK. When today, because there’s less than 2 hours left in the day (less than an hour for the rest of europe) and it’s not on the store yet


Same in Russia. :(

Looks really good and can’t wait to buy. BUT honestly what’s the point of releasing a demo at this time of night? You can’t really say “today” if the sun’s gone down…

Carnivius_Prime 25 September, 2019 @ 06:55

Cool. Let’s see what this is like then. :)

You can’t find the demo in the swedish store as of right now unless you search for “MediEvil: Kortlivad demo”.

That’s MediEvil: Shortlived Demo for UK I guess ;)

If i searched for MediEvil it never came up… So Sony, get your thumb out… and add it to “latest releases” section or whatever. I’m so sick of the person running the Scandinavian PS Store, it’s always been a mess the last 2-3 years !!! :(

Or maybe you don’t really care about your Scandinavian customers anymore??!!, if so, man up and say it ! You have competition that gladly would love some gamers to join them…

Carnivius_Prime 25 September, 2019 @ 08:42

Ok good demo but darn short for 11.17GB. :P

I really hate that concept of getting exclusive content for playing demos or betas. Especially since we can’t permanently delete them.


You can delete the demo and hide it in the library since a few years back ?!

I played the demo today and when I walked into the helmet it took me to the PS Store but I couldn’t download it. Have I missed it already?

I think if it let you click purchasr and now has the bag icon next to it, you are okay. I could not download anything either and I was about 3 hours after the demo was announced.

To change demo language you need switch System Language? I never saw something so stupid!

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